Support the Troops – Give Back 24 Challenge


It’s Military Appreciation Month. This month, I’ll be posting about some of the support groups that help military families and veterans.

Some folks send care packages, some knit scarves, some donate to charities.  The Code of Support Foundation (COSF) has organized  a June 9-10 “Flag Day Give-Back-24 Challenge” fundraising weekend to help our troops, veterans and military families battle the “Invisible Wounds of War,” including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

We all know that there are going to be cuts – cuts to support for troops, veterans and families.  There are community groups that are prepared to fill this gap, and they need support for their work.

The “Flag Day Give-Back-24 Challenge” is designed to help those who want to support the troops to do so in a new and innovative way. In other words, what can you do for 24 hours? First, it doesn’t need to be consecutive, but within the Flag Day weekend, can you think of something to do for 24 hours? Can you dance, can you knit or paint, play Monopoly or Scrabble, play cards or swim laps?

This challenge would be perfect for a group, a Boy Scout troop, sorority or fraternity, a band or a dance troupe, in order to “spread the work.” One event that has already been scheduled is the anchor Give-Back-24 event, a “Ride Around the Clock” motorcycle ride, organized by Patriot Guard Rider Lisa Markle, that will see a dedicated group of bikers cover a nearly 1,000-mile circuit from Arlington, VA through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and back to Arlington in a 24 hour period beginning at 9 am on Saturday, June 9, and ending at 9 am on Sunday, June 10.

The five beneficiaries of the pledged funds are Not AloneGive an Hour, Family of a VetThomas Jerome House and Project Sanctuary. COSF Executive Director Kristina Kaufmann, herself a military spouse, said: “We have vetted five outstanding non-profit organizations as our beneficiaries for Give-Back-24, all dedicated to the mental health of service members and their families.  One hundred percent of the funds pledged will go to these organizations with no administrative deductions of any kind.”

The only requirement for the challenge is that it must be done during the Flag Day weekend.  Full details can be found on the web at  Pledges may be made in advance through the website, and those who organize participating events may register their events at the same site. Each participating event has its own web page for receiving pledges. Questions may be sent to  The Code of Support is trying to bridge the gap between the military community and the rest of America.

So – what are YOU going to do?  When you decide, after you register – comment here.  We’d love to know what you are going to do!  This site is full of smart, creative folks – we should get some wonderful ideas!


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Huber F.
Huber F5 years ago

this all looks too good but do the veterans believe that they really appreciate the better life?

Shar F.
Sharon F5 years ago

Sheeple behavior! There is no draft; people do NOT need to go off to senseless wars just to line some idiots' pockets. Good Morning America, time to wake up.

A few Secret Service heads rolled after the recent embarrassment in Columbia, So. Am. Of course, we did not hear the fate of the the ten or so military personnel involved. Another incident 'swept under the rug' as another investigation?? Stop glorifying the bloooooooooated, incompetent military! Fix the infrastructure, dammit, rather than paying for constant investigations of inappropriate military behavior.

Ernest R.
Ernest R5 years ago

@ Jeffrey H.. “Holy Herbert Hoover -- his austerity progrmas caused the 1930s Great Depression.” Now there’s a novel theory. So many intelligent people got it wrong, thinking that it was caused by pretend money and a runaway and manipulated stock market that turned out to be a big glorified out of control Ponzi scheme. Great to know that can’t happen again, right ?

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A5 years ago

It is great to know the troops do what they are told and expected to do - they go out and kill or be killed and they do this. This is greatly different from the elected rulers who do the opposite when they promise everything and deliver little. Shamefully the same idiots are re elected and put back in position of power.

Troops have seen all the ugly faces of battles and need to be supported when they return to their homes and families. No wonder they go crazy when left to their own devices

Patti R.
Patti Ruocco5 years ago

Taking care of those who write their lives as a blank check to take care of us---it is truly the least we can do. It's about the individual, not the politics...

Vernon Huffman
Vernon H5 years ago

The most important thing we can do for veterans is to stop creating them. The US must stop sending heavily armed young adults into foreign countries which present no threat to the people of the USA. War is obsolete.

We, the people, have a responsibility to stand up for our youth and prevent them from being chewed up by the ruthless war machine in the name of corporate profits. As the most highly decorated Marine of all time wrote "War is a Racket."

Tiffany Caler
Tiffany C5 years ago

LOVE this thanks for sharing! God bless our troops!