The Cool Way To Clean Up After Your Dog [Video]


Getting dog owners to clean up after their pets is a surprisingly big issue for many communities, especially in urban areas where dog waste litters sidewalks and makes a stroll down the street turn into a hopscotch contest. To promote the importance of poop scooping, a group based in Seattle called Puget Sound Starts Here produced a music video that makes picking up dog poop almost… cool.

Watch the video here:

According to the Huffington Post, the city of Seattle has implemented many different campaigns encouraging residents to clean up after their dogs, but “area residents still find themselves dodging doodies on sidewalks, lawns, and trails.”

Janet Greer, spokeswoman for a partnership of regional governments dedicated to improving local water quality, notes that “the thing about dog waste is that it’s the only bacteria source that people willingly leave on the ground.” Leaving pet feces on the ground can actually pose a public health hazard through possible water contamination and spread of disease-causing bacteria such as E.coli.

Let’s hope that performer Martin Luther’s new video inspires pet owners to act responsibly and care for their neighbors as much as they care for their dogs.

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Photo from Gem Salsberg via flickr


Robert K.
Robert King5 years ago

For years, here in Portland, Maine we have been providing the public with small blue bags so they can pick up after their dogs. They work.

The only irk is that some sneaky folks will pick it up with the bag and then later toss the bag off to side when they feel nobody can see them do it.........but that is a small percentage.

Truth is that there just is not much dog crap on the ground in Portland. Some yes.....and more so on public ground, but way, way less than if not for "THE BAG"

Valentina R.
Valentina R5 years ago

Always clean up after your dog! Show some respect! This reduces both the amount of filth in our cities & the number of people who have prejudices against animals.

Tanja Z.
Tanja Z5 years ago

thanks for info

Sue Griffiths
SUE G5 years ago

In the UK there are special red bins provided on most streets for dog waste. The local council will provide bags free for owners to pick up after their dogs, although I use empty bread bags. Failure to pick up after your pet results in a £1000 fine. (currently 1,611.80 US dollars). We also have dog wardens patrolling parks, and they can give you a warning plus an on the spot fine. Some have cameras on their headgear, in case someone tries to deny it. These measures have greatly reduced the mess everywhere. Before, it was everywhere. Also dogs are not allowed on beaches between 1st May and 31st September. I love dogs, they are my passion, but I am grateful for these measures. Some people will not learn until it hits their pocket.

Althaus P.
Pascale A5 years ago

Americans get with it,
In Many countries in Europe there is a very small tax which all dog owners must pay, ( very minor ) and then the State or city puts Dog poop Trash bins out all over the community and walking areas. You buy doggy bags at the pet store, clean up your dogs poop like you would your childs diaper and put them into nearby poop trash bins. These are emptied regularly be the peple who work for the city or town who empty public trash cans anyway. And Who paid for it all?? Dog owners, Each a little bit per year, through the dog tax.
There is a fine for NOT cleaning up your dogs poop, which is far more expensive than the bit of dog tax you pay per year.
Your communities need to get organized and request or demand rules and solutions, so people and dogs can share a civilized life without causing health risks to drinking water and more!!!!

Carole H.
Carole H6 years ago

I too have a problem using the plastic bags so have taken to using plastic bags that my friends buy their bread in - they would only be thrown anyway, so whilst not ideal it is recycling of sorts.

Carrie Anne Brown
Carrie-Anne B6 years ago

interesting article :) thanks for sharing :)

Sonja Powley
Sonja S6 years ago

As a pet owner it is your responsibility to pick up the Doo Doo, So Doo it!

Jessica Crane
Jessica Crane6 years ago

LOL. I always clear up after my dog, I find it disgusting to see poo left on the pavement or grass. There's no excuse!

Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago

great and fun video, thanks!