Taiwan Hosts Same-Sex Wedding Party


Supporters of legalizing same-sex marriage in Taiwan hosted a wedding event Sunday where around 80 lesbian couples wed in symbolic ceremonies.

The event, held overnight in downtown Taipei, attracted a reported 1,000 visitors which included friends and relatives of the brides and also non-related members of the public. They saw the female couples, many of whom opted for traditional wedding dresses, make vows of commitment to one another.

From ILGA Asia:

“I feel very hopeful that Taiwan will legalise same-sex marriage soon,” said one of the brides, 32-year-old stylist Celine Chen, who plans a honeymoon in New York, which in June became the sixth US state to legalise gay marriage.


Many of the couples kissed, hugged and posed for photographs while receiving an unofficial certificate from the organisers that stated they were now “united in holy matrimony”.

The event climaxed with a couple exchanging rings and saying “I do” amid roaring cheers from the crowd.

Taiwan is evolving on acceptance of same-sex couples and while same-sex marriage is not legal in the country, the event went ahead without police interference.

Legislators in 2003 drafted a bill to legalize same-sex marriage and allow for joint adoption rights for same-sex couples. The issue has not been acted on since then and President Ma Ying-jeou, while not ruling out the enacting of marriage equality, has said that a public consensus would have to be reached before legalization would be moved.

Based on this, and while noting a general level of tolerance, some same-sex couples feel that without the government taking a lead on the issue, progress may be a long time in coming.

From Big Pond News:

‘It is too difficult now as the Taiwanese culture and customs are still more conservative,’ said kindergarten teacher Jessica, who declined to give her last name and who keeps her sexual orientation from her colleagues.

In July a group of parents dedicated to ensuring their LGBT children grow up free of discrimination and bullying, officially banded together to create Loving Parents of LGBT Taiwan. The group says it has dedicated itself to ensuring children grow up in a country where LGBT citizens are treated equally.

At a July press conference announcing the formation of the group leaders were keen to praise the government’s enacting of an LGBT-inclusive school curriculum that will see age-appropriate LGBT issues introduced into school lessons from elementary school age.

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Glen P.
Glen P6 years ago

It's only a matter of time before marriage equality for gay couples is seen throughout the world.

The last remaining holdouts being the middle-east and Africa. Go figure.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L6 years ago

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story about love and commitment. Let's all hope the LGBT community in Taiwan and elsewhere won't have to wait till the cows come home before full equality arrives!

Klalid K.: Do some serious research before issuing statements like yours. "Nature prevails and artificiality is shortlived." In the nature there are several species that mate with someone of their own gender. Birds, deer, fish, et. Just look into all the published reports in Nature and other research magazines. But I have a strong sense you're not interested in facts, only mythological beliefs.

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

Khalid K said: "Male and female genders are created by God to regenerate."

You mean "over-populate". I know God or a higher power created gays and lesbians for "crowd control"!! :-) How many more unwanted babies do we need on this planet? Especially in poor countries where they can't take care of the ones they already have! Kids in some South American countries who are living on the streets are used for target practice! And you want to create more babies?

Khalid K.
Khalid K.6 years ago

Male and female genders are created by God to regenerate. For God sake do not give wrong meaning to the word love. A true and longer lasting love can only be between a man and a woman, not between two persons of the same sex. Nature prevails and artificiality is shortlived.

Suzanne M.
Suzanne M6 years ago

To all you bible bashers: I doubt God frowns upon love. It shouldn't matter in His eyes whether you love someone of the same sex or the opposite. Aren't you suppose to love your fellow man (or woman)? Get a grip. You're so deep in your own hatred of homosexuality that you can't see that the only thing these people are doing is loving each other. They don't hate you for loving someone of the opposite sex, so why do you hate them? Or judge them? It's not your place to judge. You can't speak for God. You are not God. You can't presume to know what God wants. And to presume you know what God wants, and to judge on His behalf is plane arrogance and pure megalomania. Have more love in your heart instead of hate. People like you turn others away from religion because you set an example, and the example you're setting SUCKS.

Rachel B.
Rachel B6 years ago

This sounds like a lovely event! I hope Taiwan legalizes gay marriage soon. If I'm not mistaken, it would be the first Asian nation to legalize it.

R. Joseph R.

Tami K, please do your homework, being gay is a perversion.

Suzy D.
Reverend Suzy D6 years ago

I wish I`d been there. Maybe the lucky couple would have thrown me the bridal posey!

Suzy D.
Reverend Suzy D6 years ago

Wish I`d been there. Maybe the lucky couple would have thrown me the bridal posey!

Kate R.
Kate R6 years ago

What,s wrong with people like Marianna B? Love is beautiful. Love represents God. Hate is the only sin here.