Teacher Fired From Catholic School for Using Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is incompatible with immaculate conception it seems. Christa Dias, a technology coordinator at two Cincinnati Catholic schools, was fired from her job after telling her employer that she was pregnant. Initially, the school wanted to fire her for being single and pregnant. However, that is against state and federal anti-discrimination laws, so they decided to fire her for using artificial insemination, a “grave immoral” act that goes against Catholic teachings.

Dias hasn’t found a new job since being fired from the school in October 2010 and she is planning to sue the school for pregnancy discrimination and breach of contract. The school, however, feels it is in the right. Dan Andriacco, the spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati told Cincinnati.com that Dias “has a right to her opinion, but doesn’t have a right to violate her (employment) contract.” That contract stipulates that she has to comply with Catholic teachings, which includes not using artificial insemination.

According to CatholicCulture.org, “the Catholic Church teaches that among humans artificial insemination constitutes such a violation of the dignity of the person and the sanctity of marriage as to be contrary to the natural and divine law.”  The explanation goes on to describe artificial insemination as a form of adultery and to condemn the irresponsibility of donors fathering children for whom they will not be responsible. Finally, it explains that:

Even if insemination could be artificially achieved with the husband’s semen properly collected (without masturbation) the papal teaching still points out that any process that isolates the sacred act of human generation from the beautiful and intimate conjugal union of the marriage act itself is inconsistent with the holiness and intimate personalism of that two-in-one-flesh union which alone is appropriate for the generation of a child.

Interestingly, however, if a male employee at the school participated in artificial insemination (thereby irresponsibly fathering children), he would not necessarily be held to the same standard as Dias because it could go undetected. Women who go against “Catholic teachings” are unfairly punished in this regard because their pregnancy is a visible sign. This is a key argument in Dias’ lawsuit.

Rev. James Kiffmeyer, the administrator who fired Dias, has run into some problems with “Catholic teachings” himself. According to Jezebel:

Rev. James Kiffermeyer, was himself suspended in 2002 after allegations arose that he engaged in sexual misconduct with two male high school students. He was reinstated in 2006. The archdiocese of Cincinnati hasn’t escaped the sex scandal that’s engulfed the Catholic Church over the last decade or so, either; in 2003, the archdiocese pled no contest to charges they ignored sexual abuse of boys by clergy in the 1980′s and 90′s. And the two priests alleged to have engaged in the abuse were suspended like Kiffermeyer, not fired as Dias was fired.

A Catholic male official is simply suspended over sexual abuse allegations, but a female teacher is fired for artificial insemination. The Catholic Church works in perplexing ways sometimes.

Despite losing her job, Christa Dias doesn’t regret her decision at all. She loves children and always wanted to have a baby. She told Cincinnati.com that “she’s an amazing gift from God. She’s amazing and wonderful. I would do it all over again for her.”

Sign the petition telling the administrator who fired Dias to resign.

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Pamela Tracy
Pamela Tracy4 years ago

Well...she just needs to go elsewhere and get another job and leave the Catholic church if she belongs to it. Frankly between fanatics and the Catholic church we women are all being sent back to the 1920's......

antonia maestre
antonia maestre6 years ago

I don't think this Church will survive another Century this way!!!!

Brian Steele
Brian Steele6 years ago

This may be outside the scope of the story as reported, but it is worth mentioning that many Christians are opposed to artificial insemination for reasons other than the usual Catholic "it's not proper sex" hang-up.

IVF treatment normally involves the production of large numbers of embryos, some of which are implanted into the mother with the hope that she will become pregnant. The difficulty is that the many embryos not used are then normally destroyed, in effect aborted. This is where the ethical problem lies.

There is a method that does not produce extra embryos which therefore does not generate such ethical issues. I do not know how widespread it is, but some friends of mine have certainly used it successfully.

Patricia M.
Patricia M7 years ago

You know this entirely shows why there is a decline in Catholics, & why former Catholics seek other forms of worship. With the shortage of Nuns, you would think the Big Noses of the Church would not be looking to fire any lay teachers for any reason. The Catholic Church is one of the richest "corporations in the world (yes, you read the word in quotes correctly. They own commercial properties, businesses, companies, real estate, & all is tax free being it is part & parcel of a Church. Always pleading poverty, the Catholic Church is not, one should see the vault full of jewels, furs, gold & silver in the Vatican. There is greed & corruption abounding in the World of so-called Christianity, enough to make all the Angels, Saints & the Holy Trinity weep, so now this...

Heather G.
Heather G7 years ago

She should've said she got raped and decided to keep the baby. That would be acceptable because it involves a man. She might've even gotten a raise! But a single woman who chose to give birth to a very much wanted baby well that's just selfish and immoral and totally against nature. (sarcasm)

Trudi Gray
Trudi Gray7 years ago

Hey- waddaya know- the holy-rolling Catholic Church have discoverd ahitherto unknown bookof the Bible that states, THOU SHALT NOT HAVE ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION!!! Boola boola... and rah rah rah(and sundry other moronic Big game-type chants.....what do these pricks use for brains when their arses are busy in the toilet? I love that their mealy-mouthed doctrine speaks of the 'beautiful and intimate' nature of (properly sanctified, and doubtless ALWAYS in the missionary position with the lights off) marriage......ya know what? It is 2012, people- get with the programme, and before you chuck this sinner into the flames of hell, remember that Little Bristol Palin should actually go there too....and what about all those priests going about their kiddy-fiddling? Isn't it a good thing that little boys can't get pregnant?? Hmmmm.........Imagine how many more little bastards there would be toddling about if they could. Jesus must be tearing his hair out- and as for his dad...words fail me...

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

The Catholic hierarchy lives in the 14th century.

Miriam W.
miriam w7 years ago

Atheism is not Anti-christian. they have spoken out against all religions especially Islam!
the reason they speak out against religion is when it over steps its bounds by imposing its myopic misogynistic interpretations upon other people's lives.

Vernon C.
.7 years ago


So no Anne, tho you may find one or two articles by some person attacking other religions, it is nothing like the onslaught on Christianity. Atheists see Christians & Christ as their enemy. They are anti-christ & they are the pre-cursors of the Antichrist...even tho they may not be aware of it.

Not to mention that a lot of these other religions are not as peaceful or loving like christianity. If you all make fun at Mohammed like how you make fun at Jesus, you had better start looking for a secret identity. By the way, has Rushdie come out of hiding yet?

Vernon C.
.7 years ago


Did you also note the common thread that ran thru all 3 links that u posted? They all mentioned christianity. Judaism by the way is practised or taught by all christians as that is the religion of the Bible. In fact many people actually follow Judaism, confusing it with Christianity as the entire Bible is Judaism with JesusTEACHING Christianity.

The fear of Islam is not the same as the attacks on Christianity. Nowadays everyone who is not Muslim fears Islam mainly because there is the subconscious concept that it relates to terrorism. Just last week I was on a plane & an Islamic group boarded the plane & the tension could be cut with a knife. Christians, atheists, hindus, everyone were uneasy.

Christianity however is targeted by atheists not because of terrorism, warfare or any of those reasons that have put Islam in the limelight. And it is ironic that despite the fact that Islam has come under scrutiny thru the terrorist activities, you will seldom find that religion attacked like Christianity is.

In fact they are actually defended by atheists. Closest example that comes to mind is the incident with Lowes. Almost every atheist on this site attacked Lowes for daring to listen to a christian group. Then look at the attacks on the US. Thousands of people murdered & George Bush was villified for going to war on Islamic countries, & atheists accused christians of unfairing the poor muslim countries for their oil.

So no Anne, tho you may fi