Texas Governors Race May Turn on Secession and Other Absurdities: Your Election Roundup

I’m filling in on some of the politics beat for the very hard-working Robin Marty as she takes a couple of well-earned vacation days. Here are two races I think she’d want you to hear about:

Could it be that the shine is off Texas Governor Rick Perry’s secessionist rhetoric? Multiple polls have the Governor losing ground to Democrat rival Bill White. The kicker of those polls says just about all there is to say about Texas politics. White leads the Governor’s race 51-42 with voters who want to be Americans, but Perry leads the race overall because of his 69-18 lead with the secessionists. That’s right. Those voters who honestly self-identify as people who want to leave the United States are the tipping point, so far, in the race for to Austin. Only in Texas, folks.

Perhaps reports of the demise of the Obama presidency are greatly exaggerated as those same Texas polls show the President with a favorable split among independents at about 49/43 and an approval rating of about 88% among Democrats. With November just a month-and-a-half away, Perry should have this race locked up, and the fact that he doesn’t says a lot about how the independent voter is responding to their platform choice on the right as Texas might vote out a two-term Republican with a Tea Party platform before it was cool to be a Republican with a Tea Party platform.

The Wisconsin Governor’s race is also showing signs of the absurd as Republican candidate Scott Walker accused Democrats of trying to “hijack” the Republican Party. Wisconsin has an open primary system, and Walker believes that Democrats are playing fast with the system by crossing over and voting in the primary for Walker’s opponent Mark Neumann. Both Neumann’s camp and the Democrats dismiss the allegations and simply say that if Walker loses the primary it’s because he simply isn’t conservative enough.

Check back for an update after Tuesday’s elections.

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Jane R.
Jane R7 years ago

I'm for Texas & the Republican Party all the way!!

Jae T.
Jae A7 years ago

ROFLMAO ! I'd love to see just how long Texas would last without Federal dollars and the U.S. Corporate Military to keep Mexico drug lords from owning their anti-American butts within a few days of their doing so if they even could,which they can't but that's a whole other story.but if they could...I say..... Secession..let as many that can go for it. Hope their state has the funds for road repairs,public school funds,new roads/hwys/state troopers/forest rangers/it's own electrical grid/disaster relief funs/ and well...on and..on...much less the army to even try to fight the Mexican drug lords. What a mindless gesture these anti-American secessionest are sprewing for the sake of spewing and or blowing smoke up their all ready to full butts. Wing nuts is to0 mild of a word for such stupidity and unpatriot babble.

Carole H.
Carole Hagen7 years ago


Pat Tyler
Pat Tyler7 years ago

Anyone who lives here and doesn't want democracy has the right to live anywhere they want any time.

Jim Steve
Jim Steve7 years ago

That should read: Citizens of other States or Citizens of Foreign Governments cannot sue States. Stop it.

Jim Steve
Jim Steve7 years ago

No, we don't want another civil war. We want the Constitution restored. That INCLUDES the 10th Amendment.
Federal mandates to the States are unconstitutional. They must be ended.

The Federal government is required to protect the borders. They must live up to that responsibility.

Undeclared . wars are unconstitutional. End them.

Foreign Aid is unconstitutional. Stop it.

The 16th Amendment (Income tax) was never ratified by the States; get rid of it.

Citizens or Governments cannot sue States. Stop it.

Only Congress has the right to "coin money". The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. End it.

These and other abuses of the People and the States by the Federal government must be stopped.

Charles Webb
Charles Webb7 years ago

The leftists just hate losing control over a state. Go TEXAS! I think I'll join them.

Past Member
Past Member 7 years ago

Secession os one of two causes of the ORIGINAL Civil War. Do we really WANT a SECOND CIVIL WAR?

Chris S.
Chris S.7 years ago

I am glad I stumbled upon this. I think that it is wonderful that others support the idea of secession. We don't have disagreements anymore, we are vehemently opposed to one another. Washington has bankrupted America and created debts that couldn't be repayed with all the wealth in the world. We should go our own ways and start over so people can choose the type of government they want. If Texas secedes, more will follow because the fantasy we are holding onto is gone.

Ron Avila
Ron Avila7 years ago

as the right gets whackier, more hateful, more exclusive, maybe we will get our country back. Bye bye Texas.