The End is Always Nigh! 5 Doomsdays You’ve Already Lived Through

Are you worried that the world will end by fake Mayan prophesy on Dec. 21? Don’t be! Because if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve lived through this before. Crackpots and charlatans are forever predicting the end of the world, yet here we are. I guess we’re heartier than we think. Here are a just a few of the many, many times you’ve survived the end of the world.


Whoa! You survived the end of the world this week, and you probably didn’t even know it! While most people who believe in impending Mayan apocalypse think Quetzalcoatl will return on Dec. 21, 2012, there are some who interpret the Mayan Long Count calendar to say Dec. 12 is the real end of days. So good job! You survived!

Harold Camping

You remember Harold Camping, right? He made a name for himself last year by predicting the rapture by using — what else? – biblical numerology. Camping predicted that Judgment Day would occur on May 21, 2011. When that day came and went without incident, Camping revised his prediction to Oct. 21, 2011. Again, nothing.

This wasn’t the first time Camping made an end of the world prediction. Evidently, he started way back in 1978. Hey, I guess the odds of being right increase with time, right?

We All Get Superpowers!

Well, not all of us. Only the faithful followers of Jose de Luis de Jesus, the leader of Growing in Grace International. De Jesus, who incidentally believes he is the apostle Paul, predicted the end of the world on June 30, 2012. He predicted that the economy would tank and that all governments would collapse. (He was a little late on the economic downturn prediction.) Oh, and all non-believers will be destroyed. But it’s not enough to predict the eradication of those who disagree with him. Oh no. De Jesus and his followers were to be endowed with superpowers like the ability to fly and walk through walls.

Al lright! That’s my kind of end times. Survival is not enough. I want to qualify for the Justice League.

Om nom nom! A black hole gobbles us up.

Do you remember when physicist got all giddy a few months back when they found a Higgs-like particle? That important discovery was made possible by CERN and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Pretty banging, right? Correct, but, at least initially, not everyone was a fan. Some people thought that once the LHC started its work, it would create a mini black hole that would grow and grow and gobble up the Earth. People went so far as to file lawsuits to stop the experiments (some in courts that had no jurisdiction over the LHC).

Of course the LHC was and is perfectly safe. It was unlikely that black holes would form at CERN. Even if they did, they’d be harmless. The equivalent amount of energy is produced as cosmic rays bombard our planet and we’re still alive and kicking. Or the mini black holes would just evaporate. Either way you look at it, an Earth-eating black hole was unlikely.

Killer Comet

In mid-October 2011, Comet Elenin was scheduled to make its closest flyby of our planet. (In this case, “closest” means about 22 million miles.) This, according to some, would cause cataclysmic events on Earth, including earthquakes and tsunamis. (Because that’s how plate tectonics work.)

As evidenced by the fact that I am here writing this post and that you are here reading it, none of that came to pass. The comet was way too small and way too far away to have any gravitational effect on the Earth. In fact, it got pummeled to dust by a solar storm, so…not very threatening.

These are just five of the literally dozens of doomsday predictions you have lived through. So dip into that stash of bottled water and fry up one of your several dozen cans of Spam and enjoy the holidays.

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Image credit: Tim Green


Susie Baranski
susie B5 years ago

Why doesn't anyone get it? It was not supposed to be the end of the world. It is simply the end of a very long era of 5,000 years and we are now at the beginning of a new one. This should be very easy to understand, but people always like to crack jokes about something they know nothing about.

Alan H.
Alan Hunter5 years ago

Just wait for 23:12 23/12/2312... I don't think so. The world's been there, done that so often.

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N5 years ago

Some people seem to always be looking for things to worry about, while others seem to be always looking for things for other people to worry about, being sure that they'll personally somehow survive even the world ending, lol.

Of course, if we want the world of life to continue, we do have many things to worry about, but they typically involve corporate profiteering...

Francesca M.
Francesca M5 years ago

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

Tammy Taylor
Tammy Taylor5 years ago

Merry Christmas Everyone ... and a ... Happy New Year!

sheila d.
sheila d5 years ago

its 21122012 and the sun still rise from the east....

Bruno Moreira
Bruno Moreira5 years ago

noted thanks

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

Every sleep is the end of the world as I know it for that day and I feel fine.

Robby C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Toby - "Brandon, you have to be kidding me, you really believe people in the movie theatre, if armed, would have prevented that shooting spree."
It's possible. Not definite, but definitely possible. At least they'd have had a chance... And even if they'd just gotten him a few seconds earlier & saved just one or two people, it would have been something. I just don't understand why we can't string his ass up as a warning to these POS b/c for normal people to give up their rights is NOT the way to handle violence or anything else. Generations before us were WAY stronger & understood this. Despite some of their ignorant ideas on other things- like Salem witch trials, etc. Still, tihs isn't the forum for this debate...

The wold will end. Eventually, a meteorite or asteroid big enough (like to wipe out the dinasaurs & then some) WILL hit us. Scientists predict the next one will be in 2029 but it will not actually hit the planet- just pass through our atmosphere. Then, it will pass through again 7yrs later, but THAT time, it MAY just make contact. But they've got a handful of people working on ways to alter it's orbit, so.... who knows by then...?

Lori Ann Hone
Lori Hone5 years ago

Certainly many different views on the subject, interesting.