The Future of 2010–Or So We Thought

Editor’s Note: A rundown on the hopes and realities of 2010. This article originally appeared on Campus Progress.

January 2010: This is Our! Year! Don’t ask, don’t tell will be repealed, the DREAM Act will pass, any two consenting adults will be able to marry, there will be real movement toward exiting Iraq and Afghanistan, health care reform will happen, and the stimulus will create jobs and set the economy right. We will be happy and successful at all things, the president will never disappoint us, and Sarah Palin will be return to Alaska. And the Senate will finally get things done.

February 2010: After health care reform passes, conservatives will forget that they opposed it—because, hey, health care!—and then we will be able to focus on other important issues like immigration, marriage equality, and the environment.

March 2010: Okay, so conservatives will finally stop claiming that health care reform is unconstitutional, and then we’ll be able to move on to things that matter.

June 2010: The climate bill will pass and the U.S. will finally step up and take more responsibility for the environment.

July 2010: We will lament the death of the climate bill by blowing vuvuzelas and forgetting that we don’t care about soccer.

August 2010: Little is going to come of the WikiLeaks business, right?

September 2010: This top-kill idea to plug the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is totally going to work, and the spill will serve as a reminder that we need climate change legislation. And Glenn Beck is going to burn out soon.

October 2010: Thanks to Jon Stewart, it’s time to usher in a new era of sanity and reasonableness, which will help us prepare for the next two years of hyperpartisanship.

November 2010: Okay, lame duck is going to be utterly terrible, but let’s push forward on DREAM, DADT, and the START treaty anyway.

December 2010: The welcome passage of the DADT repeal while DREAM fails means 2011 will be bittersweet, especially since the military action in Afghanistan and Iraq doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. And knowing that the top two percent of earners will be getting tax cuts that will add $700 billion to the deficit isn’t something we really want to think about. But the extension of unemployment insurance is nothing to sneeze at. 

And watch out, 2011: we’re coming for you.


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Judith S.
Judith S7 years ago

What one needs is the ability to determine the validity of the source of information by using ingrained common sense and logic (if a=b and b=c, then does a=c?). The problem is that FOX News often uses faulty logic and distorts facts so you cannot draw the correct conclusion from the information given. It is more a form of particularly unentertaining entertainment than an actual news source. A discerning person can draw their own conclusions; but, unfortunately, with the dumbing down of America, there are many who are not able to draw the correct conclusion based on information presented. They take everything they hear literally. Critical thinking has been down-played in the American education system in recent years. Thus, FOX News is dangerous in the wrong hands.

Michael Cunningham

Sharon left a comment

Then how do you explain the haters on this site who LOVE FOX and really do hate Obama and all of the Dems? I can name names if you'd like,"

I want you to name names! Because I can't remember seeing what you say!

Michael Cunningham

Sharon left a comment
You can keep saying that but everyone here knows what I posted was absolutely true. Nearly everyone here knows FUX is full of lies,
Well then if that is the case then you should be able to identify a lie and provide the evidence that supports your case. But all I ever see from anyone is a claim that this one particular news outlet produces nothing but lies. Which is real interesting as most all news comes from one or two news wires!

You constantly praise them even after something they've said has been debunked.
I have seen no one PRAISE any personage on Fox. Question! You called them all Jokers Does that include the like of Bob Bechel & Caroline Helman?

You ARE a FUX robot....
Can we then presume that makes you a MSM robot?

Why don't you try to watch those videos that someone posted here? They might just open your eyes...oh right! I forgot...they've not been sanction by Glen and Rush and those imbeciles, so you won't even bother.
I bother! So what does that make me?

You can't be bothered by something like the truth.
It certainly appears to me that the very same thing can be said of yourself. Why? Because you are placing yourself in the same cubby hole, one source for information!

it would get in your way.
Civility certainly gets in your way!!

Michael Cunningham

This message does not make a lot of sense!


Patricia IS a robot of FOX and has almost erected a shrine to it on her page. She IDOLIZES Sarah Palin, and to me, that shows that she is not very educated or intelligent. So, if you don't mind, this is a blog where we can say and express pretty much what we want, and if you even follow any of the posts, you will know that Patricia agrees with anything that will go against the middle class and poor people. She has absolutely NO compassion for anyone except the rich and unless you yourself are rich, I really don't know why you are defending her. Also, I'm not the only one who has called her on the carpet for her remarks. Have you sent them messages like this too? (Probably!)

Please do not contact me with messages like this again. Your opinion of me is totally unimportant, so you're wasting your time writing to me.(Apparently you do not believe your own words.)
I don't know what your opinion of FOX and their ilk are, but I'm betting that you are also one of their puppets.(I puppet for no one)
Oh, and by the way, how do you feel about the shootings this weekend? Does it bother you that Sarah Palin had that woman in her "cross hairs" on her Facebook page?(Didn't happen)

Leave me alone and I'll do the same with you.


I said nothing about Patricia nor made any attempt to defend her. I raised a question about you. Your response, a hate filled rant. Apparently the only discourse permitted by you is that y

Jae A.
Jae A7 years ago

Michael Cunningham...Wax on, Wax off...same ol same ol.

Sherry D.
Sherry D7 years ago

Michael Cunningham sent me a republican loving email Bashing democrats. No democrat I know has a website with a hit list, complete with cross hairs, like the one Palin had until she took it down after the Arizona shootings. Rep. Gibbobs was on that 20 democrat hit list. Republicans want to ship our jobs over seas, take away our Social Security and right to affordable health care. They deny help to needy Americans and insist on tax breaks for themselves and their rich buddies. They also preach hate and hope the nut cases out there will do their dirty work for them.

Michael Cunningham

Don't you think that such comments are rude and insulting? Not to mention the deleterious effect on reasoned discourse.

The Future of 2010--Or So We Thought
Roger A... Case in point....Patricia S.. A non thinking FUX, REPUG robot!!

Kunal A.
Past Member 7 years ago

Jeez! It's depressing when you read it this way! What did we do??

Intz W.
Intz W7 years ago

Cute posting - ain't it the truth as many of us see it!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

I agree Sherry, what were the voters thinking? Perhaps they weren't.