Survey Finds that Holiday Weight Gain Is No. 1 Turn Off

For many the holidays are not only a time of joy, cheer, and good will but of eating, drinking, and then starting a new fad diet come the New Year.

Truth be told, fears of holiday weight gain give diet plans, pills, gyms, and exercise programs an edge as the masses ring in the New Year with resolutions of losing weight and getting fit.

Turns out there might be another reason for these weight loss promises – a breakup.

A new UK survey from SlimWeight Patch found that weight gain is the number one turn-off in a relationship. In fact, gaining just 8 pounds over the holidays could have your partner looking elsewhere for a new mate.

According to the study, almost 42% of men interviewed said they would be less attracted to their girlfriend if she gained half a stone or 7 pounds.

5% said they would even consider ending the relationship.

Women on the other hand were more forgiving, or less body demanding of their male partners. Only 7% said they would find their partner significantly less attractive if they were to gain weight.

Of the study, Dr. Tim Thurlings from SlimWeight Patch said: “A lot of people will find these results hard to take and with Britain getting fatter as a nation it’s surprising that weight gain can have such an impact on a person’s perceived attractiveness.”

I find this quote almost laughable.

It is no surprise to me that weight gain has an effect on a person’s perception of their partner’s attractiveness. It’s even less of a surprise to me that men are less forgiving of their female partners for gaining weight. 

That Thurlings finds this news “surprising” seems like an incredibly insincere statement, especially given that the success of his business relies heavily on people favoring a slim body.

But don’t worry ladies, Thurlings has some last words of encouragement: “It can be easy to put on weight, particularly for women, so if your partner is shallow enough to ditch you then maybe you shouldn’t be with them in the first place.”

What do you think about the study? Surprised?

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Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado6 years ago

As we age me must realize that we can no longer eat the same amount of food when we were younger.

Dana W.
Dana W7 years ago

My ex-husband had the same outlook. He even told me that I was less interesting to talk to when I was heavier. Part of me is sad for both of us that he placed so much emphasis on the outside of me instead of the inner me.

Morgan Getham
Morgan Getham7 years ago

I find this absolutely deplorable. When someone is in a real serious relationship with another person, both people need to be able to count on the other for SUPPORT for the ups and downs of life. That includes the ones that are reflected on the scale.

The past few years I've been one of those who would pack on pounds over the holidays, and being a rather big guy, my average would usually be 15 to 20 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. And unfortunately, a good bit of that STAYED with me and built up over a couple of years.

THIS year I decided enough was too much already, and although I ate really well I made a conscious effort to LISTEN to my body, not eat when I was not hungry (just because it was "meal time") and stop frequently during meals even though there was still food left on my plate (horror of horror ... what would MOTHER think? ... what about all those starving children overseas?) and wait a minute to ask myself "am I STILL hungry" before going on. And being willing to say "NO!" and walk away if I really wasn't. And not be tempted back later for "just a little dessert" (that always turns out to be a BIG slice of somebody's delicious homemade pie that you HAVE to finish or their feelings get hurt).

End result: This year from November 17 to January 7 I LOST 13 pounds instead of gaining my usual 15 to 20.

I was not involved in a relationship this holiday season. But I am ALWAYS willing to help a lady work on losing and maintaining weight.

Samantha Coetzee
Samantha Coetzee7 years ago

OOPS!!! You also should NOT be so overweight that it affects your lifestyle, in my humble opinion.

Samantha Coetzee
Samantha Coetzee7 years ago

Almost everywhere you look, you are bombarded of images of what you perceive is what the opposite sex wants you to look like. The message is just getting stronger and younger and younger children are being sucked into the lie. You don't need to be stick thin to be considered beautiful! You also should be so overweight that it affects your lifestyle, in my humble opinion.

Den S.
Dennis Sweitzer7 years ago

I see one problem with the question. on average 7 lbs on a man looks less than 7 lbs on a woman, because on average, men are taller than women.
But it's not much. When I compared lbs per point of BMI, there's only about a 1 lb difference (so 7 lbs on an average woman looks about the same as 8 lbs on an average man)

THis reminds of that old joke that "men prefer pretty women because they see better than women, and women prefer successful men because they think better than men"

Fatin Nadia
Fatin Nadia7 years ago

Gain only 7 pounds and the men already find their girlfriends less attractive? What pricks! Who the hell did they interview? Models who have cocaine for breakfast?

Petra Luna
Petra Luna7 years ago

It doesn't surprise me, but on the other hand, it's irritating that people are so shallow as to make a big deal over 7 pounds. If that bothers a guy, what will he do if she gets pregnant and gains 20? Or will he risk the girlfriend/wife AND the baby's health by demanding she starve to only gain 5 or less?

We have people who are dying from hunger, animals are getting killed off for hunting purposes and children are being abused to death. These abuses rise during the holidays. And people are concerned about gaining a few pounds? Enjoy what you have and be thankful.

Tierney G.
Tierney G7 years ago

I am not surprised at all by this. Then again I am sure there are things that turn women off too.
It is just another hurdle in a struggle to stay alive for women. that is how I see it. Applys to jobs,and status as well.

Sue M.
Sue Matheson7 years ago

The emphasis on weight gain here is surprising and ridiculous when so many people in this world are starving. Imagine ditching someone you "love" because they do not look undernourished. Food for thought indeed.