Success! UK Government Agrees To Keep Funding National Wildlife Crime Unit

“I am so pleased to announce that this petition was a success in saving the National Wildlife Crime Unit. It has been granted a further 4 years of funding…no cuts will be made!”

That’s how Chloe Mccausland announced that her Care2 petition had succeeded in preserving the U.K’s National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU).

“This was all down to you guys, I can not thank you enough! All of your amazing, hard hitting comments were a success, in making the government think. Keep making a difference!”

Yes, Care2 petitions really do make a difference, thanks to all the amazing activists. Even better, there were two Care2 petitions, the other created by Georgina B., and together they garnered over 40,000 signatures.

As The Independent reported, Britain has become an international hub for the illegal wildlife trade, and the NWCU has played a huge part in fighting that trade. In 2015 alone the NWCU was responsible for the seizure of more than 400 items banned under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). In addition, the NWCU works with U.K. police forces to combat domestic wildlife crimes, almost all of them involving cruelty to wildlife.

So when Chloe Mccausland and Georgina B. read that government funding for the NWCU would run out at the end of March, they knew that it was time to start a Care2 petition.

As Mccausland explained in her petition to the U.K. government and Defra, the funding authority, “The impact of the NWCU being scrapped would be an immediate tragedy for wild animals. Wildlife crime is abundant and shows no signs of easing either across the UK or internationally. Animals are hunted, smuggled, butchered for their body parts or kept alive in order to be sold on. Thousands of animals suffer and die in the UK every year as a direct result of wildlife crime. T he NWCU is absolutely critical in the fight against wildlife criminals.” 

Georgina B., whose petition targeted the Prime Minister directly, said, “Conservationists are calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to step-in and save Britain’s world-leading National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU), which is dedicated to combating wildlife crime.” She added, “The unit costs £427,000 a year with the majority of funding coming from the Home Office and the Department for Farming, Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). The National Wildlife Crime Unit is too important to lose. Will you join me in urging the UK Government to maintain funding to this vital police unit?”

Prime Minister David Cameron and his Conservative government do indeed have a poor track record in relation to wildlife; they’ve tried to get rid of the ban on fox hunting, and at the same time they have expanded the badger cull, in spite of huge opposition. Perhaps they decided that getting of NWCU would be just too much for the animal-loving British public.

In any case, thanks to Care2 activists, along with pressure from other conservationists and U.K. Members of Parliament, funding for the NWCU is assured at least until 2020. Fantastic news!

Do you have an issue that is deeply important to you? Then why not start your own Care2 petition like Chloe McClausland and Georgina B.? You can use this handy guide to help you get started, and you’ll find that Care2’s community of activists will be ready to join you in your cause.





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Siyus Copetallus1 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

ANA MARIJA R1 years ago

THANK YOU, Chloe McClausland, Georgina B. and to all who made this happen. At 5:10 a.m. all I can say is clever choice UK goverment. We will see if its true!

Inge R.
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Congrats to Chloe McClausland and Georgina B.! Thank you for raising your voices!

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Glad to hear this good news for the animals in the UK. All animals deserve to be protected. This gives some HOPE, however, so much more work is needed to be done for the best interest of their future generations.

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Enforcing laws about wildlife is just as important as enforcing all the other laws, because all of the laws should be enforced, not just some.

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I live in the country and we get deer poachers in the area the wildlife crime unit is essential to stop all wildlife crime