Thai Police Free Women From Baby-Breeding Ring

This is the kind of story you just never want to read: Thai officials said that they rescued fourteen Vietnamese women, seven of them pregnant, from a surrogate baby-breeding ring.  The company, which was called Baby 101, would receive requests from childless couples, and sometimes the male partner would be able to send sperm to inseminate the surrogate mothers.  Some of the women said that they had been tricked into participating, while others said that they had been told that they would receive $5,000 per baby.

Several people from China, Myanmar and Taiwan have been arrested in connection with the business and charged with working illegally in Thailand.  One woman, who apparently ran the operation, was also charged with human trafficking.

“This is illegal and inhuman. In some cases it looks like they were raped,” said Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanawisit.

Police are also not sure whether they have found all of the women who are part of the surrogate-baby ring.  The company’s website depicts 40 women in various poses.  The site advertises its services at $32,000 plus expenses.  The company describes its as a “eugenics surrogate” and says, “We could create the finest procreation condition for your baby, mainly through the efficient embryo refining, only the superior left for implanting.”

A spokesman for Human Rights Watch spoke out in outraged terms, saying that there should be “full investigation and prosecution to the full extent of the law.”

As Anna North, writing for Jezebel, points out, this is every fear about surrogacy rolled into one – the possibility that the surrogates had been raped or coerced, the idea that babies could be sold, the frightening concept of surrogacy as a gateway to genetic engineering or even eugenics.  And although this company’s horrible operations bears no resemblance to consensual surrogacy arrangments, it’s a chilling reminder of just how dramatically reproductive technology can be abused.

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Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

This is chilling...

ming l.
Ming L6 years ago

they should be castrated too show women all around the world for doing this kind of act will not be tolerated in any form iam totally against profit for helping someone too make a profit form something u contribute too such as ur sperm.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Exploitation and poverty seem to go hand in hand. A tragedy.

April Thompson
April Thompson6 years ago

Fry those basterds! I will pray for all the women who suffered!

Carrie Janis
Carrie Janis6 years ago

adopt a dang adorable orphaned child instead of having your own because they need you more than an none existant human being.

clara H.
Clara Hamill6 years ago

Wow that's scary I hope the woman can heal from this experience.

Donna J.
Donna J6 years ago

Wow, with all the adorable orphans in Asia what necessitates this? Why are people still so obsessed with their genes and raising only children who carry them?

Raising children should be a selfless act, but people can be so selfish and self-important that it's about replacing themselves. Parenting is not just a matter of evolution or that raising babies is about ensuring the human race/your own race survives. Look at animals who raise babies of different species. It makes us all weep with joy. So why isn't adopting an option for these people? Argh!

Jane R.
Jane R6 years ago

A childless couple is willing to pay a fortune for a child that will be part of one of them. This creates a demand for women to bear the babies. An unfortunate way for people to make money.

Michelle K.
Michelle Knight6 years ago

These are some of the World's sickest individuals living & they should ALL be prosecuted to "THE VERY EXTREME FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW & put away for thier NATURAL Lives! To think of ALL of those poor, innocent, defenseless BABIES & thier Birth Mothers never having the chance to bond & know each other is outrageously sickening!!! When are we as mere humans going to come to the understanding that it is NOT our right to play {excuse me, TRY to play}, the role of GOD! PLEASE, let me know if there is anything I can say or do to help ensure that these Dogs are prosecuted & convicted, the charges of Crimes against Nature & Crimes against Humanity need to be included in thier charges. See how far the monies for the Sales of these BABIES gets them in prison!

May Howie
may Howie6 years ago

this is awful