Steakhouse Berates Cancer Patient for Putting on a Hat

It’s the sort of viral story any public relations team dreads. A number of customers in large group at a Morton’s Steakhouse in Tennessee took to the company’s Yelp page and posted scathing reviews after one member of the group was treated rudely by staff.

Last week, a Christmas party of more than a dozen colleagues of a television shopping channel was nearly finished with their event when one member, Robert Chambers, who is battling cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy, put on a woolen hat. The manager at the Morton’s Steakhouse in Nashville asked him to remove the hat while he was in the dining area, to which he agreed, but Chambers’ wife and son were less accepting.

“My son says, ‘He has cancer. His head gets cold, he needs to wear the toboggan.’” Chambers told The Nashville Scene. “The manager says, ‘If you had made prior arrangements, we could have put you in a private room and he could have worn it. Or you could bring a doctor’s note and you could wear it,’ which I think is kind of a smartass answer because nowhere on Morton’s policy does it say if you’ve got a doctor’s note you can wear a hat in the restaurant.”

According to Chambers, the issue escalated, with his family arguing with Morton’s staff on the way out of the restaurant, and a manager attempting to get the police involved as they were waiting on the street for their car. “[The manager] was out on the sidewalk trying to get the police. I don’t know what she thought would happen.”

The news went viral, in one case with a report on Facebook being shared thousands of times, and the Nashville steakhouse’s own Facebook page is receiving new one star reviews every minute.

The chain is responding, however, with senior executive Tim Whitlock calling Chambers to apologize, as well as pledging to write a donation for the same amount as his party spent at the restaurant to St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

The apology and donation may have wrapped things up for Chambers, but it brings to light the continuing issues of discrimination that have come to play in the restaurant industry when it comes to customers with disabilities. As Kristina Chew reported in May, the Golden Corral restaurant was sued for discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for asking a customer to leave the establishment with her three daughters, who had a genetic skin disorder. According to staff, customers complained about the children’s appearance. The fast food chain McDonald’s has also been sued over its staff’s refusal to allow customers to bring service animals into restaurants, despite that being allowed under the ADA.

Discrimination persists at an alarming rate, despite the variety of protections that have been put in place to combat it. For Morton’s, a $2,000 donation and a public apology may be all that is necessary to make the scandal die down. Sadly, what Morton’s — and the industry as a whole — really needs to invest in is better staff training on how to deal with special situations and medical conditions, how to address customers whose disabilities may not be visible, and the sensitivity to know when and how to de-escalate a situation if the staff has discriminated against a customer.


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Barbara S.
Barbara S.3 years ago

Morton's is a generations-old, proper restaurant. Ladies have always been able to wear hats, but gentlemen must remove theirs. It's just proper according to their traditions.

HOWEVER: Tradition should never, ever supersede the health of a customer.

Jane R.
Jane R4 years ago

I don't understand what the big deal was. People should be able to wear whatever they want on their heads in any restaurant. It's not like the man was wearing a swimsuit, or a clown costume. Glad I don't have this restaurant in my town. They are horrible.

Kim Janik
Kim Janik4 years ago

Bring a doctors' note to wear a hat! Are you kidding me? Shame on Morton's!

Michelle Spradley

Does anyone know why Morton's manager has a problem with customers wearing hats inside the restaurant? It sounds like a stupid thing to bother a person about regardless of whether or not they have cancer or some other reason for wearing the hat. It's too bad no one in this party had a scarf, preferably really long like the one from Dr. Who #4. Chambers could have removed the hat and then proceeded to wrap his head in this extra long scarf. That would have made for some great photos!

Frie Van Nuffel
Frie Van Nuffel4 years ago

Unfortunately, it's not just the managers, but the customers that started it, how can people take offense in sitting in the same place with a person who has disabilities or is ill??? I'm realy starting to think that people are becoming more and more heartless, oh they all get sensitive that one day in the year when it's Christmas, but this shouldn't be just a one day a year act, this should be an attitude all year long. If I was the manager, I would kick out the people complaining, those selfish idiots have no idea what humanity is all about.

Ewelina Grobelna
Ewelina Grobelna4 years ago

What an ashole...a doctors note?? separated table???

Also: ''donation for the same amount as his party spent at the restaurant'' srsly??? that al they can do??? that' s not a huge donation coming from a chain restaurant! How about they make a donation of a proper amount!

June Bostock
June Bostock4 years ago


Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se4 years ago


Loretta Pienaar

Discrimination in any form is DISPICABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stardust Noel
Stardust Noel4 years ago

Terrible, we don't have that chain here, if we did I would never go there.