Texas Judge Caught Beating Daughter on Video Suspended

A few weeks ago, people around the world were shocked to see a YouTube video of a Texas judge beating his daughter repeatedly with a belt. Hillary Adams, now 23 years old, recently posted the video of the incident that occurred when she was 16 years old. The outcry was significant, as people called for Adams to be charged for the assault and also removed from his position as a judge, which included child abuse cases.

On Tuesday, the Texas Supreme Court suspended him from his duties, with pay, pending an investigation by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. According to NPR, Adams agreed to the suspension, but has not admitted “guilt, fault or wrongdoing” in this case. In fact, Adams continues to insist that the beating was “not as bad as it looks on tape.”

In addition to fighting to keep his job, Adams is also fighting to keep access to his 10-year-old daughter. On Wednesday, state district Judge Kemper Stephen Williams signed a temporary order indicating that Adams would only be allowed to see his 10-year-old daughter on supervised visits and he is barred from injuring her or threatening to hurt her. The order also requires both William Adams and his ex-wife Hallie Adams to attend a parenting class within the next 30 days.

These decisions provide at least some temporary relief to those who were concerned about Williams potential to hurt his younger daughter and about his ability to stand in judgment of other parents, deciding whether they are fit to raise their children, in the numerous family law cases that he handled. You can still sign the petition demanding that Judge William Adams step down.

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Photo credit: Screen capture from YouTube video of beating with inset picture of Judge William Adams from the Aransas County Website.


Tahni W5 years ago

There should also be a review of any cases of child abuse over which he presided and ruled in favor of the alleged abuser IMO. If he thinks a video of actual child abuse doesn't prove abuse, imagine how many children he might have failed to protect by ignoring their verbal or written testimony.

Peter P.
Peter Peebles6 years ago

Not as bad as it looks? Am I being told not to believe my own eyes or people watching this don't understand something? It seems clear this is someone used to dealing with the rather rigid legal view of of what is right. What I saw in that video was as bad as it looked and probably left emotional scares worse than the physical strapping, or the video probably would never been seen.

6 years ago

Why has this taken so long? Of course he should lose his job, because of his refusal to acknowledge that what he did was wrong, he has no right to judge anyone.

Lori E. asks who was the person videotaping this - it was Hillary Adams herself; she set up the video and covered it with a transparent scarf so that her parents would not see it. Obviously she had experienced beatings before!

Sarah Metcalf
Sarah M6 years ago

Are you kidding me?! He should be fired and imprisoned!

Lori K.
Lori K6 years ago

This man is not fit to decide if parents are fit to raise their children. He sees nothing wrong with beating a child relentlessly with a belt. That is abusive, and the only thing it teaches the child is to despise the abuser, and that violence is the way to affect change.

He should NOT be paid while on suspension. What kind of punishment is that? Gee, a paid vacation? I'll take that punishment anytime.

Jennifer M.
Jennifer M6 years ago

He should have been fired. He has no right deciding if a parent is fit to keep their child. He beat the shit out of his teenage daughter, his DISABLED teenage daughter. What happens when he does it to his younger daughter? Hell, maybe he already has... I think some kids do need to be spanked (more like swatted with a HAND) but that was a beating. He doesn't even think what he did was wrong. That kind of parenting is barbaric and outdated. My grandma never spanked me. I got very good grades and never got into trouble. Just the fear of being spanked was enough for me. Plus, I absolutely hated being grounded. Sitting in the middle of your room not able to touch anything is torture for a kid. Worked great for me and I'll do the same with my kids. Beating kids doesn't guarantee they will "know the difference between right and wrong" as someone commented. Most kids who are abused as children grow up to be abusers. Beating an adult is assault, beating a kid is corporal punishment?? NOT OKAY. Parents, please stop spanking your kids. Gentle parenting is very effective, but it takes time and patience. I'm assuming people who hit their kids don't have either of those...

Brian F.
Brian F6 years ago

Petition signed. A paid suspension is not good enough. This sick judge must be fired for the viscious assault of his daughter. Send him to prison, so he can see what it is like to get beaten up.

Matthew Ring
Matthew R6 years ago

What's worse and more frightening than a stranger attack and beat the shit out of you? Having a close a family member do so - a father who's natural and sacred duty is to love and protect his children! That piece of shit should be sacked for bringing his profession into complete and utter disrepute (also deserves a good kicking into the bargain)

Manuela B.
Manuela B6 years ago

obviously a planned occurance as he managed to organise a video of it. I'm not sure what is worse the beating or the filming of it......???

Susan Stebbins
Susan Stebbins6 years ago

And "with pay", meaning he is having a lovely vacation at taxpayer's expense. Sorry excuse for a man and parent.