Strauss-Kahn Released from House Arrest Without Bail

Last night, prosecutors in the case against ex-IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn announced that they had serious doubts about the case’s viability, and today, a Manhattan judge responded to the lawyers by releasing Strauss-Kahn on his own recognizance.  This is a shocking turn-around, given that until today, Strauss-Kahn was living under house arrest on $1 million bail.  The case hinges on the credibility of the lead witness, the woman who Strauss-Kahn allegedly raped in his Manhattan hotel room during May.

Originally, prosecutors had seemed extremely confident about the case.  At Strauss-Kahn’s first court appearance, the assistant district attorney explained that “the victim provided very powerful details consistent with violent sexual assault committed by the defendant.”  Meanwhile Strauss-Kahn kept insisting that he was innocent and would be exonerated, because although he admitted that he had had a sexual encounter with the alleged victim, as forensic evidence verified, he claimed also that the contact was consensual.

Now, although the woman’s lawyers say that “from day one, she has described a violent sexual assault that Dominique Strauss-Kahn committed against her,” inconsistencies in her testimony may make it impossible for a judge to believe her, meaning that Strauss-Kahn could walk free.  The New York Times elaborates on these new revelations:

“[The woman] had admitted lying in her application for asylum from Guinea…She also said that her claim that she had been the victim of a gang rape in Guinea was also a lie.”

And, in a turn which is also important for the case, the woman changed her story slightly about what she did after the sexual assault.  She said initially that after the attack, she waited in a hallway until Strauss-Kahn left the room; now, she admits that she went to another room, cleaned it, and then returned to Strauss-Kahn’s suite before reporting the assault to her supervisor.

Strauss-Kahn’s defenders, who were formidable even when the case against him seemed certain, are now rallying again.  People are beginning to ask whether Strauss-Kahn could make a political comeback.  As the case progressed it seemed clear that Strauss-Kahn, who was previously seen as a serious contender for the French presidency, was politically dead.  But now, French political experts say, all of that could change.

While the revelations about Strauss-Kahn’s alleged victim’s inconsistencies are shocking, it’s important to remember that the rape charges still stand.  As Jill points out on Feministe, the fact that she changed her story about what happened immediately after the assault isn’t surprising, and even though she may have lied on her asylum application, that still doesn’t mean that she wasn’t assaulted.

The judge in Strauss-Kahn’s case clearly thinks that there are sufficient doubts to release him.  But the case isn’t over, and we all need to remember that.  And it’s way too soon to start speculating about a revival of Strauss-Kahn’s political career.

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jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Plaintiff has no one to blame but herself. Her credibility is shot!

Dave Tohunga
Dave te tohunga6 years ago

Note that the charges against the guy coincided with the US defaulting on it's debt
(for which Obama managed to get a brief delay in repaying)
the outcome of which would be Greek style impositions on the citizens of the US,
not that those sanctions will impact on the financial elite, they will be foisted on the poor
and the middle class, as they have done in Argentina, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal etc etc
So it's highly likely he's guilty (as many such 'compromised' appointees are)
and that his behaviour patterns meant he could be easily 'disposed of' at any time
if he, for example, was about to invoke the 'financial strictures' normally only applied to 3rd world nations to the USA

Grace Adams
Grace Adams6 years ago

Absence of proof is not proof of absence, but the accused is supposed to get the benefit of any reasonable doubt.

Empress Ginger
Ginger Strivelli6 years ago

The guy is well known as a man who gropes and molests and attacks women, he usually gets away with it because he is wealthy and what his victim was a lying poor lady associated with drug dealers and who lied about her taxes and immigration papers...that does no make it ok for him to attack her. I can not fathom why he is suddenly free and being all but 'cleared' because his high priced lawyers and PI's have dug up some dirt on his victim. What is she was a murdering drug addict ho....she still has the right to say no, and he still should be puniched for not taking that no for an answer.

Helena Plum Bowyer
Helena B6 years ago

Beth S: How do you manage to make everything about jihadist muslims?
I would think it more likely to be an internal set-up (if it is one at all) if anything as this guy has strong social values which is not something the IMF is renowned for.
She could have course been sexually assualted.
Who knows as this sure is getting complicated. Also how has it got out the feds were tapping her phone and the conversation she had?

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago

Empress G,

Who in the world said it was okay to rape a woman who lied abut her taxes, or on her immigration papers?

The issue of contention is whether the sex was consensual or forced. Lying about taxes or immigration or whether she has a child that she claimed was her own when it was not, and other lies she's admitted to COULD have an effect on whether she's lied about DSK, too.

Not an unreasonable thing to wonder.

Empress Ginger
Ginger Strivelli6 years ago

why is it ok to rape a woman who lied abut her taxes, or on her immigration papers?

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago

“…it just so happens that DSK's accuser, a housekeeper at the Sofitel New York, is duly described in many media accounts as a "...very pious, devout Muslim woman." And it also so happens that Mr. Strauss-Kahn is Jewish. Coincidence? 'Coincidence' may be what many have thought up to this point, but it may be time to revisit this assumption.

And here's why. Six weeks after DSK's initial arrest, more information is now emerging about DSK's accuser, a woman who migrated from the African nation of Guinea to the US. And these revelations are the reason why the legal case against DSK is unraveling with such amazing speed. Mr. Strauss-Kahn has in fact already been released from house arrest.

The migrant from Guinea, who came into the U.S. on an asylum claim in 2004, has apparently lied from beginning to end. Her story that her husband was killed opposing the regime in Guinea and she was forced to flee her homeland was all a lie. She lied about her finances in order to secure public housing. She claimed a friend's child as her own in order to increase her Federal tax refund. She has had numerous associations with criminals, including her own boyfriend who is now languishing in an Arizona prison. And her own story of her supposed encounter with DSK has changed over the last six weeks, chock full of inconsistencies. In other words, she's emerged as about the worse sort of witness imaginable for the prosecution. contd

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago

Probably the most damning evidence to come to light is the fact that, while DSK's accuser spoke to her incarcerated boyfriend by phone, she is reported to have said, in effect, that "...DSK has a lot of money and I know what I'm doing." She attempted to hide these intentions by speaking in an African dialect, but apparently the Feds were listening and eventually had it translated.

This is not the first time a Muslim has tried to run an extortion racket against an 'infidel', with the only difference now being that the target was a very high-profile one. Many Muslims have long been noted for their intimate involvement in the criminal underworld, exploiting Westerners, running welfare scams, and in general 'parasiting' non Muslims and western society at every opportunity. The case against DSK appears to be but a recent and high-profile instance of 'stealth' or 'legal' jihad, when Muslims attempt to exploit the infidels' own laws for maximum advantage.

As jihad-minded and Islamic supremacist Muslims continue to pour into the US and other Western countries, permitted to do so by clueless or complicit authorities, the next attempted shakedown (high profile or otherwise) is but a matter of time. What happened to Dominique Strauss-Kahn will eventually happen again.”

Beth S.
Beth S6 years ago

"The judge said prosecutors will reexamine the evidence after they revealed the housekeeper lied to a grand jury about her actions after the alleged attack, and on tax and immigration documents.

The woman initially said that after Strauss-Kahn assaulted her, she cowered in the hallway outside his room until he left and she felt safe to seek help. Now, prosecutors say, she admits she cleaned a nearby room and then returned to start cleaning Strauss-Kahn’s suite before reporting the incident.

Later on Friday, investigators said that card-key data showed she had cleaned Strauss-Kahn’s suite before cleaning another room, The New York Times reported."

"The hotel maid… lived in another Bronx apartment set aside by Harlem Community AIDS United strictly for adults with the virus and their families."

Who might be trying to destroy Strauss-Kahn?