Texas Judge Caught Beating Daughter on Video

Last week, Hillary Adams posted a video on YouTube (WARNING – VERY GRAPHIC) of her father beating her with a belt in 2004 when she was 16 years old. Hillary’s father, Judge William Adams, is an Aransas County judge. After the release of this video, many people, including Hillary Adams, are saying that he is not fit to be exercising judgment over others.  While some people are calling for Judge Adams to be punished and prosecuted for his actions, his daughter is asking people to “stop threatening him and start offering professional help,” because that is what he truly needs.

The video, which now has close to 2 million views, shows Judge Adams and his wife discussing the need to punish Hillary. Judge Adams asks his wife to remove a younger child from the room and he then proceeds to beat Hillary repeatedly with a belt while yelling at her to “bend down over the bed.”  Hillary doesn’t do as he asks, so he just beats her repeatedly with the belt on all areas of her body as she screams “that’s enough” and cries. As he beats her, he continues yelling and swearing at her. The mother comes in and tells her to “turn over like a 16 year old and take it like a grown woman” and then spanks her once and leaves the room.

A couple of minutes later, the father and mother re-enter the room, yelling at her to get on her stomach, and he continues beating her with a different belt, even telling her that she doesn’t deserve to be in the house. All of this was because she put some computer games on her computer. Once the beating and yelling was done, the mother issued a final warning to Hillary to not “touch one other thing on your computer except your schoolwork until you are given notice otherwise. Is that understood?”

According to CNN, this was not a one-time incident and violence was a regular occurrence.

“It did happen regularly, for a period of time, and I could tell, because of the pattern, that things were escalating again,” Hillary Adams, now 23, said on NBC’s “Today.” She said she left her video camera on her dresser recording and covered its light with a scarf in order to capture the video.

While the video was posted last week, it didn’t start getting attention until yesterday when Hillary posted a link to it on reddit, where it has received close to 7,000 comments. It was picked up by Gawker and BlogHer, as well as by many mainstream news outlets. On twitter, Hillary Adams said “I’m feeling some regret for publishing the video because to ruin my own father is heavy indeed. But I really want him to seek help.” However, others are thankful for her for taking the important step of exposing this abuse.

Judge Adams has responded to the release of the video by saying that it is “not as bad as it looks on tape.” He also claimed that Hillary only released the video because he ordered her to bring the car back. Hillary’s mother, who is now divorced from Judge Adams, has also responded to the video, saying that she is “praying for my daughters and me and my family to heal in all ways from the emotional and physical abuse, for the current and continuing abuse of my children and me that has been ongoing to end.”

According to Rita Arens on BlogHer, the Texas Department of Family Services is investigating the video, as there is no statute of limitations on child protective services cases. However, in its statement, CPS added that if it “becomes aware of physical abuse in a home in the past and the victim is now an adult, CPS would investigate only if there are other children in the home and we suspect those children could be at risk of similar abuse.” While Hillary is now an adult, there was a younger girl present at the start of the video. If Judge Adams still has any access to that child, there could be grounds for CPS to investigate.

In addition to a potential CPS investigation, CNN also reported that Judge Adams has been temporarily removed from his duties for the next two weeks while the case is investigated. A Don’t Re-Elect Judge Adams facebook page has been started and there is also a petition calling for him to be banned during his remaining three years on the bench.

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Photo credit: Screen capture from YouTube video of beating with inset picture of Judge William Adams from the Aransas County Website.


Sherry Kohn
Sherry Kohn1 years ago


alicia r.
Alicia Renda5 years ago

The man's a psycho, the scene's more than outrageous...violence runs in the blood of those in power, but the blood shed is that of the innocent. If they can be so cruel with the ones "they love", imagine what they can do to people whose faces they've never seen... (or what they have done already...) Proverbial "American Beauty", it runs in the blood...

Lyn V.
Lyn V6 years ago

Of course he should loose his job------------------------he cannot uphold the law if HE HIMSELF breaks it------------------------chuck him out

Silvia G.
Silvia G6 years ago

I couldn't watch the whole video. That man should be in jail, how can he go away with it? His ex wife too for allowing and even participating!! How disgusting is that!
Hope this young lady is over all this now, which I doubt, but I really hope she is as fine as she can be. I think she is brave for exposing it. The man didn't deserve otherwise.

Claire M.
Claire M6 years ago

He doesn't think it was bad because he belongs to a subculture of men who believe it is their right to dominate women and children. If you can stomach the video [its pretty disturbing] he uses lots of profanity and threats and the phrase beat you into submission comes up. I certainly hope he does not have the ability to treat his younger daughter the same way. He also came back several times to continue the beating because he had not had enough of it. This tells me that the judge was getting more out of giving the beating than simple discipline, that it was more for him than for her.

Now ask your self about all the judgments this man has made effecting the lives of others. The lives of other people who he may have thought were lesser than him self and needed to be submissive. Women , children , people of color perhaps? How many people did he perhaps beat into submission with the arm of the law?

When Bush was Governor of Texas I seem to recall a case of child abuse and beatings in Christian boot camps for kids. Bush gave the statement that he didn't think their was anything wrong with what they did. By now you should be getting a clue as to who and what kind of people tend to belong to this abusive subculture.

Ellen R6 years ago

Concerning that the judge doesn't get it. All he can say is that it wasn't that bad. No, I'm sorry, no, what have I done, no, I overreacted. No responsibility, in other words.

Mick R.
Mick R6 years ago

Both parents should be charged with child abuse. These people are disgusting and, after jail, need critical mental help.

Glenda L.
Glenda L6 years ago

I could only watch the first minute of this, anyone who can continue to beat someone who is screaming and crying and so obviously terrified has a serious problem, and should not be judging anyone else,s parenting abilities. I can understand that anyone can lose their temper and smack a child (not saying it's right, but they can really push your buttons sometimes). But this goes way beyond that. Also watched the interview of her, apparently he's trying to say that she released the video because he removed her funding, well, what a surprise that she's all screwed up after that upbrining!!

Anando Das Gupta
Anando DasGupta6 years ago

She downloaded copyrighted material online........................................................................................................ ! OMFG! that was the issues for such a ruthless belting? The more I read about Texas...sheesh. Its an ingnorant 3rd world state with money and white skin.

Lidia F.
Lidia E F6 years ago

I believe,in fact know Trudi that you're comments in regards to the mom are very ignorant.My mother had been abused since she was a child,and was also abused by my father.She lived in fear of him for many years.It is easy to say,she should have helped,and she should have,or could have.But the fear of being horribly abused can make a woman suffer in silence for fear of her safety as well.Please do not judge without fulling understanding each person's point of view.Let's give her credit for finally having the courage to 'LEAVE'.Who knows what we would do in someone else's position.