Tabby’s Place: Saving Cats in Need (VIDEO)

Jonathan Rosenberg made his money from dot-coms. He now spends that money helping cats in need. 

A few years ago Rosenberg created Tabby’s Place in honor of his family’s beloved cat who succumbed to cancer in 1999. Upon hearing of Tabby’s diagnosis, Rosenberg says he began questioning his purpose in life and whether or not he was doing enough to give back. He then resigned from his job and committed himself to creating the cat sanctuary, which offers an adoption center, a hospital and a hospice center.

As the story below points out, sometimes animals with the worst problems, can bring out the best in people.


Photo credit: Wy@rt


Mary P.
Mary P5 years ago

Absolutely wonderful! Love, love, love this man and all his fellow helpers.

Ana P Martinez
Ana Martinez5 years ago

Mr. Rosenberg, you are a Godsend, may he bless you and your wife.

kaye p.
Kaye Porter5 years ago

I would never permit a cat to be outdoors.
Wonderful people, I thank them for all that they accomplish.

Consuelo H.
Consuelo H.5 years ago

I have a cat that has had diabetes for about two years. I am on social security but I still make sure he has what he needs. so many have said to put him down but I won't. he is not just my responsibility but also one of my companions. I just don't understand why our society is one of "let's kill everything" that is in our way or are "useless". Pathetic. keep up the great work, Mr. Rosenberg.

Christeen Anderson
Christeen A5 years ago

You are totally awesome. Keep up the good work. I am also a cat lover-wish I was closer.

Abo Ahmed r.
Abo r7 years ago

When doing something good do more and do not stop.
Be as good as what you want others to be good for you.

Francesca Doria
Past Member 7 years ago

I fulfilled my promised made to Emile and the stray cats in my own small way: but there's much more to do and to come! Way to go cat friends!
GREAT MAN Mr Rosemberg! he's a hero!

Jewels S.
Jewels S7 years ago

Reminds me of the promise I made to my Casper when he died that I would open a sanctuary. I am planning it but I don't have any dot com money so it is taking a little longer. Thanks Jonathan and Sharon.

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago

What an uplifting story!!

charmaine c.
Charmaine C7 years ago

Fantastic couple! I'm grateful for all you do for our 'throw-aways'!