Tea Steeped in Goodness

Started in a small Oakland, CA apartment, Numi Organic Tea has grown from one sister-brother duo’s imagination to a nationally distributed, organic, fair-trade tea company. Just like their original flowering teas, this B Corp has blossomed to become a symbol of good products and business practices. In addition to their dedication to organic and fair trade tea, Numi invests in sustainable packaging, positive employee policies, natural ingredients and innovative flavors. With wise choices at its very roots, it is no surprise that Numi Organic Tea has flourished.

While they didn’t set out to become a market innovator, this B Corp has resonated with consumers and business people alike. In the past 12 years, they’ve developed a reputation larger than themselves. Reem Rahim, Co-Founder and Creative Director, sums it up perfectly: “It’s a great thing to feel like you’re an example of a company that does good”. 

And this is, after all, one of the main purposes of the B Corp community. By becoming certified, Numi has been accepted into the “tribe”. There is a sense of commonality and camaraderie that makes one feel honored to be part of the group. And if you’re an outsider? Well it makes one ask, “Why?” B Corps push each other to do better and raise the bar. There is never a sense that you can stay comfortable, but must move out to the next frontier. And in the eyes of Numi, this is a great thing; they became a certified B Corp with the goal to self-check and self-improve.

Whether it’s making more sustainable packaging or enhancing employee benefits, Numi is pushing forward. Alongside introducing new, innovative products, this B Corp will be growing their brand and spreading into new communities. They are a different company, with a great product that the world needs to know about. Numi is also branching out with a new certification, beyond Transfair standards. With the aid of Scientific Certification Services, Numi will be initiating a new standard which certifies the entire supply chain from the ground to the cup. This is not just limited to materials, but examines wages, education and benefits, to name a few. By upholding the most stringent standards, Numi ensures that it’s a good company down to the last drop.

Drink to your health, drink for the planet: Better Know Numi Organic Tea

photo credit: thanks to hlkljgk via flickr
by Katie Kerr, B Lab


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love Numi. thanks.

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Great! I love fair trade teas. It sounds like the new standards will put Numi a step ahead.

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I think this is terrific and without being the voice of doom, the company is following a normal growth course of business development. When companies reach the top, then they can begin to change their philosophy and perspective. I hope this does not happen to this company. I would love to see them develop a new business growth model that never reaches the stage of greed, like many others have.

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good stuff, too! Nice to know more about the company - now it will taste even better.

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