The Dairy/Veal Connection (VIDEO)

Frank Allen, farm manager and humane investigator at Animal Acres Sanctuary in Acton, California reveals the horrors of the dairy industry and its connections to the production of veal.

Dairy cows are artificially inseminated by means of the “rape rack” to remain in a cycle of pregnancy and childbirth so they can continuously produce milk. They are constantly hooked up to painful milking machines which often leads to the development of mastitis. Mastitis is is a painful infection of a cow’s mammary glands that causes irritated and swollen utters that excrete blood and puss along with the milk.

The stress on their bodies is so great that they often collapse on the way to the slaughterhouse and must be dragged to their premature death at age 5. Their natural life expectancy is 25 years.

However, half of the calves born to dairy cows are male and cannot produce milk, rendering them useless to the industry. So what becomes of them? Veal.

Veal calves are separated from their mothers almost instantly. They live out the few short weeks of their miserable lives in crates so small they can’t turn around or even lie down properly so their meat will be more tender. Veal calves are provided a protein-deficient diet in hopes of inducing anemia. This causes their meat to be a more “desirable” shade of white.

Still calves, these babies are given their first real opportunity to walk (if they even can) as they’re led to their gruesome death at the slaughterhouse.

In this video, Frank visits a dairy farm in California that houses 380 cows. While there, a traumatized male calf, later lovingly named Sonny, catches his eye. He gets in touch with the owner of the dairy farm and has the baby released into the warm arms of Animal Acres.

Watch the video to see footage of the awful conditions at the dairy farm, but also the heartwarming story of an ex-veal calf’s new life and friends in his happy home.

The dairy and veal industries are interlinked and depend on each other. However, all animal enterprise industries depend on YOU for support. These are cruel industries that thrive on the suffering of innocent animals and the unquestioning approval of the masses. Educate yourself. Go vegan today!

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Grace K.
Grace Kennedy4 years ago

"My body will not be a tomb for other creatures." ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

sherri p.
sherri pon7 years ago

thank you for people like this.

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

There is no way to protect animals without becoming vegetarian. But I say this, kindly.

There is no way to separate "good" farms from "bad" ones. Almost all production now is in factory farms, and ALL of them are FACTORIES.

Can you have veal unless a calf is kept confined? NO. The meat must be white and tender.

The condition of milk cows is an abomination. Do you want your girls growing breasts ahead of time, at age 8? They will, because of the hormones fed into dairy cows these days.

Feed your children fresh green vegetables, high in calcium, not dairy. After weaning from human mother's milk, there is no need for cow's milk for human babies. Real information that the dairy industry doesn't want you to know.

Am I a kook? NO. Only a woman who cares and researches such things.

Madi Von
Madi Von7 years ago

No need to go vegetarian, just stop cruelty to animals and the way people are allowed to torture and abuse them. Animals can live useful lives providing us with milk and meat without the cruelty, mine do.

Rita Delfing
Rita Odessa7 years ago

I didn't watch, I can't today have watched enough horror animal videos. I haven't eaten veal in years or lamb. I am working towards a vegetarian diet but for now I keep it organic. I am sorry these horrors keep happening and we seem to keep letting them happen. Abuse is abuse human or animal it shouldn't happen.

Lura M.
Lura M.7 years ago

In the yesterday years, such practices of today never happened .... these practices of today would cause dead farmers to turn over in their graves

Manuela C.
Manuela C7 years ago

It's easier to get rid of meat from your diet, than milk. Unfortunately, dairy is everywhere and if you're not careful enough, you're consuming it without notice...

Francesca Doria
Past Member 7 years ago

we are what we eat...

Anna G.
Anna G7 years ago

that's why people should consider a vegetarian or vegan diet!

John Doe
james rico7 years ago

those were just a few of the lucky ones just like in every situation there are lucky ones i just wish that the ones that are causeing this misorie and suffering to these animals can see this and know that there are those that will save these animals if given a chance and that they cauld be on the bad side of luck some day just like they are forceing these animals to be and that it would be nice if they were this lucky and cauld be saved by some kind persons and that they should stop this cruelty that they are doeing and make peace with them selfs just like howard lyman did