Target Sells “Stalker” Valentine Card

It’s Valentine Day next Tuesday and Target has a card that simply needs to be taken off the shelves. The card says, in big white letters on a red background,

Stalker is a harsh word.

Open the car and inside you’ll find, in red letters:

I prefer valentine.

The message this card sends is sinister and ugly, and all the more so when you consider some statistics about violence against women in the US:  1 out of 6 women has been the victim of rape or of an attempted rape, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. That’s 17.7 million American women. The National Organization of Women says that 1,181 women were murdered by an intimate partner in 2005, an average of three women every day. About 4.8 million women are physically assaulted and raped by an intimate partner every year, but fewer than 20 percent of battered women sought medical treatment.

Even more to the point are statistics from the National Center For Victims of Crime about stalking:

  • 3.4 million people over the age of 18 are stalked each year in the US.
  • 3 in 4 stalking victims are stalked by an acquaintance.
  • 30% of stalking victims are stalked by either a current or former intimate partner.
  • 1 in 4 victims are stalked through some form of technology, such as texting or e-mail.

In a society where violence against women is all too common, and too often underreported, we do not need Valentine’s Day cards that make light of stalking. Target has just completely missed the mark with this very unlovely Valentine.

Sign the petition to tell Target to stop selling its “stalker” Valentine card!

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H M.
H M2 years ago

"Rapist is a harsh word." "It deserves harsher sentencing."

H M.
H M2 years ago

Not buying a stupid card is not "censorship". Censorship would be more like not allowing people to celebrate Valentine's Day, and Target wouldn't survive the hit to their pocketbook. Supporting rape culture isn't something to be proud of or teach your two children.

Betsy M.
Betsy M5 years ago

Thank you.

Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Jackie Agusta
Jackie Agusta6 years ago

Coming into this one a bit late but I don't think that the card is inappropriate and should never have been made let alone put on the shelves for purchase. I was stalked when I was in college by a fellow class mate. For some strange reason he thought I was in love with him because I asked him how his day was going. At its creapiest, he left notes in my bag telling me what he want to do to me and at its worst, he attacked the boy I was seeing from a different class. The very last night that everyone was together he apologiesed to me, in front of everyone but that didn't change the fact that I was scared to go to the bathroom by myself for the whole college year. He never actually physically touched me though, but even still, it was very nerve racking and is not something that I ever want to experience again :-(

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

So messed up Target! When will you ever learn?!

DaretoCare Still
Loŕraine B6 years ago

Censorship or Free Speech? Two diametrically opposing concepts. I wonder if anybody considered this "issue" in either context? It appears to me as though we are now censoring bad taste, and if that is so, then who is to be the final arbiter of such things? You? Me? Congratulations to those of you who succeeded in making a store pull a greeting card from their shelves, thus taking away the choice of whether or not to purchase said card from the general public. Bravo - what a victory for ? censorship? Sad stuff. Be careful what you wish for - sometimes what you get isn't quite what you bargained for.

sherry l.
sherry luciano6 years ago

I'm glad Target pulled the card. Do I think they've learned thier lesson, "NO." Time will pass and they'll try again. Corporations never learn. (I know this is a broad statement but it seems to fit.)

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley6 years ago

Andrew, that is just hilarious!!

Andrew Carvin
Andrew Carvin6 years ago


Ok Target,

I have a new card in that line of thought for you.

"Rapist is a harsh word."

"I prefer surprise non-consensual sex."