TEDxRedmond – first TEDx ‘for kids by kids’ is a success! (VIDEO)

TEDxRedmond was a great success on Saturday, Sept 18. Over 400 young people attended and were treated to an amazing lineup of accomplished speakers all under the age of 16. The Twittersphere was lit up with praise for the inspirational messages from each and every speaker. We at Generation YES are very proud to have co-sponsored this first ever TEDx  “for kids by kids.”

The event was streamed live and recorded, and as those become available, we’ll share!

Online now - Amazing Kids News Reporter Olivia sits down with Adora Svitak, host of TEDxRedmond 2010, immediately after the event.

by Wesley Fryer
by Sylvia Martinez


Linda W.
Linda W7 years ago

I am an adult TEDster and I use it all the time in my class and ask my kids to go search for what interests them when they have time. I now have 6 active teen Tedsters, and I say WAY TO GO! To bring all that is out there to these children, may just spark an interest in something that they may never have thought of before.

Even though I agree with all who stated the children needed to GO OUTSIDE and from ONE box to another, it is events like these that will help form our future. WAY to go TED!

Allan Y.
.7 years ago

I'm sorry to be a wet blanket....as a teacher, I wish kids would get off the darn computers after school. They are becoming over weight, anti social little creatures. If nothing else, read a book! What is so important for a 10 year old to sit in front of a computer?

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago


Peter S.
Peter S7 years ago

how fascinatingly prodigious

Patricia B.
Patricia Bucio7 years ago

Buen comentario

Kaye Skinner
Rev. Dr. Kaye S7 years ago

Cool thanks.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago


Mary L.
Mary L7 years ago

Just when I've given up, something like this comes along.

Henry Nguyen
Henry Nguyen7 years ago

kids are all of our future. I hope this event is happen more at every state in the us, because it wil encourage the others. Thank you for the posting.

Anja N.
Justin R7 years ago

Ok – cool little cats.... but when will they get off the couch and play outside to get a breath of fresh air? All I see is that they go from one box to another – another little window draining and training their minds.