Teas Rise In Popularity As DIY Herbal Abortions

Young mother Yaribely Almonte may have had the charges dropped against her when it came to whether or not she self-induced an illegal, later term abortion.  But the story itself has opened up a a wider look into the idea of women and girls using herbal remedies in an attempt to abort or miscarry, and how they could be endangering their own lives with these unregulated medicines.

The Village Voice reports on a Spanish language article discussing the surge in the sales of a tea called ruda, that is sold in neighborhood apothecaries run by santeras, or Caribbean Santeria priestesses.  Used mostly by younger women who are trying to avoid the stigma of both unwanted pregnancies as well as having been discovered trying to obtain an abortion, the tea and accompanying pills sell for about $33 dollars, making it by far cheaper and more easily accessible than a clinical abortion, either medicinal or surgical.  Also, unlike a clinical abortion, there is no one who will question your age or ask for ID if you purchase it.

Like most herbal remedies, due to lax regulation the herbs are easy to procure, but also come with little oversight should something go wrong.  ”If taken in excess, El Diario says, ruda can cause bleeding, diarrhea, confusion, heart attack, and death.”

That girls, or even women, have to put their lives at risk just to access a cheaper, more private, more accessible way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy continues to show that when we make abortion unobtainable — either because of age, waiting periods, skyrocketing costs or clinic closures — we don’t stop abortion, we just put more women and girls’ lives in jeapordy.

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Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush4 years ago

In the end, you can't stop women from doing what they want with their bodies. It is their 'right', and very few men would permit, otherwise, if they were the ones to become pregnant, carry a fetus and deliver a baby.

Abortion has nothing to do with god and/or religion, which by the way, have very little to do with each other. Abortions have been happening, almost since the beginning of time and women will find a way of achieving that goal, if that is their choice.
In today's world, it has become a method of CONTROL.
It always has, but, currently, many of our males are lacking self-confidence and fearing dominance from females.

Most of us on this site know, that ANYONE with self-confidence fears no one, without sufficient reason. It appears that our liberal counterparts are the only ones worth our time and energy, other than stopping the lunatics in their tracks.

John Kenneth Galbraith said:
'The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy ~ the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness'.


Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush4 years ago

Banning tea, would be the height of hysteria!

Jessica Sabrowski

If they ban tea because of this, there will be many people uprising, that is for certain. After tea, it is a slippery slope to ban other beverages that could remotely be considered "dangerous." Also, there are reflexology areas on the body that are not supposed to be massaged because the stimulation to that area can trigger labor. Massage would be the next thing to go out the window in my guess.
No, we don't hate babies....and there are many social, personal, and cultural concerns to consider when having a baby, and those same concerns affect whether or not to terminate the pregnancy. The straight fact is, these things need to be readily available to women. Beyond that, the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies is through education and proper prevention. Unfortunately, that has been chipped away at aggressively by those that think that abstinence is the only answer and that there is no need for proper sex education.

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush5 years ago

If this tea works, that's one thing.
What concerns me, are the side effects, which cold be dire.

When will we learn?

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

wow, I have never heard of this. sounds like something from medieval times. please use protection and use the pill to avoid the pregnancy at all costs FIRST. Abortion shouldnt be birth control!

Nessa Sandel
Nessa S6 years ago

very interesting. i had never heard of this before.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe6 years ago

I never heard about herbal remedies to induce an abortion before. Hmm... I learned something today. Thanks for the article.

Lilithe Magdalene

Rue is an intense plant - I find pennyroyal tea very effective, and if used right, very safe. It can be overused and everybody's bodies are different, so there is always a chance for complications - but there are for medicalized treatments as well. I believe women should have the knowledge of cycles and conception and abortifacents again. It used to be our domain, and I disagree with the premise of the article that says these are merely dangerous alternatives - sometimes they are far healthier ones. AND the war on women;s choices must end.

KS Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush6 years ago

If a woman wants an abortion, she will find a way to accomplish it.
Unfortunately, she not have to endanger her own life.
Some women need to comprehend, that their only purpose in life, is not to be a 'baby machine', and to tell others, to BUTT OUT!