Success! Manchester Kittens No Longer Confined in Tiny Enclosures

Care2 petitions address all sorts of urgent issues: from environmental policy to international politics. And Sarah Garvey is a great example of how to make a difference on the local level — all in the name of animal welfare.

When Garvey saw that kittens in her local U.K. pet store were kept in tiny, bare enclosures, she wanted to take action by creating a Care2 petition.

When Garvey visited Manchester Pets & Aquatics, she was shocked to see that the kittens were being held in cramped conditions. Each enclosure contained a litter tray and a food and water bowl, but no toys, bedding or room to play. No one seemed to care about these needy animals, and the kittens appeared lethargic.

Feeling both sad and angry, Garvey started a Care2 petition demanding that Manchester City Council inspect the store for potential animal welfare law breaches.

Her petition quickly garnered over 48,000 signatures, along with some strong comments.

Doreen H., a U.K. resident, wrote “This is England and we do not stand for this sort of cruelty please put a stop to this as soon as possible and name and shame the owner.”

Jennifer M., another U.K. resident, added, “Kittens kept too long in this completely unsuitable condition will have behaviour problems their future owners will not be expecting. It is obvious that this pet shop owner has no interest in the wellbeing of these kittens.”

Care2 Success!

“We believe the shop is breaking animal welfare laws which state that animals must be provided space to express natural behavior,” wrote Garvey.  ”For cats, the code of practice states, ‘They are athletic animals and need opportunities to run, jump and climb. If a cat is bored, and does not have enough to do, if may suffer.’ We believe the animals in this shop are suffering.”

And her complaints didn’t take long to resonate. A little over a month after the petition was started, the pet shop owners moved their kittens into a better enclosure with room to play.

Here’s how Garvey updated her petition:

Thank you everybody for your support. There’s been a great change…the kittens have been moved to a better enclosure with more space, and the room is a lot cooler! It is clear that this petition made an impact and improved the lives of these animals. Watch this space for how to help the other animals in this shop.

Congratulations to Sarah Garvey and to all the Care2 activists who signed her petition!

Now that she has achieved this success, Garvey is planning her second Care2 petition to protest the Manchester pet shop’s sale of primates.

Should the Sale of Non-Rescue Animals Be Banned?

But Garvey could also protest the fact that the shop is selling kittens at all. 

As Alan H,, a U.K. citizen, wrote on the petition, “Pet shops should be banned. There are huge numbers of rescue animals that need homes.”

There have been moves in the U.K. to ban the sale of puppies and kittens in pet shops, but so far they have not succeeded.

In California, an effort is under way to ban the sale of all puppies and kittens other than rescue animals, and San Francisco passed legislation last February making it mandatory for pet stores in the city to only sell rescue animals.

Just this month the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, went even further when the city council voted unanimously in favor of an ordinance that bans the sale of not just kittens and puppies, but of all animals bred for profit.

This includes mammals, bird, reptiles, arachnids and amphibians. Pet stores that want to continue selling these animals must work with rescues and shelters.

Start Your Own Care2 Petition

Meanwhile, a huge shout-out to Sarah Garvey and all you Care2 activists who supported her for improving the lives of the kittens in this Manchester pet shop.

If you are inspired by Garvey’s success, why not start your own petition about an issue that’s deeply concerning to you? You can get started using these guidelines, and pretty soon you’ll find the vibrant Care2 community signing up for your cause.


Photo Credit: George Bonev/Unsplash


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Poor babies, so glad this stopped. NEVER BUY PETS, ADOPT!

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Cats should not be confined

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good decision

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It's always good to hear that our petitions brought about the desired outcome,

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We need to speak up for the innocent ones!

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