Success! GEEKS Comic-Con Gets Rid of Petting Zoos

GEEKS Comic-con has put on several events around the U.K. this summer and has attracted numerous visitors who share a love of comic books and other “geeky” subjects. Their self-described mission is to “provide a fun-filled family day out for all ages, bringing a sprinkling of geeky music to your local town.”

But some people argued that their decision to include a petting zoo at one of the events was not a fun time for the animals involved.

For their Geekabilia event on July 7, the organization hired a petting zoo for the first time. One visitor was appalled at the conditions the animals were kept in and started a Care2 petition demanding that the organization stop all future plans to include petting zoos.

“I took my son to the event and was appalled at the condition the animals were kept in,” the petition author said. “These enterprises are cruel, unregulated and offer no educational experience to young children.”


The petition quickly became a huge success, garnering an amazing 89,938 signatures, as well as some powerful comments.

MJG from the U.K. wrote, “Animals are not needed and what you are doing is cruel. Please stop and return these poor creatures to their natural environment. Thank you.”

Also from the U.K., Elizabeth L., wrote, “Animals are creatures of habit and are easily upset by changes. They should not be dragged around to unfamiliar places for humans to gawp at.”

Persuaded by such a huge number of petition supporters, GEEKS Comic-Con contacted Care2 within a few short weeks to inform us that they had changed their policy.

“Great news! Geeks Comic-Cons have tweeted @Care2 to let us know that they’ve cancelled their contract with the mobile petting zoo. So no more animals will be exploited at their events! It’s thanks to your signatures that this happened, so keep signing Care2 petitions and you really can make a difference.”

The animals at the Lincoln event included meerkats and snakes who were held in tiny cages, with no way of escaping from the noise of crowds of people.

As you can see above, meerkats are very cute-looking animals that stand just about a foot tall and weigh only two pounds.. They inhabit the grasslands and deserts of the southern tip of Africa, where they live together in burrows which they dig out with their sharp claws. 

What were they doing in a petting zoo in Lincoln, about 150 miles north of London, England?

There are so many reasons why other organizers should follow the example of GEEKS Comic-Con and cancel plans to include petting zoos. They are very stressful for the animals, who may look healthy but may not be receiving good care. Petting zoos usually only want the “cutest” animals, and provide no educational value.

Animals are sensitive creatures who deserve to be respected, not treated as the property of humans. Also, petting zoos can pose risks for human health, especially for children, the elderly or those with a weak immune system.

So a huge shout-out to the petition author and all the thousands of Care2 activists who persuaded Geeks Comic-Con to cancel any future petting zoos.

Care2 petitions make a difference. If you’re inspired by the success of this petition, why not create your own about a cause that you are concerned about?

You’ll find it easy to get started with these handy guidelines and soon Care2 members will be signing up to support you. 



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These places will not stop existing until people know the truth, and/or they care about animals. Thanks for posting, this is great news

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Well good morning!! Such great news to wake up to!! Happy for the right decision made by Geek Comic-Con. Praying for the animals still stuck in the horrific conditions and waiting with hope in my heart for their release into a sanctuary.