Tammy Baldwin, Other Dems Urge Komen To Reconsider Planned Parenthood Decision

The backlash against the decision by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to sever its ties to Planned Parenthood over abortion politics amplified today as members of Congress called on the group to reverse its decision.

U.S. Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) took to Twitter where she promised to continue to fight on behalf of and support Planned Parenthood.  Baldwin is a tireless advocate for women’s health and breast cancer prevention in particular and has worked closely with a broad coalition of interests including former President Bush and even Komen Foundation.

In Washington, 27 Democratic Senators signed on to a strongly worded letter urging the group to change its course. The letter explicitly raises the “possibility of thousands of women losing access to a potentially life-saving screenings because of a politically motivated attack.”

The letter is signed by Senators Lautenberg, Murray, Mikulski, Boxer, Cantwell, Gillibrand, Menedez, Wyden, Blumenthal, Shaheen, Begich, Merkley, Tester, Akaka, Sanders, (Sherrod) Brown, Leahy, Baucus, Cardin, Feinstein, Franken, Kerry and others. It’s a broad coalition of conservative and liberal Democrats that is indicative of how unpopular this decision is.

So far Republican Senators have been less eager to come to the defense of the Komen Foundation, with the exception of David Vitter who is eager to attach his name to the controversy. But if Republicans feel the need to respond, that could amplify the political stakes for Komen considerably.

The unfortunate truth though, as pointed out by Baldwin, is that it’s the politicization of women’s lives does nothing but divide women and risk lives. This is an issue that didn’t have to be.

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Photo from Tammy Baldwin For Senate


Zana Zatanique
Jan Alexanian5 years ago

Thank you Sen. Baldwin for standing up for what's right....women's right to health care. SGK bears watching. They may have reversed their position on this, but I don't trust them considering their hiring of Handel and using Fleischer as an advisor. Tsk, Tsk.

Reversing the decision is major damage control and unfortunately this will most likely be permanent damage to a foundation that was created with such a good purpose in mind. Once again short term thinking (siding with pro-life zealots and backers) for short term gain, while absence of long term thinking creates long term losses.

John Z.
John Z5 years ago

continued . . . .

Gone, appear to be the days where what is good for God, for the country, for civilisation, for our descendants are motivational factors in policy and position. Today, what is good for “me” and “now” seem to be the emerging panic “values”, which can distort any reality to that end, and have replaced the “virtues” of patience, longsuffering, charity, selflessness and their pursuit of what is true, noble, honest and holy.

There is a lack of purity of intention here along with the moral courage to take a stand and to stick to it. Thus corruption, dishonesty, contraception, abortion, euthanasia and so many other crimes against God and man are tolerated and promulgated.

John Z.
John Z5 years ago

With, by today’s standards, a large family, there are numerous pink items in our home.

A quick read of various commentaries on this issue seems to indicate that nothing has changed within this issue other than a few minor policy terms drafted to defuse an alarming escalation. I hope these results to be the case and if so, will continue to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

If the alternative holds to be true, I am not surprised, nor scandalised. At one time, the west, from top to bottom, attempted to gear their policy and decision by what was true, noble, honest and holy, for the glory of God.

Today, the west has become nations of flip floppers, oriented to tickling ears of each passing fancy and in so doing risk loosing what are true, noble, honest and holy; all seemingly forgotten “virtues” that have been replaced by individual “values”.

Perhaps this is the crux of the problem. At one time, a Theo centric oriented west attempted to live by the Commandments and Golden Rule. Today, anthropocentric oriented west appears to be “me” focused with perhaps, rampant individualism being the hidden motivational factor.

Gone, appear to be the days where what is good for God, for the country, for civilisation, for our descendants are motivational factors in policy and position. Today, what is good for “me” and “now” seem to be the emerging panic “values”, which can distort any reality to that end, and

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Elizabeth M C.
Past Member 5 years ago

annelies ,

You're right. As long as people are irresponsible, children will suffer.

annelies j.
annelies j5 years ago

Elizabeth M C:
"3%, or not, that is a lot of abortions!...and they are a money maker."

What about the many "unwanted" children put in foster care? Yeah, I'm sure all of those foster parents are just doing out of the goodness of their heart.....
I'm sure many of them do, but I also know many of them try to get as many foster kids possible just so they get the money. And what about those adoption agencies? I'm not seeing them do it out of the goodness of their hearts. Talk about money makers.....

Elizabeth M C.
Past Member 5 years ago

You are wrong. Planned Parenthood does not own a single mammography machine.
Their own website has this information regarding mammograms:
Where Can I Get a Mammogram?
Ask your health care provider, health department, or staff at your local Planned Parenthood health center about where you can get a mammogram in your area.

When you call PP and ask for an appointment for a mammogram, they will tell you that they can only examine your breast ( by touch)., but they can give you a referral for a mammogram if you wish.

My comment stated that abortion is legal. It further stated that people should not be considered narrow minded if they object to having their donations support abortion.

As to your claim that abortions only account for 3% of their services provided, I don't know if that is true or not. What I do know is that PP performs 300,000 abortions a year.

3%, or not, that is a lot of abortions!...and they are a money maker.

Frances C.
Frances C5 years ago

Sorry, Elizabeth MC, but you are the one who is narrow minded. Abortion is Legal. It is a right that women have, and a health issue. Only three percent of health services provided at PP are abortion, which means that ninety seven percent is for all the other health issues. Private money is used for the three percent. Again, PP does do mammograms, when they can't, they refer the woman. We know from the facts that have surfaced that the women at Komen made a political decision. No one is forced to donate to Komen or PP, so if one is so anti-choice they can donate elsewhere.

So you people can object all you want, be anti-woman all you want, try and force your right wing religious beliefs on every one else, and be as narrow minded as possible...but please keep it in your own little tea party bubble. And leave the rest of us women alone.

Arild Warud

Outrageous decission by Komen.

Ian Fletcher
Ian Fletcher5 years ago

Choice, freedom and respect to all women!