Success! Cruel Beagle Fungicide Test Ends at Corteva Agriscience

Less than a week after the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) released the disturbing report that 36 beagles were being force-fed a fungicide in a test commissioned by Coreteva Agriscience, a division of Dow DuPont, the company announced it will end this terrible study.

An undercover HSUS investigator at Charles River Laboratories in Michigan discovered that the beagles were being fed Adavelt, a new Coreteva Agriscience fungicide, in gelatin capsules for a year. According to the report released March 12, some of these dogs “were being subjected to very high doses – so high that up to four capsules had to be shoved down their throats.”

All the surviving beagles were scheduled to be euthanized in July. Their organs would then be removed and examined for any damage from the fungicide.

This study is horrible for many reasons. For one thing, it does not replicate how Adavelt would be ingested by humans. Even worse, the United States government hasn’t even required this test for over 10 years, ever since scientists realized it provides no worthwhile information.

Corteva Agriscience said it had to conduct the test—which it admitted was unnecessary—to meet a Brazilian regulatory requirement. However, Brazil’s pesticide authority, ANVISA, told the HSUS it will waive the test for companies that don’t want to conduct it.

At Corteva Agriscience’s request, ANVISA sent a formal, written version of this policy to the entire Brazilian pesticide industry. But Conteva Agriculture refused to stop the test until the industry received confirmation that it was no longer required. If that confirmation took longer than four months, those beagles would die in July.

The HSUS and Humane Society International (HSI) have been working for months to make Corteva Agriscience end its cruel fungicide test and release the beagles, so they can find loving homes. More than 122,000 people signed HSUS’ petition on Care2 making this demand.

On March 18, just six days after the HSUS released its report, Corteva Agriscience announced it had secured a waiver from ANVISA and had immediately ended the test. The company promised it would make “every effort” to rehome the beagles.

“We applaud Corteva for making the right decision,” Kitty Block, HSUS president and CEO, wrote on her blog. “The company has been a valuable partner to us in the past on important measures to decrease animal testing and we hope that we can work with them on a happy ending for these dogs.”

The surviving beagles owe their lives to the efforts of the HSUS and HSI, as well as everyone around the world who urged Corteva Agriscience to stop the test. Here’s hoping the HSUS is successful again in finding loving homes for every one of these survivors.

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Photo credit: mus15house


Leopold M
Leopold Marek15 days ago

Thank you for sharing :-)

Leopold M
Leopold Marek15 days ago

Thank you for sharing :-)

heather g
heather g17 days ago

These scientists have no conscience. Thank heavens we all worked together to get another cruel experiment stopped.

James K
James Knepp19 days ago


Anna R
Anna R22 days ago

Thanks for sharing

Janis K
Janis K24 days ago

Thanks for sharing.

Renata B
Renata B24 days ago

Psychopaths should be locked up while instead they receive high salaries and honours. I am happy - of course - with this specific issue, but the extent of the atrocities is such that my heart bleeds anyway.

Patricia Allsopp
Patricia Allsopp24 days ago

Not before time either. This company should be boycotted by everyone. Heaven knows the damage done to these hapless creatures. God knows where they find such evil people that can force feed 'poison' to a helpless animal. How do they sleep at night?

Patricia W
Patricia W25 days ago

You couldn't pay me any amount to do things like this to innocent cats and dogs.
I can't imagine what kind of person force-feeds poison to dogs, or intentionally give kittens diseases, and then kills them afterward.
Thank goodness this is ending!

Leo Custer
Leo C25 days ago

Thank you for sharing!