Success! Obama Imposes Time Out on Road-Building in Forests

Concerned Care2 members have been pushing to reinstate the Roadless Rule since President Bush effectively overturned it in 2005. The Clinton-era Roadless Area Conservation Rule protected more than 58 million acres of national forests and grasslands from logging and road construction, but President Bush made it a voluntary process, up to each state’s governor — leaving our forests open to logging, mining and drilling and the wildlife that inhabited them with little or no protection.

Luckily, President Obama is a big fan of the Roadless Rule — and he made good on a campaign promise late last week when he issued an immediate “time out” on road-building in our national forestlands, reinstating the Clinton-era rules for one year. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack now has the ability to approve or deny road-building or logging in the areas.

This is a huge success for a number of Care2′s nonprofit partners, and especially for the Pew Environment Group, who’ve been pushing the Obama Administration for this exact one-year timeout. More than 16,000 Care2 members signed a Pew-sponsored petition earlier this year urging Secretary Vilsack to do exactly what he’s done — making this a tremendous victory for our nation’s pristine forestlands and for everyone at Care2 and Pew Environment Group!

Indeed, the ruling’s most immediate effect will be to halt plans for road construction in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, including more than 35 miles of roads that were slated to be developed as part of a pending timber sale.

This great policy change for our forests goes to show that your signature on petitions really does make a difference — and we can all be pleased when our treasured national forests are protected for future generations.


Natasha Salgado
Past Member 4 years ago

This is great news! Thanks a lot 4 posting!

Kerrie T.
Kerrie T8 years ago

awesome! :-D

neil  .
Neil A8 years ago

This is very good & we look forward to many more successes, that might just shut up the GOP & some of the usual negative people that sometimes come on here but at least it is free speech & they must be allowed to air their views. unfortunately such an unbelievable mess was left by bush,chenney,rumsfeld & cronnies that Obama will need more than 1 term to sort it OUT.

Jamie L.
Jamie L8 years ago

Thanks LiAnna! :)

Sheila D.
Sheila D8 years ago

Many thanks Mr. President.........a time out is needed!
Sheila D.

Kimberly Lewis
Kimberly Lewis8 years ago

I'm glad our forests will have at least one year of rest! Thank you President Obama and everyone!

Suzy F.
Suzy F8 years ago

Thank you, Nicole. I wrote to the President.

Linda Dunne
Past Member 8 years ago

Thank you Mr President, for protecting the world's beautiful forests and for every good and kind policy you are trying to implement as a world leader. I hope and pray that your very good intentions will go far to make the world a softer, better place. May the saints and Saviour watch over you and your family.

Barbcat Knight
Barb K8 years ago

Woo-hoo!! This is fantastic!! Thank you for stepping in and taking control over our precious environment, Mr. President!! This is proof-positive that you stand behind your promises and I am so thankful for you and your devotion to the Presidency. Hats off to you and your beautiful family. With Love, Barb =)

Ariane E.
Ariane S8 years ago


Let's hope it can thrive in peace now for a whole year :)