Stephen Colbert For President!

Is Stephen Colbert going to single-handedly save the American political system? Or maybe the better question is this: does it take a comedian mocking the system to show just how broken it is?

In a word, yes.

On his show Thursday night, Colbert hinted he was running for president, announcing that he was “forming an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for [his] possible candidacy for the presidency of the United States of South Carolina.”

You can imagine what came next. A flurry of Internet activity and questions about whether or not this was the logical next step of the Super PAC Colbert had set up. And it still might be. But before we get too excited about the idea of Colbert going head-to-head with Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in a debate, there are some procedural hurdles to clear. For starters, Colbert didn’t meet the deadline to get his name on the South Carolina ballot and there are no write-in candidates in South Carolina.

But that is not really the point. The entire Colbert campaign is about one thing, really, and that is to educate Americans on Super PAC’s. For the past several months Colbert and Trevor Potter, the former FEC chairman and Colbert’s acting attorney have been giving this country a desperately needed civics lesson in the funding of political campaigns, by creating, funding and running their own Super PAC.

The lesson from the Colbert experience to date is that really, the campaign finance system is so broken, so absurd, and so ridiculous that the only way to really expose it is through satire.


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Photo from David Shankbone via flickr.


Patrick F.
Patrick f6 years ago

Colbert should run against Franken, even if the country went to hell, at least you would be too busy laughing to care.

Robert P.
Robert P6 years ago

Colbert is a master of satire, completely mocking and exposing the idiot republicans for what they are, corrupt crony vulture/vampire capitalists who pretend to support the religous right to get their votes, so they can then push their agenda of war, fear, environmental rape, domination of the super rich, destruction of the social safety net and permanent power grab through limiting the right of the people to vote and media propaganda. Oh, and destroying public education!! I LOVE Stephen Colbert!!

Maureen W.
Maureen W6 years ago

God I love you Stephen...... LOVE YOU!!!!

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

Obama/Biden 2012!

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

I don't know where the idea came from that Colbert is a Republican. He is not. He ridicules them in his humorous way. I attended the Rally for Sanity in D.C. put on by Jon Stewart and Colbert. They are not Republicans!

Kathryn P.
kathryn Pierce6 years ago

Where's Pat Paulsen when we need him?

ida w.
Ida Nga Sze W6 years ago

both jon and stephen are very smart people and have great conscious.
Go Colbert!

Deanna J.
Deanna J6 years ago

Oh, Stephen. Giving yourself the Colbert Bump?

You know things are bad, politically, when most people would consider voting for a comedian to be leader of the country. I mean, he does a character on TV, and people would still vote for him, not knowing whether or now he would do the character in office, not knowing the details of his actual stances on issues (due to the fact that we only ever see him take a stance on anything in character)...

I mean, people would rather go from basically choosing between the lesser of two evils to seriously considering campaigning or voting for a complete and total wildcard who isn't even serious about joining the political race?

That says something.

Marta B.
Past Member 6 years ago

to Marg W.
Colbert is not a Republican --he is a comedian who plays a Republican character so he can make fun of Republicans

Samuel Kellett
Samuel Kellett6 years ago

A National Write In Campaign? Better than the other choices?!???