The Amazing Mimic Octopus (VIDEO)

You’ve probably heard about the recent death of Paul the psychic octopus, who was able to predict accurately the results of last summer’s World Cup.

Now we can bring you another amazing octopus! Octopuses are thought to be one of the most intelligent invertebrates and can change the color and texture of their skin to blend in with rocks, algae, or coral to avoid predators. But until recently, an octopus with the ability to assume the appearance of another animal had never been observed.

Although mimicry is a fairly common survival strategy for creatures, the adaptable octopus is the first known species that can assume multiple guises of dangerous animals.

Mark Norman of the Melbourne Museum in Australia, along with fellow researchers Julian Finn of the University of Tasmania in Australia and Tom Tregenza of the University of Leeds in England, described the octopus mimic in the September 7, 2009, issue of Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.

Check out this spectacular video:

Creative Commons - prilfish


Carole H.
Carole H6 years ago

have seen this before but still what a wonderful amazing creature - how many more have we yet to find and sadly how many more have we destroyed without witnessing their wonderous being.

louise M7 years ago

Thank you for sharing the story of this amazing creature. I voted yes.

Elle E.
elle g7 years ago

I understand what Tom Y is talking about, but I still voted yes.

He is right. Amazing animal.

30 years ago I worked on a prawn trawler and got to see first hand the damage it does to the sea creatures that live on the bottom. A tiny Blue Ringed Octopus came up in our nets one night so out of curiosity I took it home and put it in my salt water aquarium to observe it thinking it must be damaged anyway and would not live. I was amazed at how smart the tiny little thing was. He used to squeeze through the tiny slots into the filter to hide but learned to come out when I fed him, up to the surface. I won't go so far as to say I hand fed him because they are highly venomous. Who would have ever thought something like an octopus would actually have a personality, real character. He recognized me or my appearance when I came to feed him. I had him for many months and watched him grow. I loved watching his antics, it was almost as if he was playing at times, he was a never ending source of entertainment but I decided to do the right thing and return the tiny creature to King Neptune. It was sad to see him go into the deep blue sea, but it was his home. What an experience that was. There is a special place in my heart for Octopus.

Tom Y.
Tom Y7 years ago

I'm 'leaning no' on the poll question -- if we keep our garbage and effluents out of the ocean, every living creature there will be as self-maintaining as they've ever been, in an ocean as self-regulating as ever. Our duty is to not harm them, or to attempt to "preserve" (meaning control) them, but to learn from them.

That way this Wow! of an Octopus can continue to mimic its way past predators, awe each person who learns of it, hearten those who love the beauties of Creation, and generate headaches among doctrinaire Darwinists.

karin m.
Karin M7 years ago

unbelievable. I have never seen this animal before. awesome.
Quick poll: YES!

monica r.
monica r7 years ago

What's not to love about octopi? (octopuses?)

They are so smart. I hear ones in captivity like to play with legos and solve puzzles/problems. It's so cool how they can change color, too. Very cool.

I hadn't heard about Paul, though, that's sad.

Mark S.
Mark S7 years ago

Very cool. Thank you for posting.

Kris B.
Kris B7 years ago

This is my favorite thing to see but I usually only see them on a night dive. Very intelligent critter.

Melinda M.
Past Member 7 years ago

Absolutely incredible. Mother Nature is going to continue to school us.

Ruth Serra
Ruth C7 years ago

How amazing is God, look at what he has Created.

All I can say is Wow.