Success! New York Wildlife Rehab Center Will Remain Open

This is a guest blog post from Robin Lynn, creator of the petition “Save WINORR From Being Shut Down.”

Just days ago, a critically important wildlife rehabilitation operation in Long Island called Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation (WINORR) was in danger of losing their animals. I created this petition on Care2 to try to keep them open because there are so few wildlife rehabilitators in the Greater New York City area. There are literally only a handful so the loss of just one would be enormous for the metropolitan area and its wildlife.

But… we did it! Not long after delivering the petition with your signatures to Oyster Bay, NY Supervisor John Venditto, I got a message from the directors of WINORR – Bobby and Cathy Horvath – saying they will be allowed to continue rescuing and caring for wildlife at their current location.

It was the collective force of your support that pressured the town to negotiate and reach a compromise that works for both sides and sees all charges against the Horvaths dropped. You were even credited in an article in the New York Daily News!

Shortly after news of the compromise, Bobby Horvath posted the following message on their Facebook page:

“We received great news today! Over the weekend Supervisor Venditto called me at home to discuss the situation and again yesterday as well and finally we were able to meet today to work out a solution. We have been granted permission to continue rehabbing wildlife with some adjustments which should benefit everyone involved.

We will still be able to work from our home but will also look into alternative sites such as Tackapauasha Museum, our town animal shelter, or any other appropriate location to expand long term. Cathy and are very happy and look forward to work with our town and all the other agencies we have served over the years. We appreciate John Venditto’s acknowledgement of the important work we do and today his actions backed up what he has said to me over the past few days.

We want to thank all the people who have publicly supported us starting with Robin Lynn and the petition she started on our behalf. I’ve never been involved in anything like this before and watched it start out and just grow and gain speed in no time at all. Thank you. And too all the others who took the time out on our behalf to show your support with an e mail, letter, or phone call including old friends and new, attorneys, rehabbers, rescue groups, and governmental agencies I also thank you. Over the years I’ve had more than my share of media coverage but this obviously was not the type of thing I would wish on anyone. We are glad its over, just want to be good neighbors and will strive to improve and continue to assist whenever and wherever we can.”

I personally want to thank each and every one of you. You should be very proud of what has been accomplished. I’m certain things would have ended very differently were it not for you. -Robin Lynn


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