Captain Paul Watson Speaks Out About Whale Wars

Since 1975 Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Sheperd Conservation Society has led over 300 voyages into the frigid Antarctic oceans to directly confront and interfere with illegal international whale hunting. TV pundits and spokesmen for the illegal whalers have slandered him countless times. The Japanese whalers call him crazy and irresponsible. Some governments have even called him an “eco-terrorist”. But to many in the animal movement, his work is seen as vital and courageous. It seems like the only thing both sides can agree on is that Sea Sheperd is effective. Each year whalers need to spend more and more money on gear to protect them from activists and they need to spend more of their hunting time running away from Watson’s ships. That translates directly to fewer whales being killed. What can I say? Direct action gets the job done.

There’s a new interview with Paul Watson posted to the Sea Sheperd website. With all the attention garnered by Animal Planet’s Whale Wars series, Sea Sheperd has been been on the receiving end of some harsh criticisms. In the interview Paul is asked to address them. This is, by far, my favor part of the whole interview:

Question: There are many negative comments on the Whale Wars forum, many attacking you personally. Does this concern you?

Captain Paul Watson: Not really. The kinds of people who visit website forums to leave negative remarks tend to be the kind of losers who have nothing better to do. Anyhow, my clients are whales not people. I’m not much concerned with the opinions of people over all. If people choose to support what we do then we welcome that support. If they choose to dismiss what we do, it is of no consequence to us. Overall I find this kind of negative criticism to be both encouraging and amusing. In a world where people are the problem, pissing off people who dislike what we are doing is a bonus. You have to actually be doing something to get people all worked up, so these attacks are encouraging, they are telling us we are on the right track and going in the right direction.

Paul Watson, you’re a sassy dude. I’m glad you’re on the animals’ side. Read the rest of the interview here.
In a new interview Paul Watson addresses some harsh criticism of Sea Sheperd, looks forward


Sally D.
Sally D9 years ago

I believe in every word you say Captain Paul. You have great courage, you carry on regardless against all odds, with unrelenting efforts to save our whales. We need more people like you on our planet earth. I agree, if humans disagree with what you are doing, then they have no place in our world. If we listen to the opposing voices that kill, maim, and torture animals then we will never move forward to a world where animal cruelty and murder are extinguished. I have admiration for someone who will go against authorities & basically do what is needed to save our WHALES and all the other animals of our beautiful planet. I am with you and your team all the way!! You must have a heart as big as the Ocean itself. Wish everybody was like you.


Pernilla Gardeberg

Stamina, courage and obviously a heart big as the sea.
Thank you for being what you are & doing what you do!

Delight S.
Delight S9 years ago

You are awesome, I applaud and support everything you do! Who cares what other humans think!! SAVE THE WHALES!!!

Gwenna C.
Gwenna C9 years ago

Do it Paul Watson, we're behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An animal activist, Gwen C.

Patti D.
Patti D.9 years ago

Hurray, Captain Paul! A true HERO! I admire what you are doing. My dream would be to be a part of your crew! You are truly the voice for whales!!!

Beba Hojt
beba h9 years ago

I totally support your good work of compassion for whales !!Mankind should all be like you--caretakers of the earth not predators !!

Peter Hoyle
Peter Hoyle9 years ago

Thank you on behalf of right minded people, the whales are the client of us all !
Last year I posted on Yahoo Answers as a protest against the Japanese Whaling Fleet ........
I was ashamed at the lack of support, and even quite negative comments, especially from USA citizens ! Needless to say the Japanese Embassy here in the UK did NOT even have the courtesy to acknowledge my polite and respectful e-mail.
I still believe if many more people registered their distaste, they would surely think again !
I'm sometimes ashamed of the human race.

Mary Strobridge
Past Member 9 years ago

Thank you so much for trying to save the whales from them intruders,(that is putting it nicely) I would like to add a few more choice words than that!You are brave and I appreciate your efforts

Merthyr Stevens
Merthyr Stevens9 years ago

I'm filled with admiration and gratitude for your unceasing and relentless campaign against the illegal slaughter of our planet's beautiful whales. Japan, Scandinavia and certain other countries should hang their heads in shame for their financial greed and bloodlust; but they never will, and it takes selfless heroes like you and your crews to successfully save these magnificent, sentient beings. God Bless You and keep you all safe - the whales need you for a long time yet!!! Thank you!!

Debra R.
Debbie R9 years ago

who edits this stuff?