Texas Biology Class Would Teach Life As “Result of Intelligent Causes”

Ready for biology class to teach your kids that evolution is a failed, disproven theory, so God must have done it?  Well, if you’re in Texas, you’re one step closer, as a proposed online biology textbook explicitly teaches Intelligent Design.

Via Mother Jones:

The textbook’s “Origin of Life” chapter details lab experiments that have failed to create life from inorganic materials, concluding that there is a huge gap between “life” and “non-life” … But from there it makes the considerable leap that biological explanations for the origin of life are discredited. “[T]he legitimate scientific hypothesis,” it argues, is that “life on Earth is the result of intelligent causes.”

The notes to teachers accompanying the chapter leave little doubt that pushing a belief in God is the ultimate goal:

[A]t the end of the instructional unit on the Origin of Life students should go home with the understanding that a new paradigm of explaining life’s origins is emerging from the failed attempts of naturalistic scenarios. This new way of thinking is predicated on the hypothesis that intelligent input is necessary for life’s origins.

The sample textbook is written by a new business from New Mexico called International Databases LLC (or, as a commenter pointed out, “ID”.).  The Texas Freedom Network has been looking into the unknown group, and found the following information:

In a story published Saturday, the International Business Times reports International Databases is, in fact, a one-man operation. That man, Stephen Sample, says he has a degree in evolutionary biology and has “taught at the high school and junior college levels for 15 years.”

Though not quoted in the story, Sample defends the argument developed in his materials that posits intelligent design as the default position, or “null hypothesis.”  Sample believes that means the burden of proof lies with contemporary biological science to prove there is not an intelligence behind the creation of life.

From the article:

Sample says it isn’t stealth creationism — he says the intelligent agency might just as well be aliens. But he emphasizes that he wants students to learn to think critically, and that unlike the physical sciences, there aren’t any experiments you can do to demonstrate evolutionary theory.

The Texas Freedom Network also points out that this type of proposed book is the end result of the schoolboard voting in 2009 to open the door to questioning evolution in the classroom, despite a federal court ruling declaring creationism “not a science.”


Photo: Quickview fact sheet for class materials - click to see larger


W. C
W. Cabout a month ago

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William C
William Cabout a month ago

Thank you for the information.

Anton K.
Past Member 6 years ago

Man created god, made him in his own image and keeps reinventing him.

Guillermo Ramon
Guillermo Ramon6 years ago

If God is the old man with the brard, then some old jewish guy invented him about more than 4000 years ago. Otherwise, it may have been some black person in old Africa, a peron in India, or an American Indian. Normally nobody gets credit for the best inventions.

Lynn Mitchell
Lynn Mitchell6 years ago

that is a very good question, who, or what invented God ????

john k.
john k6 years ago

if a "God" created the universe, who or what created "God"??????

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Religion has no place in the public school classroom.

Marie C.
D C6 years ago

I went to CATHOLIC schools (K-12) and was NOT taught creationism at all. Yes, we had a religion class, but it was not a replacement for our scientific learning. They took education very seriously and would not make a mockery out of it by teaching us kids wrong info and withholding info that would be needed in higher learning- which is everything that this Texas school seems to be doing.

Vernon C.
.6 years ago


That question u asked, William, is the problem with u all. As I said, u just try to please everyone. Case in point, terrorists murdered hundreds of americans & are captured. Then your soldiers & the president are castigated & hauled over the coals because they treated the murdering terrorists roughly.

To answer your question. America is a christian nation. All of u may not be christians but the majority are, & your mottos & constitution are grounded by christianity. Therefore your government's laws & teachings should reflect christian teachings. Simple. Every country of every faith live by that simple rule, even to the extreme sometimes. If Moslems wish to erect Islamic schools for their children, or any other faith wish to do likewise, no problem. Let them teach their chjildren as they wish. But the same way that when u left the US & set foot in Iran, u have to abide by their laws & rules as dictated by the Quran, then the same should apply to the US.

Then u speak of creation stories. Most of these stories reflect each other, except for minor changes in names & places. The creation story was there from, well, the beginning of time. What u are proposing is a new BELIEF that is not proven. So all 2 beliefs options should be taught.

And I never said that creation should be taught in science class. It should be taught in Religious Studies class at the school. That is how I was taught at school.

Vernon C.
.6 years ago

There also several scientific THEORIES out there concerning the 'creation' of the world & concerning other aspects of our existence. Yet we choose which of these to teach in our schools. Which creation theory do they teach over in Iran & other countries of Islam faith? Which creation theory do they teach in India? Which one do the the American Indians teach in their schools?

This goes back to why the US is the laughing stock of the world. U all are confused. U try to please everybody until none of u know what to believe. Yet any child growing up in any other country could say what they believe, whether they are right or wrong. What they BELIEVE...
For until one believe in something he doesnt have focus. He is not grounded.

The US is a perfect example of stupidity gone rampant. What is really right & what is wrong? According to your laws everything is right. Very soon pedophiles will be taking action against being forced to live a certain distance from schools. It is unconstitutional. U shoot a burglar for breaking into your house. He can sue u...& win. U slap your child for being rude, u are imprisoned & the child taken away from u. U point a gun at a person & kill him, it isnt murder because there was no intent to kill. Now u are saying that marriage is no longer between a male & female. Soon people will be protesting to be able to marry their cats & dogs.

U are all confused because there is no longer that ground that once was the