Success! Trump’s Bogus Election Integrity Commission Is Over

For all of the government panels President Donald Trump has disbanded recently, one that weíre certainly not sad to see go is his ridiculous Election Integrity Commission. A Care2 petition authored by the League of Women Voters had called on the Trump administration to stop the ďdangerous and misleadingĒ commission attracted over 12,000 signatures; the White House has finally done the right thing by ending it.

From most perspectives, the Election Integrity Commission should have never existed in the first place. It was created by the administration as a way to tend to Trumpís fragile ego after losing the popular vote in the U.S. election. Trump alleged widespread voter fraud but couldnít substantiate these claims with facts, hence the administration had to go hunting for some.

Although the committee was primarily theater, it still held the potential to do real damage to voter rights. Alongside VP Mike Pence, Trump put Kris Kobach in charge. As Kansasís Secretary of State, Kobach five unconfirmed cases of non-citizens voting to effectively halt the applications of one-seventh of all voter registrations. Basically, the commissionís findings wouldnít have to be significant or even legitimate for it to introduce restrictions that could lead to disenfranchisement.

In addition to activists and petition signers who put pressure on the Trump administration to end the fruitless hunt for voter fraud, the states did a lot of the damage to the commission by refusing to hand over requested voter information. Forty-four states contended, rightly, that it was unconstitutional for the commission to put together a federal database with that much private information.

Controversy surrounding the commission only amplified in the subsequent months when one of the panelís Democrat members filed a lawsuit alleging Democrats had been excluded from the proceedings and was not allowed to see the information the conservative members were examining.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders ultimately blamed the commissionís premature demise on states refusing to share the information necessary to properly investigate the issue. On Twitter, Trump insisted the commissionís failure is all the more proof that the “system is rigged” and blamed the ďmostly Democrat statesĒ for refusing to cooperate. That claim, of course, ignores the fact that the majority of Republican-controlled states also found the commissionís records demands unconstitutional and unjustified.

At the end of the day, itís probably better for the Trump administration to concede defeat early rather than try to produce a report with conclusions that donít match reality. However, that doesnít mean that the GOPís efforts to perpetrate voter suppression are over. Congratulations on this win, Care2 community, but please stay alert for future shenanigans!

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Just Human
Just Human8 months ago

Trump and the GOP will find some other phoney issue to feed the talking heads at Faux news.

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sharon b
sharon b8 months ago

Sounds like a hollow victory if DHS. Is involved. He alleges voter fraud? He won because of Russian interference. He really needs to go.

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Patrice Z8 months ago

Voter suppression is the problem.

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Really interesting for a Brit.

Just Human
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But Trump won bigly. No wait, he didn't win the popular vote. Smally would be the correct term.

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tRUMPie is unfit to serve in any capacity in any job.

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