The Cove Wins the Oscar! All Eyes Turn To Japan…

After months of campaigning and promoting, the dolphins have finally received their moment in the spotlight.

If you watched the Academy Awards, you saw activist Ric O’Barry and Director Louie Psihoyos accept the Oscar for Best Documentary award for their work on The Cove, a controversial film created to draw awareness to the senseless slaughter and poisoning of dolphins.

During the acceptance speech, Rick O’Barry hoisted up a sign encouraging viewers to text the word “DOLPHIN” to 44144, which connects people to our Care2 petition.

Care2′s Dave Chameides recently wrote, “Ric O’Barry [is] the man who trained Flipper for the TV show of the same name, and inadvertently started a multi-million dollar dolphin industry. O’Barry is the first human to have had longterm intimate contact with these creatures (who some say may be more intelligent than humans) and quickly realized that captivity was not where they belonged. Over the past 35 years he has continued a quest to free captive dolphins, and The Cove is the culmination (but surely not the end) of his trek.”

Chameides couldn’t be more right. In fact, now that most of the world has seen the horrific plight of the dolphins, it’s time to start the even harder job of getting the film shown to people that have the power to stop it- the Japanese.

Care2 and The Cove joined forces to make sure all information is available for the world–especially the Japanese–to see. The truth is, many Japanese are still unaware of what’s happening in their waters and what’s being served to them on their plate. Urge President Obama, Vice President Biden and Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki to address this issue at once. Sign the Care2 letter today!

In a message to supporters, O’Barry stated: “Officials in Japan are threatening repercussions against university and community groups that dare to show The Cove. Dolphin-killing fishermen’s unions are threatening lawsuits against theaters that show the film. There are even some signs that I could face arrest in Japan, even though I’ve broken no laws whatsoever.”

O’Barry may be a reluctant warrior, but he promises that these threats won’t keep he and his Save the Dolphins Team out of Japan. In fact, he is making plans to spend months there, reaching out to young people about the dangers of mercury-contaminated dolphin meat and the slaughter of the dolphins they love.

Help now by sending a clear message to Japan’s Minister of State for Consumer Affairs and Food Safety. Sign and send the Care2 petition asking for the sale of mercury-laden dolphin meat to end now. 

You can also visit the Cove’s official website to learn five more things you can do to create worldwide awareness of this annual practice, as well as the dangers of eating seafood contaminated with mercury.

Put pressure on those in power. Please sign the Care2 petition and help end the slaughtering of dolphins in Japan.

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William C
William C5 months ago


W. C
W. C5 months ago

Thank you.

Jayne W.
Jayne W6 years ago

Im frm Australia & I just saw this on Oprah recently ... up until then I hadnt heard of it before. My heart sank as I watched 'the Cove' turn blood red ... It was so hard to watch what they were doing to the dolphins, but I think we ALL need to see what is happening there, & do what we can to stop this covert barbaric practice. I do plan to watch 'the Cove' movie in full, as hard as that may be. Thank you for posting this ... I will be going to all the relevant sites you have listed to learn more ... & thnx 2 Oprah for keeping us up to speed Downunder. :-)

Courtney Coggins
Courtney C7 years ago

I am watching the Cove right now. It is a great movie so far. A real big eye opener. I will be spending my money not on Sea World, but instead of things like dolphin watching, and whale watching. It will be even better than these, because its real. Something they chose to do. I am so surprised about this. Its a great movie. They did a great job on this movie.

Felicity N.
Felicity Nuscis7 years ago

This Film Was One Of The Most Eye Opening Documentarys Ive Seen And I'm Glad That It's Exposing One Of The Many Terrible Things That Are Currently Going On In The World To Animals Whom Can Not Speak For Themselves

Emily T.
Emily T.7 years ago

The Japanese must be ready to end this travesty because it doesn't make any sense to continue this slaughter due to the fact if nothing else it's a PR nightmare! Get a clue Japan! What you are doing is not right, not economical and not based on any form of common sense.

Brandon LaBeet
Brandon L7 years ago

It was a magnificent film, honestly the only people that I know of who didn't like it are the nationalists who still haven't watched it.

Nellie K A.
Nellie K Adaba8 years ago

I need to see the documentary. I heard of it.

Sarah Reilly
Sarah Reilly8 years ago

Seeing this film broke my heart.

Sara O.
Sara Ohashi8 years ago

We should all learn to be happy with a raw foods diet!