That Explosive New York Times Op-Ed Will Only Help Keep Republicans in Power

Not that it’s had many good weeks, but this past one has been particularly bad for the Trump administration. Between previews of Bob Woodward’s damning new book about the inner workings of the White House and all-time low approval ratings, the president is not a happy man. Then, to really top it all off, came the anonymously authored New York Times opinion editorial that garnered national attention.

A White House insider allegedly wrote the piece, claiming that they, along with others, are working behind the scenes to moderate President Trump’s actions, in addition to actively opposing his more outlandish proposals. The op-ed attempts to paint a picture of patriotic conservatives on the inside who are laboring hard to keep Trump from pulling the country apart at the seams.

But this would be a rather superficial reading of the article. Many journalists — and the White House itself — are working overtime to dissect the op-ed in an attempt to uncover the anonymous author’s identity. While, yes, that’s undeniably interesting, perhaps it would be more meaningful to consider the contents and the possible intent behind its publication.

Although Trump’s knee-jerk reaction was — unsurprisingly — to cry fowl and suggest that the op-ed is somehow an act of “treason,” in the long run it will almost certainly benefit his administration and Republicans as a whole. And, at least from the president’s perspective, it could even be viewed as a sort of reassurance. Let’s dig into this first point.

On the one hand, the op-ed is perhaps the best possible thing that could have come about — at least for Trump’s most fervent supporters. Since even before the election, Trump had hinted that if he fails, it is the result of conspiracy and underhandedness. Far-right groups often refer to this as the so-called “deep state,” a fictitious shadowy cabal of elites pulling the strings behind the scenes of the American government. According to this theory, participants aim to control and stymie Trump.

Though more rational readers might not necessarily see the parallels between these claims and the NYT op-ed, Trump’s die-hard sycophants view it as confirmation that their man in the Oval Office is absolutely being undermined by faceless power elites — some of whom even exist deep within Trump’s own administration.

The op-ed may also serve to assuage the fears of the far more numerous moderate Republican voters. Those who are — if the polls are any indication — beginning to view the Trump administration as spinning out of control, may find “cold comfort” in knowing that there are “adults in the room.” In other words , as bad as Trump’s proposals and policy pushes might seem, there’s no reason for undue alarm — rather than invoke the 25th Amendment, there are scrupulous people on the scene to keep things from going entirely off the rails.

For someone considering Democratic candidates for the first time in November, this op-ed could be enough to get them off the fence and back with the GOP.

If Trump were capable of taking a deep breath and thinking things through, he too would find this article reassuring. After all, the 25th Amendment won’t be pursued, according to the author.

If the author of this op-ed was truly a patriot, they would not have chosen to remain anonymous. The author is, as the White House has correctly — but for the incorrect reasons — dubbed, a coward. Anonymity aside, the fact that this individual is witnessing the inner workings of this destructive administration yet opting not to act in a meaningful way shows utter cowardice.

It screams of motivations dictated less by patriotism and morals and more of self-preservation and a desire to see certain conservative agendas advanced –  regardless of the collateral damage. The author, after all, makes a point to praise Trump’s tax reforms and trade policy, while chastising the media.

There’s an undeniable pattern of spinelessness on display by both White House officials and Republicans in Congress. This op-ed should, if given a moment of thought, show the dire need for Americans to turn out this November and ensure that the federal government is returned to the sane and scrupulous.

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David F
David F6 days ago

Susanne R, here's a few you would find on just the first page of a search, they haven't even been censored by Google.
Normally on Google you would see a page not found flag on anything conservitive and have to search a different site.
You are awful lethargic not to bother a quick simple search.

Susanne R
Susanne R6 days ago

David F. - You said, "I thought you would enjoy whizbang, however there are hundreds of more sites, including liberal, that say exactly the same thing."

Yes, David, I have a very unusual sense of humor so I did enjoy "" and I thank you for bringing it to my attention. ;-)

Now, where are the links to the sites --from this solar system--that say the exact same thing?

David F
David F7 days ago

Yea, Susanne R, I thought you would enjoy whizbang, however there are hundreds of more sites, including liberal, that say exactly the same thing. As you discovered, It's not even close.

Your little huff and puff post spin around about church and charity exceeds anything even whizbang Brian can come up with:-)
You're right about the civilian look-alike military gun, they paint them black. Be sure to take one with you if you go to a long term Democratic-controlled city.

pam w
pam w7 days ago

I've been saying...I don't trust the agenda of whomever wrote this ''anonymous'' paper. It's possible their hope is that GOP members will calm down and let the treasonous groper do what he does, with the idea that SOMEONE is looking after their evil agenda. We'll see.

Susanne R
Susanne R8 days ago

David - I believe we were talking about how our government spends our tax dollars, but you managed to change the focus and even take us on a quick trip to the planet Melmac.

Now here's something credible to read, from Huff Post - updated 12/06/17:
Title: One Thing Red States Do Better Than Blue States
"People who live in deeply religious regions of the country - the solid-red states of the Bible Belt and Utah - give more of their income to charity than those who don't."
It goes on to say: "When you remove religion from the picture and look only at secular charities, the map shifts dramatically towards the Northeast."

Some of us don't consider contributions to one's church as charitable contributions. But we're off topic now. The issue was how the government uses our tax dollars - and it's not to assist the neediest among us.

Susanne R
Susanne R8 days ago

David F. - I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to find the wackiest sources of information that I've ever seen! The "Wizbang blog"? Seriously? Did you happen to read about the author of the article you referenced? In case you didn't:

"A refugee from Planet Melmac masquerading as a human. In fair condition. A fixer-upper. Warranty still good. Not necessarily sane. Publisher and editor of the Melmacian Times @"

David F
David F8 days ago

Susanne R, Matthews 25, 40 – 45 has nothing to do with money seized at the point of a gun, as taxes are, it’s 100% about personal, voluntary, individual willfully giving to charitable causes.
Susanne, you listed typical failing long-term Democratic-controlled areas, and you want more of the same.

BTW, our military does not go to war with guns that only shoot one time with each pull of the trigger, unless the soldier selects it that way.

Susanne R
Susanne R8 days ago

I wonder if the Americans in Puerto Rico are "thanking God" for President Trump? Or people who care about our environment? Or the people in Flint, Michigan who still don't have water that's safe for drinking or bathing after four years of slowly being poisoned? Or women who've been denied their reproductive rights? Or people who don't have health insurance? Or hungry children whose families were denied SNAP benefits? Or immigrants whose families have been torn apart? Or people who value the truth? Or women who've been groped or subjected to other forms of sexual abuse? If it wasn't 4:00 a.m. I'd probably be able to think of so many more...

I think God is more concerned about basic human decency and
caring for those who are unable to care for themselves than He is about how well one's portfolio is doing or whether or not everyone and his brother has the right to buy military-grade weapons for personal use.

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" (Matthew 25:40, 45, NIV).

David F
David F8 days ago

The legal walls are daily closing in on a small army of Obama's top Dirty Cops in the FBI, Justice Department and possibly CIA.

The only Russian collusion is from the Hillary team, after tens of millions of dollars and almost 2 years, zero evidence of Russia involvement with the Trump team.
All they have done is found possible lies to some FBI agent while they were not under oath, or an antique tax case. Nothing involving Pres. Trump.

New hard evidence emerges every day against the dirty cops of the DC deep state.

I suspect just before the midterms Pres. Trump will declassify much more of the hard evidence that will send the deep state pukes to jail.

Carole R
Carole R8 days ago

Thanks for posting.