Stopping the War on Women in Wisconsin


Written by Denise Feriozzi, Director of EMILYís Listís WOMEN VOTE! Project

The Republican War on Women is starting to backfire.

Ground Zero for this fight is Wisconsin, where Governor Scott Walker was elected to office on a promise to create jobs in the state. In the ultimate bait-and-switch, Walker passed a radical anti-woman, anti-family, anti-worker agenda. His attacks on public employees hit women the hardest as professions like nurses (95 percent women) and elementary school teachers (90 percent women) were among his targets.

Tens of thousands of Wisconsin citizens took to the streets in protest of the Republican Governor’s right-wing policies, and after they passed, women started fighting back, beginning with the five pro-choice Democratic women who are running against Walker’s allies in the state senate. If they are successful, they will change history by switching control of the state senate from Republicans to Democrats and putting the brakes on the GOP’s anti-women policies.

EMILY’s List members, fed up with the War on Women, wanted to make sure we were deeply involved in this fight in Wisconsin. So EMILY’s List is playing a critical role in these campaigns, raising money, speaking directly with voters and working with other local and national progressive groups to do† whatever it takes to help these five pro-choice Democratic women — Shelly Moore, Jessica King, Jennifer Shilling, Nancy Nusbaum and Sandy Pasch — win back the Senate for Democrats and shut down Walker’s agenda.

That agenda was cooked up in back rooms and golf courses around the country, with people like Karl Rove and the Koch brothers hatching extreme policies that line their pockets at the expense of American women and their families. These right wing politicians and activists, funded by wealthy corporate interests, are against giving us health care. They’re against funding our education. They’re against job-creating stimulus and for endless tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

But women across the country know what is on the line. Women in Florida, Ohio, and all over the country are seeing radical conservatives push an agenda that takes their rights away, but in Wisconsin, we have the opportunity to take a stand and send a powerful message that women will not stand by when our rights are at stake. We will work together, fight to end the War on Women, and take our government back!

EMILY’s List is using our substantial history in Wisconsin helping to elect powerful women voices to make the difference in these races. Our members have given generously to ensure that our Wisconsin WOMEN VOTE! Project is a powerful advocate. We are up on the air with ads and are planning a serious get-out-the-vote program based on a simple principle: When women voters hear from other women, they vote for women candidates.

Around the country, hundreds of Team EMILY volunteers joined us for a night of calls into Wisconsin last night, where they urged voters to support these fabulous pro-choice women and deliver a serious blow to the Republican War on Women. I urge you to join Team EMILY and sign up today to be a part of our future call-in nights.

EMILY’s List is dedicated to electing progressive, pro-choice women who share our values to public office. I hope that you will visit, sign up to stay in touch with us, and get involved through 2012 and beyond.

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Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

I live in Wisconsin, and I'm taking action! :D

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D6 years ago

Ira; well said and well done. I work on BEHALF of, NOT for, PPFA, and the most egregious, verbal attacks are launched at those of us who are fundraising. By a relative few, mind you, but the most horrific things are said. Some, within or organization have been physically attacked on the streets for standing up for women's rights. Verbal attacks have been launched by just as many women as men. I find this astounding since younger women have no idea how hard it has been for women to try and claim some of the equal rights status we should have. I have more young men support women's rights than young women and I am disgusted that these women seem to be clueless.
This country seems to be regressing on so many social issue levels and it is pretty scary to see. We must stand up, speak out, fight back against the extremist ideaology of the religious and far right politicians. The tea party is trying to destroy this country and we simply are not going to allow it.

Henri D.
Henri DeToi6 years ago

@ Ira H, they are called Jesus Freaks.

Ira Herson
Ira Herson6 years ago

I am always astounded that people like to make Jesus the point of reference for their prejudiced statements.

It seems that God was created in man's image. There is some little mind god that whispers agreement with any thing they want to believe. Fags should die! Mind god agrees! Abortionist should be killed! Mind god says sure!

It is time to get religion out of politics. America is a democracy not a theocracy. If you do not believe in abortion then don't have one.

If you do not want to be in a homosexual relationship then don't. If you want to teach your children to be Christian then put them in a Christian school. It is time to take responsibility for your own beliefs/prejudices and not blame them on Jesus.

Ira Herson
Ira Herson6 years ago

There has been a war on women as well as democracy. The republicans and tea party people have worked very hard to cut support for the most needy and to create a 2 class system, Rich and Poor.

It is not a question of religion it is a matter of supporting the constitution and the bill of rights.

The right of assembly and collective bargaining has been part and parcel of the arbitration system. Teachers and nurses have a right to meet and to strike and to collectively bargain.

The constitution and the supreme are clear on Rove V Wade and all tests in court have confirmed it.

Legislation that inhibits these rights are an attack on the constitution and a violation of the oaths of office all the legislators have taken.

Yes support candidates that are for freedom, health and education. Remember a strong middle class means a stronger America.

Tom Y.
Tom Y6 years ago

This article is so one-sided it's impossible to say exactly how a Neutral Point of View would, or could, interpret it. I just hope the Wisconsin electorate is clearer on what's meant by "women" and "workers" -- I suspect the definitions in use here are more selective and narrow than a casual reader might think.

I saw a man not many weekends back, and gathered he was from Wisconsin by his "I Support Scott Walker" button on his ball cap. Not everyone there's swept away by raucous confusion. This story has another side, for sure!

(P.S. There's an allusion to the Koch Brothers, but nothing about George Soros. Aren't the rich supposed to be equally bad, or do unseen rules separate them out? Oh, the inconsistency...)

Bev E.
Bev E6 years ago

Learning to accept others' beliefs and opinions that are not yours is part of growing up. The last I heard freedom of speech is still allowed.

Michael M.
Michael M6 years ago

Juanita G, Jesus is NOT the answer because whenever (and however) Jesus died some 2000 years ago, he DIED. Only common sense, empathy, intelligence and a desire for growth can help us. Besides, the article "Stopping the War on Women in Wisconsin" has nothing to do with Jesus. Go preach your malarky appropriately elsewhere.

Juanita G.
Juanita Ricard6 years ago

All sin is forgiven by Christ's death on the Cross. Accept His forgiveness and live for Him. Then we would not have to fight for this right or that right. Because then there woukld be no wrong committed. Christ Jesus is the answer, the ONLY ANSWER , even to our political problems.

Juanita G.
Juanita Ricard6 years ago

Yes women need to stand up for their rights to protect their jobs, their families, etc. But there is a proper way to do it. This does not include violence. However this does not include the right to abortion or being a lesbian. Both those things are sin and punishable by eternity in hell. There has been war since before the beginning of this earth and there will be battles to fight until the LORD comes to take His children Home. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but against the rulers of the darkness and wickedness in this world. Make sure your heart is right with God and let Him give you the wisdom to choose your battles. If we all allowed the Agape Love of God to rule our lives, we would not be faced with the troubles this world is facing.