Springsteen’s Latest Reveals Anger at State of Nation

The Boss has some strong words and even more fierce lyrics in his upcoming album. Bruce Springsteen, 62, held a press conference last week in Paris for the first listen of Wrecking Ball.

“What was done to our country was wrong and unpatriotic and un-American and nobody has been held to account,” he later told the Guardian. “There is a real patriotism underneath the best of my music but it is a critical, questioning and often angry patriotism.”

The first single off the album, We Take Care of Our Own, begins showing the anger throughout the new release.

From Chicago to New Orleans
From the muscle to the bone
From the shotgun shack to the Superdome
We yelled “help” but the cavalry stayed home
There ain’t no-one hearing the bugle blown
We take care of our own
We take care of our own
Wherever this flag’s flown
We take care of our own

We didn’t take care of our own. New Orleans has been forgotten. War waged for a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Springsteen continued,

“A big promise has been broken. You can’t have a United States if you are telling some folks that they can’t get on the train. There is a cracking point where a society collapses. You can’t have a civilisation where something is factionalised like this.”

The album comes out on March 3.

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Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Thank you.

Mary B.
Mary B6 years ago

Unmistakeable Springsteen! Rock on Bruce!

Nancy Black
Nancy Black6 years ago

No wonder he's "The Boss." He is gifted musically and has the ability to write lyrics that tell it like it is. We as voters should listen and vote to make our country great again. How right can he be? New Orleans is still destroyed and where has our money gone----to other countries in wars that have no purpose.

Matthew Ring
Matthew R6 years ago

Not sure this one's up there but he's demonstrated remarkable longevity as an artistic genius, nonetheless. A civilising force, cultural landmark and worthy of celebration. US denizens, you have just cause to be proud.

s. ryan
p. q6 years ago


Joan Mcallister
6 years ago

The Boss lives on, maybe he should run for the presidency, love the words that are quoted in this article.

Kevin L.
Kevin Lewis6 years ago

I love it.

Marina Joslin
Marina Joslin6 years ago

Bruce has more guts than 99% of our government officials in Congress and the Senate. Right on Mr. Springsteen, we need many more people of goodwill like you.

paul m.
paul m6 years ago

Great singer...great man..

Alisa B.
Alisa B6 years ago

One thing is for sure, no one can say that Bruce is wishy-washy because he does stand behind his core of values at all times no matter what!