Tell Subway: More Vegan Options, Please!


Hold the turkey and Swiss: In honor of Vegetarian Awareness Month (i.e., this month), Subway is asking for your feedback about increasing, and improving, its vegetarian options and even adding some vegan ones. It’s a sign that meat-free eating is becoming, slowly but surely, mainstream.

Currently Subway’s “Veggie Delite” sandwich consists of vegetables on fresh bread. Compassion Over Killing is asking Subway to go one step further and expand its menu options to include more vegan options (such as meat-free protein alternatives like Tofurkey) and to use fewer eggs. While doing so would provide more options for vegetarians and vegans, it would also expand the menu possibilities for those wanting a cholesterol-free sandwich, a meal that lessens the environmental impact of meat production or Kosher or Halal options.

Compassion Over Killing has created a “We Love Subway” site for you to leave your suggestions for more vegan options. Commenters point out that, were Subway to offer more vegetarian and vegan options, families with meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters (including my family) would have a readily available, affordable option that could please everybody. Especially on road trips, too often it can seem that the only options for those of us who don’t eat meat are (sigh) French fries, wilted salad and maybe apple slices.

It’s great that Subway does have a vegetarian sandwich. Based on a review of these comments, Subway could gain some more followers if it offered more options for vegetarians and vegans. Why not give Subway a bit of encouragement to do the right thing by letting it know that roast beef, ham and bacon have zero appeal for more and more of us?


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Jim Ven
Jim Venabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Helga Ganguly
Helga Ganguly2 years ago

Wow.I guess we know now that just because you don't eat meat,you are non-violent.
Seriously-Subway? I don't eat there.The one time I had a magnificent Subway was in Vienna, when we checked into our hotel very late and that's all that was open within walking distance at midnight. I'm fairly sure the bread made it magnificent. Sometimes These arguments are so useless and mean,I wonder if you all wouldn't be better off savoring your food rather than topping everything with tofu. Real bread with real butter is the best. What will the chicken do if we don't use the eggs, become the dominant species?

Newguest C.
W. C6 years ago

Thank you.

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Now, Alexandra, why would I want to "nitpik" apart your comments? If they're factual, there would be no need to do that. I couldn't state 100% that all Subways offer the same menu, I can only go by what they say on their website and what I was told at the one I frequent most of the time, which is about once a month, maybe twice in a month (and yes, I asked the last time I was there, which was after this discussion came out here in Care.2. They do vary the menu in other countries to offer what is of more interest to those patrons, of course, but the basic stuff is just that.......basic stuff.

Again, if one doesn't like what is offered on the menu, don't go there. As for me not understandng what a vegan is, I assure you that I most certainly do. I'll throw that comment in the same bin as the ones I read in other discussions, where a vegan accuses someone who says they've been a vegan and became sick that they "weren't doing it right".

Past Member
Alexandra E6 years ago

Diane L., I'm the one who posted about the "maggot sandwich". I found a dead maggot in a Subway sandwich after I had bitten into it, and yes, they offered me a new one. It was disgusting. I didn't eat at any Subways for years after that.

Also, you don't really seem to understand what "vegan" really means. Google it. If you read up on it a little, you may just see where other people are coming from.

The veggie patty they offer a some of their restaurants is disgusting, and it's not even vegan(if they use the Original Gardenburger, which is what I have read).

Not all Subways offer the same menu choices.

Some vegan/vegetarian choices can be unhealthy, as Bill posted. We have our greasy food, too. :)

I'd nitpick on your other "arguments", but I'll save myself the time.
Also, I do realize you're going to try to tear my post apart like you have so many others. Have at it.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. :)

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

So, Bill......."and having animal free choices doesn't necessarily mean those choices are healthy".....seriously, isn't that what eating vegan is supposed to be all about? Is that not what those who are requesting such choices at Subway asking.......animal FREE? So, if the meat choices are not acceptable, animal free choices aren't healthy, then my only deduction from this is that you don't eat at Subway or anywhere else. Stay home and eat whatever it is that you eat. What is not healthy about the animal free choices offered? Yes, they do offer cookies or chips as a "meal" if one wants them, but nobody forces them on customers, and personally, I go there for a sub SANDWICH and nothing else.

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Bill, the "eggs in the back" comments were meant for the members who posted in here that they, as vegetarians, would like to see eggs, probably hard boiled. I do recall reading at least three posts suggesting that option, and just trying to provide a bit of "info" that they are offered, but one needs to ask for them.

Sherry, I don't understand why you think the choices are limited. They have a menu that contains certain choices, yes, but you can have them made up anyway you wish. I do just that when I order. I never order one from the "pre-selected" menu up on the wall. With a half dozen choices for meats, probably more, and at least a dozen different veggies, why can't you get something you like? If tofu is your only vegan choice that isn't offered, then just go somewhere else.

Bill K.
Bill K6 years ago

eggs are not an option for vegans so having eggs in the back doesn't help. and having animal free choices doesn't necessarily mean those choices are healthy. with so many delicious and nutritious plant foods available it's usually obvious whether a restaurant is serious or not about providing vegan options.

Mobola Aguda-Forde
Mobola A6 years ago

One thing that I generally find lacking in the "vegetarian/vegan" options at restaurants is protein - it's an important part of a meal, and with the wide variety of beans/bean spreads (eg hummus) as well as soy-based products, there is every reason/opportunity to include protein in each vege meal.

Sherry Price
Sherry Price6 years ago

I would love more vegetarian choices! I often bypass Subway because of their limited sandwiches for me.