Success! No Seaport in the Cayman Islands’ Half Moon Bay


The sheltered waters of the Cayman Islands’ Half Moon Bay are home to a kaleidoscopic array of rare marine life, making the area a prime site for visitors and locals.

Private developers threatened to destroy this breathtaking ecosystem by building an ecologically irresponsible and economically unnecessary seaport at the site.

But thanks to advocates, including Care2 members, that seaport won’t be damaging Half Moon Bay’s East End environment.

The proposed port would have decimated the Islands’ East End area, razing seven healthy coral reefs and endangering several more. Grand Cayman relies on East End for all of its fresh water and much of its agricultural produce. The introduction of large-scale heavy industry into such a delicate ecosystem would have caused irrevocable damage to both marine life and these natural resources.

Joseph Imparato, owner of the proposed East End building site, said the project had “increasingly [become] the target of considerable political and popular opposition,” and that it was no longer, “politically feasible” to continue with his plans for the sea port.

The salvation of the Cayman Islands’ Half Moon Bay touched many hearts, from local Islanders who held hands along the shore in a peaceful prayer and protest of the development, to the Care2 members who signed the petition to save Half Moon Bay from destruction, to Mark Rovner, founder and CEO at Sea Change Strategies, who said, “There’s no question Care2 played a role in this [success], and it’s a gigantic conservation victory for a small island.”

Thank you to all the Care2 members who helped save Half Moon Bay!

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Danielle K.
Danielle K6 years ago

Great news :)

Danielle K.
Danielle K6 years ago

This really brightened my is important to realise that we do have a say in the changes being made around us. Well done everybody! :o)

AJ Smith
AJ Smith6 years ago

As a frequent visitor to GC, I've admired Half Moon Bay for the past 19 years. This is a wonderful victory for the people of Grand Cayman.

Vanessa S.
Vanessa S6 years ago

Thank you so much to everyone that signed...

Ann W.
Ann W6 years ago

Water, and all the life it supports, is more important than another hotel.

Regina P.
Regina P6 years ago

Thank you for sharing such wonderful news.

Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker6 years ago

Fantastic news!!!!!

Veronica Bastidas

Thanks for the news!

Prochi T.
Prochi T6 years ago

Wonderful news. Thank you for telling us.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B6 years ago

great news