Swine Flu and Animals

The good news is the H1N1 virus will not effect our companion animals such as dogs and cats. The bad news, the recent outbreak is effecting pigs.

In Egypt, pigs have been given the death sentence. 300,000-350,000 pigs are living in Egypt, raised for food for the Christian population. Sadly, this isn’t just a bad ending for the pigs, who haven’t been found to have the virus, but also for the poor farmers who raise them.

“It has been decided to immediately start slaughtering all the pigs in Egypt using the full capacity of the country’s slaughterhouses,” said Health Minister Hatem el-Gabaly. People can not get the swine flu from eating pork, so without confirmed cases of sick pigs, the killings are a sad over reaction. Though Egypt has it’s reasons due to it’s experiences with bird flu, it’s still a waste of good resources. Not to mention it seems horribly wasteful to destroy healthy animals that will not be used for food.

Hopefully we won’t see similar reactions anywhere else in the world.

Victor Iglesias


Trinity F.
Trinity F.8 years ago

you all are stupid (:
it's called SWINE flu cause it came from a damn pig.
you all are ugly too (:

Alena A.
Alena A.8 years ago

okay that sucks peoples killing healthy pigs that's just freaking carazy

Cris S.
Evlin L8 years ago

Crazy EVIL bastards! That all...

Sam W.
Sam W8 years ago

I think this is just like payback. If you have ever seen the movie the happening, the plant start killing everything as a warning for global warming. Here, it is just like the animals paying us back for treating them so badly. Its very unforunite the Eygpt is doing this but hopefully they will stop soon.

Angel Flinn
Angel Flinn8 years ago

If the swine flu makes anyone interested in taking steps toward becoming vegan, feel free to contact me for help in any form.

caroline g.
Caroline g8 years ago

What we are missing here is the fact that the meat packing business is breaking all kinds of laws regarding sanitation and overcrowding of animals that will eventually be slaughtered for our consumption. For profit, they are not regulated and are allowed to en masse give the animals antibiotics and hormones that end up in the soil and in the rivers and in our bodies. I'm not a vegan, but I probably should be. I do limit my meat consumption to about twice a week

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y8 years ago

It is unfortunate but understandable that Egypt is doing this. They have over 70 million people crammed into a very limited area of land around the Nile, in other words more than twice the population of California living in an area barely larger than Maryland, so the danger posed by infectious disease is great - human or animal. However destroying any domestic food resource is a hardship for them, since they have to import most of their food due to overpopulation. Probably it was an 'excess of caution' call on their part, but it seems foolish to do unless they actually detected any infections in pigs. There is suspicion, but so far no proof from the C.D.C. or W.H.O., that the Mexican strain might have mutated from pig farms there.

Jonathan Young
USAID (retired)

Phil Gale
Phil Gale8 years ago

Where is the common sense in all of this. Science and practical experience have proven beyond any doubt that disease and insect pests only proliferate on weakness.Correct the soil fertility (energy) imbalance, and the nutritional problems of this planet will take care of themselves along with the pollution problems.Feed anything crap, and it will succumb to disease. Weeds, disease and insect pests are wonderful indicators of poor energy, out of balance conditions.Phil G

Lindsay Del Mar
Lindsay Del Mar8 years ago

Swine Flu doesnt means it comes to pigs.

Carol H.
Past Member 8 years ago

Just because the name of this flu is swine doesn't mean it came from pigs and that is a fact.