Teens at California High School are ‘Collecting Sluts’ and No One Cares

Hazing rituals among high school and collegiate male sports teams is unfortunately a common occurrence. At Piedmont High School in California, parents were just informed of a “Fantasy Slut League” (FSL) at their school where male varsity athletes were accumulating points for sexual activity with female students.

According to a letter sent to parents from the school’s principal, female students were unaware that they were being “drafted” into the FSL by their sexual relationships with the male athletes. The letter home also reported that “participation often involved pressure/manipulation by older students that included alcohol to impair judgment/control and social demands to be popular, feel included and attractive to upper classmen.”

In the school’s investigation, they were unable to document any specific students involved, despite the fact that the league has been a tradition for the past 5-6 years. With no identified participants, however, it’s hard to punish anyone but since activities took place off-campus, the school says they wouldn’t be able to take any disciplinary action anyway.

What will the school do?

For now, they are developing an assembly similar to their “Date Rape Prevention” assembly where they first discovered the existence of the “Fantasy Slut League” and establishing a new meeting for athletes at the start of each season to “address issues of sportsmanship, conduct, and integrity.”

But is that enough?

I certainly don’t think so.

Yes it’s important to educate students about sexual assault and underage drinking, but without some sort of disciplinary action, the FSL will continue. Saying that disciplinary action can’t take place because activities took place off-site isn’t fair (too put it lightly). It has been documented that female students are being coerced into having sex under the influence of alcohol or pressure to fit in. That’s not just a FSL. It’s rape.

If there are no specific participants identified beyond male student athletes at this point then interview them all, suspend sports activity on campus until you have a list of names. Do something so that students know that the administration is taking the hazing seriously and that it wonít be tolerated.

In an interview with ABC News,†the school’s Superintendent Constance Hubbard said, “The main thing is that I don’t want to blow this out of proportion; I don’t want to make is something that is some horrible big event that we found out about.”

Well, in my opinion this is “some horrible big event” that needs to be blown out of proportion so that students disband the “Fantasy Slut League” once and for all.

What do you think? Did school administration do enough to address the FSL?


A letter from a female high school student to the Piedmont Patch has since added to the controversy. According to the student’s letter, the administration has sensationalized the extent of the FSL and actually painted an inaccurate picture of what is happening.

She writes that the FSL is actually more of a “glorified gossip group” where Varsity football players talk about “who got with who” over the weekend. It is then the girls who score points for sexual activity they engaged in with male athletes that has been discussed on the page. The studentís letter goes on to point out that it is the culture of the high school which allowed for the creation of an FSL to exist that is really the larger issue at hand.

I couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s the boys or girls scoring points for sexual activity in this game is not the point. The point is that students are using sex as a means of showcasing their status or popularity.

It’s hard to know what is really going on at Piedmont High School given this new information, but it is the responsibility of the school to find out the truth and work with their students to create a respectful and safe learning environment for everyone.

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Connie T.
Past Member 5 years ago

Oh my! is that what they condone in American schools?

Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago

Amazing the ways there are to validate turning a blind eye.

Ram Reddy
Care member5 years ago


Jordan W.
Jordan W.5 years ago

Boot em off the team.

Danielle K.
Danielle K5 years ago

This is hardly new. Anyone remember the Spur Posse at Lakewood High School in the early 1990s?

The whole "boys will be boys/girls will be sluts" rape culture has to end.

Katie D.

The School should be responsible allowing this!
Take Action!
They can suspend those involved and why not??
Sure doesn't make anbody look GOOD here!

Robert Petrozzi
Robert Petrozzi5 years ago

Decadence of this kind should not be allowed anywhere.
Are we trying to emulate Sodom and Gomorah of the Biblical days?

Becky D.
Becky D5 years ago

What the .....?!

Roger M.
Past Member 5 years ago


I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to women everywhere for men like this. I'm embarrassed to belong to the same sex.

Ajla C.
Past Member 5 years ago

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