Target Begs Its Employees Not to Join Unions [VIDEO]

Target really, really, REALLY wants their workers not to join unions.  So much that they made a video to try to coax them out of it.

Gawker notes, “The 13-minute video, ‘Think Hard Before You Sign,’ has the production values and cheesy dialogue of an eight-grade educational film. It begins with an earnest discussion of Target’s business agility, and, at about the 1:50 mark, the anti-union push begins in earnest….For a sophisticated multibillion-dollar corporation, Target sure turns out some shitty propaganda.”

How bad is it?  Watch for yourself!

youtube screen grab


Alexandra O.
Alex O7 years ago

This is utterly ridiculous. Any company that tries to talk you out of joining a union absolutely, positively does not have your best interest at heart. Unions are working for the employees, making sure they are treated fairly, have decent benefits, no unreasonable working conditions, all the "normal" things one should expect from a reputable company. When the company isn't willing to provide these things, that's what a union does. Now, if a company is trying so desperately to stop you from joining a union, this company is nothing but no good and needs to be brought out in the open for all to see. STAY AWAY FROM TARGET.

Kecia W.
Kecia A7 years ago

Not the same video I was subjected to, but just as ridiculous.

Robert B.
Robert B.7 years ago

Target like Wal-Mart are the curse of the American life as they drained (sucked) the very lifeblood out of communities. Now employees are wanting to be represented these companies can see the writing on the wall - it's exactly what corporation did in 1910. These corporations do NOT represent you one bit, to them you are just a figure on a spread sheet. It's time the workers of America became vocal and active for their rights. So, please boycott Target and Wal-Mart as they treat workers and communities as if they don't exist.

David S.
David S.7 years ago

Un-F%@KING REAL!!! Is Target serious? Wal-Mart lost my business more than six years ago for this same BS... Now Target just lost my business FOREVER as well! I cannot stand these large inhuman lying sacks of corporate crap!

Liz Simpson
Lizbeth Simpson7 years ago

Yes, a mere 60 seconds into the video exposes it as a typical boilerplate lecture about the "evils" of unions. I am truly disappointed in Target's approach. I never shop at Walmart and infrequently at Target - and that's about to become very infrequent. Shame.

Tom H.
Tom H.7 years ago

Unions help their members with collective bargaining to help us get better wages and benefits and helps to protect it's members by being with them in meetings with their employer's management.

Patrick F.
Patrick f7 years ago

Just don't shop at Target

Juliet D.
judith sanders7 years ago

What is up with Target supporting a candidate (Tom Emmer) who wanted pharmacists to be able to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions, and who is anti-gay?
Maybe Target should take all items designed by gay designers off its shelves, and sell a nice line of gingham housedresses.

Charles E. Semler
Charles S7 years ago

The U.S. is a union. All of the states are united together , because that gives them strength to deal with other countries an problems at home. It also gives the states strength to stand up militatily to other countries. It is why President Lincoln fought to preserve the union.. Remember the saying we have all heard all our lives. UNITED WE STAND. Unity always makes the weaker ,more powerful to deal with powerful forces.
If there had been no unions , the U.S. would be vastly different. no one would have any kind of retirement . No one would have any kind of health benefits. No one would even approach having fair wages , or working conditions as well as many other laws and rights that ordinary Americans enjoy , because of union members sacrifices.
Many people and companies seem to forget that unions are really people united , to make things better.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal7 years ago

That's why we have options and choices...