The Affordable Care Act and Latino Families


Written by Senator Robert Menendez, MomsRising

March 23rd is the two-year anniversary of the historic passage of the Affordable Care Act. I have always believed that all Americans, including Hispanic Americans, should have access to affordable, quality health care. As a Member of the Senate Finance Committee, I worked to help enact a reform bill that improves our health care system so that American families can afford good health coverage. This law will extend coverage to millions of Americans, including Hispanics, and improve the quality of coverage for those who already have it.

Latinos have much to gain under the Affordable Care Act’s provisions to expand access to health care coverage:

• Thanks to health reform we’re expanding access to affordable health coverage by providing tax credits to employers, allowing the uninsured to buy low-cost plans through a health insurance “exchange,” and providing subsidies for low- to moderate-income families who cannot afford coverage. Prior to the passage of health reform, almost one-third of Latinos in the U.S. had no health insurance.

• Health reform expands public health insurance programs like the National Children’s Health ​Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicaid for children, and allowing parents to keep their adult children on the parents’ health insurance plans until they are 26. Young adults, are the group most likely to be uninsured. Right now, roughly two in five Latino children (39 percent) are uninsured, but will soon be able to get coverage.

• Health reform will dedicate $11 billion in federal funding for community health centers to improve access to care in underserved areas, including rural and Spanish-speaking and low-income communities. More than one-third of Latinos report problems understanding or communicating with their doctor, so increasing access to bi-lingual Community Health Centers is vital to increasing access to quality care.

• Insurance plans will no longer be able to deny coverage based on a preexisting conditions. More than one in six U.S. Latinos under the age of 65 have preexisting conditions, which could have prevented them from getting coverage without health care reform. In 2014, the Affordable Care Act will prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions.

• Additionally, Health Reform increases Medicaid funding for Puerto Rico and gives the island the resources needed to establish a health insurance “exchange” to allow uninsured islanders to afford low-cost plans.

This article was originally published by MomsRising. To find more content on the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, please go here.


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KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

George Boggs
George Boggs5 years ago

Affordable care is a law now, what they are trying to get now is care for illegals. That should be a no - no. Legal Americans regardless of race creed or religion.

the Other RobertO
Robert O5 years ago

Sounds like affordable care for Latinos. What about the rest of us?

Steve R.
Steve R5 years ago

Errr - Senator - did you happen to hear that the CBO has revised the cost of Obamacare?

Turns out it's going to be one hell of a lot more expensive than you and your cronies told us two years ago!

"Affordable"? Yeah right! I guess that's why Fancy Nancy said we have to pass it so we can see how it works - or words to that effect?

Oh - and Senator - I hope you're not thinking "undocumented" Latinos. You're not - are you?

Billie C.
Billie C5 years ago

illegals should be sent back where ever they are found. if it's at a hospital they should be deported and their home country billed for the cost of their care. until they stop getting freebies they will keep flooding in. ship them out and get our money back from where ever they came from. if the country won't pay stop all aid until the money is returned or reduce the amount of aid by that amount. if governments are charged you can bet they will stop people from sneaking in instead of telling where and how to get here.

Mark K.
Mark Kahle H5 years ago

I want to find and pay for my own health care... I do not want ANY government interference in my absolute right to do so. I have searched and searched and searched and still can not find the constitutional clause that gives the government the right to enter into health care or education... Just laws passed by congress... The 10th amendment is being destroyed and ignored.

Cora B.
Cora Bird5 years ago

Does anyone wonder why illegals and Muslims are both exempt from having to abide by the Individual Mandate? Aren't illegals part of what is destroying the health care in this country since they won't pay for it? Won't they still be expecting a handout when Obamacare goes into effect?

ANA MARIJA R5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz5 years ago

This is what health care and religion are all about: An eye for an eye, & a neck for a neck:
Pat Robertson: Manning Deserves to Get Hurt After Tebow Trade

Posted: 22 Mar 2012 07:00 PM PDT
Pat Robertson: Manning Deserves to Get Hurt After Tebow Trade

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Televangelist Pat Robertson says that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning should be punished with an injury because the team traded devout Christian Tim Tebow.

"I think the Denver Broncos treated [Tebow] shabbily," Robertson explained on Thursday. "He won seven games. He brought them into the playoffs, for heaven sakes. I mean, they were a nothing team. He rallied them together with spectacular last-minute passes and, you know, when they beat Buffalo -- I mean, Pittsburgh -- it was a tremendous victory."

He continued: "And you just ask yourself, OK, Peyton Manning was a tremendous MVP quarterback, but he's been injured. If that injury comes back, Denver will find itself without a quarterback -- and in my opinion, it would serve them right."

Despite a few snags, the Denver Broncos announced late Wednesday that they had traded Tebow to the New York Jets.

Manning was picked up by the Broncos after missing last season with the Indianapolis Colts due to an injury. The 14-year NFL veteran has been named most valuable player four times.

Suze O.
Suze Q5 years ago

It is deplorable for American citizen and taxpayer to be paying so much as 2 cents for anything for illegal aliens. No wonder they are flooding our country, use the citizens and taxpayers to pay for people who cannot make it in their own countries. Just deplorable.