Tea Party Express: First Stop, Nebraska’s Ben Nelson

There is a very strong possibility that with Virginia Senator James Webb announcing his retirement, 2012 has the potential to flip the senate from a Democratic majority to a Republican one.  One other seat that could make the difference?  Nebraska’s senate seat held by Democrat Ben Nelson. 

It’s no wonder the Tea Party Express is now focused on it as a “top target” for 2012.

Via CNN:

On Wednesday, Sal Russo – chief strategist of the Tea Party Express – distributed an email to supporters.

It states that the group is “pleased to tip you…to the exclusive news that we will be making another Democrat, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, one of our top targets for defeat in these upcoming 2012 elections.”

“Nelson traded his principles, our freedoms & liberties, and the quality of our nation’s healthcare system–all for $100 million for Nebraska,” the email states. “Nelson is a Democrat elected in a conservative ‘Red State’ and he seemed to think he could buy off votes for his re-election.”

The charge goes back to last year’s heated battle over health care reform -and pertains to a potential perk for Nebraska.

To help secure Nelson’s vote for the health care package, the bill included a $100 million Medicaid exception for Nebraska. Republicans dubbed it the “Cornhusker Kickback,” a phrase that includes the name of Nebraska college sports teams.

Should Nelson be worried?  Considering some of the Tea Party Expresses last big races, backing Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller and Sharron Angle, maybe he should be happy they are getting involved in his race. 

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

I accidentally voted "yes." I meant "no" but Nelson is no friend of women either.

We Dems know the states to concentrate on, and we have some serious work to do. This country seems so full of hateful people, that the good guys, who work for the middle-class and poor, seem out-gunned. (well, they do own the fire power) I don't know why, because most people I meet are basicly good-hearted people, and should vote Dem.

Ross L.
Ross L7 years ago

Go Steven! I can not send you another green star but I like how you think!

Ross L.
Ross L7 years ago

God or whomever, help us all if repugnicants or worse, baggers take over the Senate. Its bad enough today. Roll back all protections for regular people, polluters will run (more) rampant,
no unions, and forget about suing any of the bastards because they want to take that away as well. Just look at the crap bag we've been handed with that Citizens United BS. Who was behind that anyways? We dont need no stinking dept of Ed. We dont need the EPA. China wants to send us more poison, toys, pet food, _____ fill in the blank. We will or should see a revolution here that make Egypt look like a sunday picnic if this happens.

DON BAILEY7 years ago

Couple of questions you Neb. voters should ask your Tea Party Candidate and for that matter Sen. Nelson.
Question one: Sir, how do you stand on the issue of eliminating any and all agricultural subsides to corporate farmers. Corporate farmers defined as any one owning farms not residing on said lands or actively engaged in the actual production of crops or livestock? If you do not advocate such a proposition you gotta be a Tea Baggier and not in favor of small govt. and removal of govt influence in your daily life. Most importantly you do not save tax dollars.
Question two: If you support reduction in Govt social and educational programs are you willing to propose and support similar cuts in DOD's budget? IE reduction in the role, if not the elimination, of the SAC base outside of Omaha? If you support cutting DOD's budget, are you willing to support and fund a state militia to take over these functions? If you do then you must be a Tea Baggier.
Question three: As a conservative candidate will you condemn or support measures to restrict the use and abuse of immigrant labor in all the meat/grain processing facilities in Nebraska and the corporate owners who fund your campaigns? Are you willing to continue a blind eye to these problems and aggressively assert that your state's problems are caused by Federal/liberal intervention and not by greed and self serving corporate motives? Are you willing to support a reduction in the Federal Min.wage?If you do, you must be a TBagge

Les L.
Les L7 years ago

Rose Lynn,
Please outline what you and other tea party members consider to be fair immigration reform. Does "illegal mean illegal" to you? Where do you stand on the DREAM act? NumbersUSA and FAIR both claim to support immigration reform. FAIR has been labeled a hate group.

Elton John does support gay marriage. His prior position had nothing to do with any idea that "marriage is between a man and a woman." It was about what he felt could be realistically achieved in a homophobic climate.

Congratulations on knowing awesome African American people and even having a half-black grandson. My comment said nothing about racism against African Americans, but if you need to prove something on that front, please carry on. And I'm glad you have your teeth. I never suspected that you didn't, though, and didn't label you in any of the ways you defended yourself against.

What exactly, is "American" culture? Is it a Norman Rockwell painting? Which group of immigrants who settled in this country get to be the "representative" culture for the U.S. that everyone else has to emulate? Is it the one that best reflects who you are?

And yes, it IS imposing on other people to expect them to comply with your belief system. No one fighting for human or civil rights is trying to impose anything on you except their right to fully exist. Muslims practicing their religion in this country ARE NOT fighting to remove your right to practice your religion. LGBT people fighting for their right to

Cheryl MacDonald
Cheryl M7 years ago

Well I do live in Nebraska, have voted for Ben Nelson and will again, but he's not going to win. This is a really Red state and Democrats are treated like red-headed step-children at the family reunion. Nelson sometimes votes like a Repub and sometimes not. His Repub opponent will win because he's younger, has held state offices, and he's a Republican! And they have corporate money to get their guys in.

Susanne R.
Susanne R7 years ago

I hope the people of Nebraska see the Tea Party for what it is and choose to ignore their lies and smear campaigns. For a party that behaves as though it has cornered the market on religion, family values, etc., they sure are cunning and ruthless. I hope they quickly lose support and disappear. Their ideals are self-serving and their tactics are disingenuous and very often unethical.

Marie W.
Marie W7 years ago

Everyone should worry about the Tea Party.

Ann P.
A P7 years ago

Yes they say small gov - but don't touch my SS. Don't want gov run hc - but don't touch my Medicare. They don't seem to understand we have public roads and highways because of evil gov. I guess they'd prefer to pay a toll at every turn to use privately run roads. If they think they are being nickled and dimed now!!! And they won't be able to vote that private road out of office.

They just can't seem to understand that when PROFIT is the motive - everything else is 2ndary. Guess they like food recalls - oh that's big gov no more recalls - Free Market, let the market forces work. Or drug safety - gov. Hospital safety - gov. I suppose you could rely on lawsuits after your child is dead. OOP's that's litigation - that's on the chopping block too - Tort Reform! Or like the guy who missed his fire coverage payment so they let his house burn down. Guess we get to pay for private police protection - don't be late on that payment or no service. Having a heart attack - oh sorry our records show we haven't received your latest payment. But I paid already! I'm sorry you'll have to show proof of payment before we can come out. Because as we know none of us has ever had any customer service complaints when dealing with a private company who sold us a faulty product. Sorry, you should have read the fine print on page 5 section B. We cannot be held liable for... Oh what a wonderful world they're planning for us all.

I'd much rather have gov of sufficient size to check the greed-driv

rhonda t.
rhonda t7 years ago

I've been sitting here wondering what would happen if each and every politician-or anyone speaking on behalf of a political party or group affiliated with political cause.. had to wear a portable lie detector when speaking to the American people? What if every time they lied or got 'creative' with the truth, a loud buzzer would go off to alert us, at which point we could make a citizens arrest?
Can you envision how loud that buzzing would get and how quickly the jails would fill???? LOL, and since the buzzer would still be on them if they tried to backpedal on a statment, or tried to say that isn't what they 'really' meant...man oh man..BUSTED.

I have a distinct impression that if all of the American people-left, right and inbetween..got a chance to see and hear TOGETHER just how coruppted the whole rotten bunch of our so-called 'leaders' have gotten, how blatantly they ALL lie thes days, that we migh be able to find some of that missing unity, some of the old sense of in it together that we so sorely lack right now.
And maybe, just maybe, it would be a chance to work together to build back what we used to have and share. ALL of us.