The GOP Really Hates The American Health Care Act

The Republican party finally managed to present their own alternative to Obamacare, with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan releasing the brand new American Health Care Act (AHCA). Democrats, unsurprisingly, hate it – after all it will gut Medicaid expansion, it will increase overall costs by taking away income-based subsidies and replacing them with smaller tax credits based primarily on age, and it eliminates the employer and individual mandate to require insurance, decreasing the likely number of healthy insurees which will make everyone’s payments rise.

More surprising is how many of the Republican party members hate it. A lot.

“This is Obamacare by a different form,” former Freedom Caucus chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio told Politico. “They’re still keeping the taxes in place and Medicaid expansion, and they’re starting a new entitlement.” Jordan, like many of the Tea Party GOP acolytes, were fuming over what Kentucky Senator Rand Paul earlier dubbed “Obamacare-lite” because of its continuation of subsidies and encouragement that people buy health insurance, even if the actual mandate is gone.

In fact, Jordan was so unhappy with the bill that he declared he would introduce his own repeal bill instead. “We think you have to get rid of Obamacare completely, so tomorrow I will introduce the bill that every single Republican voted on just 15 months ago, the bill that actually repeals Obamacare,” Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said,” Business Insider reports. “Jordan said he would introduce a bill similar to the bill that was passed by Congress in 2015 to repeal the ACA. That bill was vetoed by former President Obama.”

Conservative pundits are just as upset with the AHCA.

“Just as Lite foods failed to keep Americans from getting fatter, the GOP version of health-care reform doesn’t fix the huge problems that currently exist in the individual market, notably the fact that thanks to Obamacare, in a few years, we might not even have an individual market. (See “community rating” and “guaranteed issue,” and thus the hated mandate, which whacks you with a tax penalty if you don’t buy insurance.),” writes Megan McArdle at Bloomberg View. “The incentives intended to keep the individual market sustainable were already failing, and the Republican plan weakens them still further. Even the 30 percent premium penalty lasts only 12 months. Not only is this an obviously insufficient penalty; it actually disincentivizes healthy people who have let their coverage lapse from getting back into the market, even as it makes it relatively cheap to do so if you are sick. If Republicans manage to pass this, they will richly deserve it when voters blame them for the resulting havoc it will wreak in the individual market.”

Meanwhile, Tea Party advocacy groups are holding their own members’ feet to the fire, pushing them to reject this bill and hold out for something less….Obamacare-y. “‘They all ran as conservative Republicans and said “we’re going to get rid of Obamacare,” they need to do it. And then instead of building Ryancare, that’s Obamacare lite, they need to build a Republican principled-bill and then they should all vote for it,’ Club for Growth President David McIntosh told USA TODAY,” reports the paper. “He added if they weren’t able to change the bill, his group would put significant resources behind making sure that voters knew which lawmakers weren’t backing a conservative plan.”

In fact, there really only seems to be one person happy with Ryan’s replacement plan (besides the Speaker himself), and that is President Donald Trump. “House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) said Trump told the group he was ‘all-in,’” the L.A. Times reports. ”Deputy Whip Patrick T. McHenry (R-N.C.) said Trump asked them to make sure all House Republicans knew he supported the plan ‘in detail’ and in the form it was filed. Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio) described Trump as ’110% committed to helping us get this bill into law.’ ‘The president made it very clear: this is his bill, and there are no excuses,’ said Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas), a top architect of the law.”

The Speaker of the House claims he easily has the votes needed to get the bill through the House. It will then reach the Senate where, as a reconciliation bill, it needs only 51 votes to pass. Whether it crosses either hurdle is still anyone’s guess.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, via wikimedia commons


Marie W
Marie W8 months ago

thank you for posting

Telica R
Telica R10 months ago


Brian F
Brian F11 months ago

The Trumpcare plan is a 175 billion dollar give away to rich wealthy people. We need the Bernie Sanders plan to have single payer universal healthcare with a public option, or Medicare for All. Unfortunately with the Obama crook Tom Perez, the corrupt democrats will continue business as usual, take corporate money, block honest progressive like Bernie Sanders from having any power, so they can take millions from Wall Street, and not support single payer universal healthcare. The corrupt corporate fake democrats have become corrupt like the republicans, and will never support true progressive policies like single payer universal healthcare. It's time to support the Green party and Jill Stein.

Sarita Elman
Sarita Elman11 months ago

The proposed plan is shameful. The Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) was working well - and along came Ryan to destroy it and leave thousands without any coverage whatsoever, simply because it had been proposed by Obama! That's not healthcare; that's injustice and EVIL tampering with people's lives!

Barbara K
Barbara K11 months ago

This GOP health care plan should be labeled Trump Care. Refer to this travesty always as Trump Care because when the low I Q Trump supporters realize they have been had they should know who to blame.

Lady F
Lady F11 months ago

I will miss having healthcare. The Republican administration doesn't give a fig about the general populace. The only constituents they care about are the corporate ones. so sad

Katie & Bill D
Katie & Bill D11 months ago

Now they want our Retirement too! It's all take- a -ways and Lies for TRUMPY!!
He wants us all to be just like Russia without anything and he has all of it!!
JHe wants to be another PUTIN
He isn't talking now just a waving and smiling, its close now!
He is going to to SELL that crappy Healthcare. More lies will be told to Sell it.
watch what happens.RESIST DEFEND PERSIST
Rachel Maddow has had great shows she is right on TRUMPY!!

Louise D
Louise D11 months ago

It is like the Judean peoples front meme when it comes to healthcare. Of course having people who have the best healthcare available at the tax payers expense is one thing but that none of them have to worry about being able to pay when they are sick. In the scale of petty and vindictive the scrapping of the ACA is an act of hubris as it will be replaced with the don't get ill and if you do, try to die as quickly as possible. If anything between the massive price hikes by drug companies and way that the GOP are so against healthcare systems that work in other countries, it is a wonder why despite having the most expensive health care system, the United States ranks last overall among 11 industrialized countries on measures of health system quality, efficiency, access to care, equity, and healthy lives. I suppose the sight of a man with 150lb testicles is just so funny.

Debbi -
Debbi -11 months ago

American Health Care Act (AHCA). Why do the Republicans Hate ACA? Or is it that they Hate 'Obamacare because of who worked to make it happen and people started calling the Affordable Care Act Obamacare? I think it's the latter. The RNC echelon are racists, white supremacists, and there fore deeply resented Obama, a well educated, charming, intelligent black man.

The Republican or Ryan's LACK of care Act or Trumpcare, whatever you chose to call it is a load of crap. It helps no one who needs medical care; it increases the fees charged by doctors and all related medial services!!! In other wards, it's help ONLY the 1%.

PLUS thousands and thousands of people will be covered by Trumpcare!!!!! Thousands of people who now have ACA won't be able to get TRUMPCARE!

For those who keep bringing up Michelle Obama's spending habits, you had better Fact Check your so called facts. She did more to _actually help_ children women and men in this country than most of the previous First Ladies. She did claim the phrase, "Just Say NO" as if that was a "magic " phrase. The generation of kids who grew-up hearing that certain weren't drug free. Michelle Obama has shown that she is a an intelligent woman and shared her knowledge of nutrition and growing veggies. She's educated hundreds and thousands of children about nutrition and healthy diets. More kids are eating their veggies than before.

Julie D
Julie D11 months ago

We need comprehensive Healthcare reform. We could start by putting a stop to the price gouging for services rendered and pharmaceutical drug prices. The healthcare industry should be a not for profit venture. Doctors should not be entering into it to become wealthy socialites, but because it is truly their calling to help people. Corporations should not be owners of hospitals and healthcare systems, with their HMO's and PPO's whose main concern is an enormous profit at the expense of quality patient care. Then we need single payer Universal healthcare for all, including our politicians who should be made to use the same healthcare we receive, and eliminating the middleman greedy insurance companies. Result = quality affordable healthcare for one and all. Problem solved.