Teen Boys Face Felony Charges For Drowning Newborn Kittens

Two newborn kittens lived in this world for only 48 hours, but their presence is making history in Nevada. The siblings were stolen from their mother by two 16-year-old boys who cruelly drowned them in a cup of water. In the first case of its kind, the teens were charged with felony animal cruelty and will be tried under a new stricter law enacted in 2011.

The sad crime would have gone unnoticed if Christine Ohm hadn’t heard animals crying and boys laughing in her neighbor’s yard, while she was cleaning her pool. She ran and got a ladder and looked over the fence.

“I saw they had drowned one kitten in a cup of water,” said Ohm. “The other was in the water and dead, but the boys were still holding it down.” The teens used a barbecue utensil to keep the kittens underwater.

Horrified at what she saw, Ohm took pictures of the scene with her phone and called Las Vegas police for help. The boys were charged with felony cruelty and are being held in custody.

The teens, whose names are being withheld because they are juveniles, are the first people in the state to face felony animal cruelty charges for a first offense since a stricter law was enacted in 2011. Cooney’s Law was passed to protect animals after a beagle was brutally mutilated by its owner. Prior to the law, a person had to commit three acts of animal abuse before being charged with a felony crime.

Thomas Ericsson, one of the teenager’s lawyers argued in court, “As I’m sure you’re aware, Las Vegas euthanizes thousands and thousands and thousands of feral and pet cats because people aren’t spaying and neutering them. I’m not justifying the conduct, but this wasn’t violence against other people; it was inappropriate conduct involving the animals.”

The judge didn’t buy the argument, calling it “outright cruelty.” The charges send a strong message that times have changed in Nevada and animal abuse will not be tolerated.


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masayuki tanaka
masayuki tanaka3 years ago

If it up to me, then those disgusting teens will be sentenced to death for meditated murders.

Margaret snowden
4 years ago

Well Done, Christine you have made a difference to cruelty and abuse for the Rights of Animals in the long term. A couple of years ago we heard that Spanish youths were throwing kittens on a bonfire, we raced down the mountain where we live and picked up five babies whose noses and ears were burnt - they were traumatised - we were livid. We found homes for all the babes - but the worst thing for us was the boys didn't think they had done anything wrong. We live on the Costa Blanca in Spain and rescue animals from the worst circumstances imaginable - we hope the Youth in Spain will be taught respect for their environment and all living creatures. The American "Attorney" has taught these little thugs a Lesson in Cruelty - and folks with a conscience and compassion are left to "mop it up" after them. I cannot imagine our children or grandchildren carrying out this revolting act - but if in our worst nightmare they did - We would report them and feel ashamed we were their parents. Sickening and Vile - throw the Book at the Villenous Thugs

Gabriela V.
gabriela v4 years ago

thank you for posting

Donna N Andrew Cook


Marga Becker
Marga Becker4 years ago

How were these criminals brought up???? I wonder.....
These boys should be punished very severely, so they will
never forget what they have done! Besides, this cruelty is appalling
and disgusting. What have these newborn kittens done to deserve
this??? Just because they were born? These criminals were born too some time ago.......These guys make one sick and so totally angry, that one would like to beat the living daylight out of them....

Marilyn K.
Marilyn K4 years ago

The parents and the educational system are not blameless. We do not include a class called "Life Lessons" which at an early age should include animals and how they also bring and do good things for and in our society. They should have been taught by the parents not
to take advantage of any human being or animal that is defenseless. These boys, if they had the opportunity, probably would kill a young child for the fun of it. The parents should share in a punishment. Be fined or have their child taken away as these boys are a danger to society.


Thank you Judge!

Nicole H.
Nicole L4 years ago


Carol W.
Carol W4 years ago

They should be drowned we don't need scum like them on this planet - I would rather have the kittens.

Freya T.
Freya H4 years ago

We need to make an example of these boys that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated. Period.