The GOP’s Abortion Bills Are Getting Even More Ridiculous

There’s a very strong possibility that Roe v. Wade could be overturned within the next few years. Despite this fact, the GOP continues to wage war on abortion rights – no matter how utterly useless or ridiculous the tactics may be.

While the state of New York led the way in codifying the right to an abortion in case the Supreme Court overturns Roe, conservatives all throughout the country used the action as a rallying cry to “defend the unborn.” And it’s an ironic turn of events from a group that previously declared Roe v. Wade should be overturned so states could make their own decisions on whether abortion should be allowed or not.

Kansas, as one of a handful of states that saw big progressive gains in the 2018 midterms, likely won’t be doing much to restrict abortion now that they have a Democratic governor at the helm. To make up for their inability to enact their own laws, rabid anti-abortion lawmakers have proposed using the state legislature to condemn New York’s bill instead.

The Associated Press reports:

The conservatives who dominate the Kansas Legislature voted Wednesday to tell New York’s leaders just how much they hate the Empire State’s new law expanding abortion rights, ignoring Democrats who called the endeavor a toothless waste of time and money. The Kansas House voted 85-38 on Wednesday to approve the resolution, which declares that the New York law offends Kansas’ and the nation’s values and incites ‘abuse and violence toward women and their unborn children.; The state Senate approved the measure on a 27-13 vote on Valentine’s Day.

Obviously, the condemnation of a bunch of lawmakers in Kansas isn’t going to have the tiniest bit of impact on New York and its plans to keep abortion legal and accessible — but sticking their noses in other state’s business rather than tending to their own appears to have made the Midwestern legislators feel just a little bit better.

And Kansas isn’t alone in feel-good anti-abortion bills that have no impact on real life. The city of Roswell — yes, that Roswell – in New Mexico has declared itself a sanctuary city … for “The Unborn.” They’ve also decided to throw in some Second Amendment support, too, maybe in case the unborn want to bear arms?

Local news reports:

In the drafted abstracts of both resolutions, the city stated to not enforce proposed laws or regulations conflicting with the right to bear arms or protecting ‘fetal life’ and morals of healthcare professionals. These resolutions are in response to gun control and limitations on abortion currently being reviewed by the New Mexico State Legislature.

The idea of sanctuary for the unborn is a little puzzling — after all, the unborn can’t exactly go seek out sanctuary independently, one would assume. And since there are no abortion providers in the city anyway, there wasn’t really any danger from abortion laws in either direction. Still, no doubt the citizens of Roswell now feel much safer from the threat of rogue abortion providers.

Passing strange and unenforceable bills is one place where abortion opponents are currently excelling. They’re also promoting seriously unnecessary lawsuits.

In Alabama, home of the “embryo suing an abortion clinic for wrongful death,” we now have a second frivolous lawsuit — this time on behalf of James and Carol Henderson, “sidewalk counselors” who want to be able to use bullhorns and loudspeakers at the clinic in violation of the city’s noise ordinance. reports:

The couple applies for a special events permit every six months so that they may ‘sidewalk counsel’ women seeking abortions outside the clinic, the lawsuit states. In 2017 new language was added to the permit restricting the volume levels the couple were allowed to engage in.

The Hendersons say in their lawsuit the new rule is unconstitutional and forces them to choose “between giving up their right to free speech or proceed with restricted free speech.”

That “restricted speech” would be requiring the two to keep their noise levels low enough that they cannot be heard inside the walls of the clinic — something the Hendersons are apparently saying would conflict with their right to “counsel” pregnant patients.

Now, I can’t remember the last time I saw a counselor who required — or even wanted — to use a bullhorn to do their counseling. Then again, counseling also usually involves a consensual relationship, and that most definitely isn’t happening on clinic sidewalks, either.

You would think that with legal abortion potentially coming to an end in the United States, abortion opponents would be getting less desperate in their legislation and lawsuits. Instead, they’re going to even more extremes. Maybe conservatives are finally realizing that even if they have the courts on their side, they don’t have the majority of the population at all.

Photo Credit: Robin Marty/Flickr


Leo C
Leo Custerabout a month ago

Thank you for sharing!

Karen H
Karen Habout a month ago

These "pro-life" hypocrites care more for a clump of non-viable cells in a woman's uterus than they do living, breathing children who need health care, food, shelter, and education. Once a baby shoots out of the birth canal, these hypocrites want nothing to do with it.

Susanne R
Susanne Rabout a month ago

I wish the GOP would have as much respect for the sons and daughters of the less privileged among us, whom they send off to war --for numerous deployments-- to die, suffer permanent disabilities, or become hopelessly traumatized. These young adults are expected to risk their lives to fight senseless and even "illegal" wars without a thought from those who sent them. The hypocrisy is astounding. As far as they're concerned, an aborted fetus deprives them of potential soldiers --but only very rarely THEIR own sons or daughters...

Some will argue that these young adults "enlist," which is true at this current point in time. But in many cases, they have few choices in life because they were born into poverty and are subject to all the sad issues that come with a life of poverty --such as lack of attention from single mothers who struggle to feed and care for them, minimum-wage jobs, lack of educational opportunities, and the temptation to engage in criminal activities to be able to "have" the things more privileged children flaunt.

I can't help but think that there are people in this country who actually want to keep people of lesser means in that position, if only to have a supply of warm bodies at their disposal to fight their wars and perform the jobs that they wouldn't even consider. If their attempts to ban abortion fail, they'll have to learn to accept immigrants --and we all know how they feel about immigrants...

Janis K
Janis Kabout a month ago

Sad for the women who live in the south, and have to deal with the backward polititians!

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta Eabout a month ago

@ kay b
So according to your information, IF a woman has a miscarriage at say 3 months, the resulting "fetus" should be given a proper burial, registered, and given all the rights of a full term baby ?
I wonder what the stats are of women who lose the pregnancy and don't even realize they are pregnant and that "potential life" is flushed away as a menstrual cycle ?
A fetus can't be called a baby until it is viable OUTSIDE the womb.

Linda Wallace
Linda Wallaceabout a month ago

Such a step backwards

Sherry Kohn
Sherry Kabout a month ago


Kay B
Kay Babout a month ago

A Princeton University article tells us "At the moment the sperm cell of the human male meets the ovum of the female and the union results in a fertilized ovum, a new life has begun." Science also tells us that a baby's own individual genetic makeup is complete from the moment the egg is fertilized. After that the body develops into different stages throughout its life. The American College of Pediatricians concurs with the body of scientific evidence that corroborates that a unique human life starts when the sperm and egg bind to each other in a process of fusion of their respective membranes

Debbi W
Debbi Wabout a month ago

I am so very sick of hearing about the closed-minded extremists ranting because everyone isn't supporting them. They had ruined lives in Alabama, and other southern states and still are not happy. Who do they think they are to dictate how women should lead their lives? Makes me wonder about their lives. Are they so unhappy that they have to spread the gloom?

Wesley S
Wesley Struebingabout a month ago

Roswell must be trying to protect itself from those roving bands of itinerant Abortionists. Yoyu know like preachers "riding the circuit" Come into your town, do a few quick abortins and ride on to the next unsuspecting town. Wow. Just. Wow. And I like that Ms Marty is calling a spade a spade. Those people aren't "pro-lifers." They're "forced birthers." (Some of their recent "laws" would have made my wife a criminal because the fetus died in the womb, and we - well, the doctors -removed that fetus.)