Success! Care2 Petition Helps Rescue Bomb-Sniffing Dogs From Cruel Death

On June 17th, a series of horrific images appeared on Instagram: The bodies of 24 dogs, massacred and piled together on the grounds of Eastern Securities, a U.S. company in Kuwait.

The photos, posted by Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit, immediately started a conversation on social media about these gruesome deaths.

The animals were bomb-sniffing civilian working dogsAs Care2′s Laura Goldman explains, the motive for the death varies based on the source. Former employees of Eastern Securities believe the company killed its own dogs in order to save money after a contract was pulled, and one lawyer and animal activist in the region believes the dogs may have been killed out of revenge. Eastern Securities officials claim the dogs were old and sickly.

Amy Swope is a former employee of Eastern Securities, someone who knew and loved many of these dogs. When she learned that they were murdered, she was horrified.

She learned that 60 to 90 dogs remained in Eastern Securities’ kennels and immediately swore to protect them.

Knowing that Eastern Securities is an American company, she decided to contact the U.S. Embassy and ask them to intervene on behalf of the remaining dogs. To garner as much support as possible, Swope created a Care2 petition urging the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait to rescue the remaining dogs in the custody of Eastern Securities (ESC).


Swope’s petition has gathered an incredible 275,000 signatures from outraged animal lovers around the world. And she won!

As the updated petition states today:

“Thanks to this petition, the US Embassy did get involved! With their help in connecting Become A Foster Guardian, Mission K9 Rescue and the ESC, this issue has been resolved! 9 dogs have been retired to the USA and more will be coming in over the next couple months. Also, the ESC has agreed to allow Become a Foster Guardian and Mission K9 Rescue to continue to check up on the dogs, offer medical and care guidance, and retire out the older dogs to the USA. I truly believe the success we had with reaching out to ESC and seeing their cooperation was a direct result of our petition to the US Embassy and the pressure put on their company to be compliant.”

Thank you, Amy Swope, for creating your Care2 petition, and thank to the thousands of activists who signed up to support her.

Here’s an excerpt of what she wrote to the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait:

“Please step in and demand these dogs be released from this company and returned to the United States!  Both the SPCA International and Mission K9 Rescue are prepared to handle the logistics of this crisis upon release, however, the company MUST release them.  As you are the representatives of ‘We the People,’ we are asking for your help.”

“Your petition is the talk of the Embassy right now.

Swipe was “completely shocked” when the signatures started rolling in.

Once it reached 30,000 signatures,” she says, “that’s when I really I thought, ‘Somebody’s going to listen to us because there are so many people behind this right now.’” 

Her next step was super-important: “I sent it to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCA-I), who linked up with the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait. Sometimes it takes a big organization like that to help out, because maybe the U.S. Embassy won’t listen to me on my own.”

After that, she got an amazing message from a woman who was working in Kuwait. “She called me and said, ‘I know you don’t know me, but your petition is the talk of the Embassy right now.’”

A short time later, Swope discovered that her plan was working: The Embassy had contacted Eastern Securities about the dogs, and got one of their American program managers to connect with a local rescue. That was the beginning of making plans to rescue the dogs remaining in Kuwait. Swope’s careful calculations had worked.

Care2 Petitions Really Do Make A Difference

Thanks to this petition, and all those Care2 members who signed up to join Swope in her cause, nine dogs have made it to the U.S. and more will be coming home in the next few months.

If there’s an issue that you care deeply about, you can also start your own Care2 petition. These handy tips will help you get started, and pretty soon, just like Swope, you’ll find the vibrant Care2 community signing up to support you.



Photo Credit: Care2


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jill Campbell2 years ago

I would like to send Amy Swope a special thank you for her diligence and for loving these dogs whose lives are on the line everyday. They deserve good homes when they're retired. That's absolutely the least we can do for these hero's!!!! Thank you, Amy!!

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