Texas Primary Should End With A GOP Presidential Nominee, But Not a GOP Senate Candidate

It’s about time.  Once the polls close tonight on the Texas primary, I should no longer be forced to write the phrase “likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.”  With a win in Texas, the former Massachusetts Governor will officially clench the nomination, having won enough delegates to secure his endorsement at the Republican national convention in Tampa this summer.

The Republican presidential race may be wrapping up, but when it comes to the decision of who gets to replace Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in Congress next year, well, that may still have to wait.  Although Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is highly likely to get the most votes, it is unclear if he has the level of support needed to garner 50 percent and avoid a runoff vote.

Dewhurst, who is being backed by Governor Rick Perry, has become the party pick but, just like in Nebraska’s senate primary, there’s been a strong last minute push behind Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz.  According to Roll Call, “[T]ea party activists who see Cruz as in the mold of Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) — both are ethnic Cubans — have targeted the lieutenant governor for being too cozy with the GOP establishment. The former solicitor general’s backers include the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, Palin and Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.) and Rand Paul (Ky.).”

If Dewhurst is kept to under half the vote, a runoff will be held July 31st between himself and the second place finisher.  Currently, Dewhurst is polling at 46 percent.

Photo credit: Jessica Rinaldi


Kathryn Irby
Past Member 2 years ago


M.E. W.
Mary W5 years ago

I voted in the Texas Democratic primary. There are some good progressive candidates...I'm crossing my fingers that Texans will elect a progressive group for a change. I have little to nothing in common with the current group of fanatics who represent me.

Stefan Dwornik

I hope Gov. Rick Perry is picked to be the running mate of the spoiled, clueless twit, Romney, they are perfect for each other. They both could give a damn about the ordinary citizen, there concern(priority) is wealth & power and give full support to the wealthy/corporations who they SERVE and promote. Perfect; women's rights down the drain, along with the poor, elderly, children, this IS their agenda & I find it impossible to believe that this spoiled charlatan is tied with or leading President Obama in the polls. Has anyone watched and listened to the rhetoric on the right, because if you fit any of these groups, or have/want a college education Romney says no big deal borrow from your parents. Clueless, and we will all pay dearly if the Republicans gain complete control of the government. We will then be too poor, young, old, sick, women, or different sexual orientation and, the right has been clear(if people listen, and have no time for mistruths, lies) about exactly or value, or lack there of, in what will be one of a country that does not support any civil rights (save for the entitled).