The Greenest Car Is…

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy last week released its latest “Green Book” ratings on 2011 car models’ environmental impact. The number one spot went for the eighth year to the Honda Civic GX CNG, which is powered by compressed natural gas, followed by the all-electric Nissan LEAF and the conventional-engine, but petite, Smart ForTwo. Hybrids Toyota Prius, Honda Civic hybrid and the Honda Insight round out the top five. 

The question “Which  Car Is Greenest” is becoming more and more complicated as consumers’ options grow. These ratings go beyond simply measuring tailpipe emissions and fuel use. (the ACEEE’s Green Book site) looks at a fuller “life cycle assessment” of each vehicle, including the “impacts of a product from ‘cradle to grave’: materials production and product manufacturing; emissions and other effects when the product is in use; through end-of-life effects of disposal and recycling.”

The Green Book also rates the “meanest” cars, those with the worst implications for the planet. While SUVs and light trucks were heavily represented at the bottom of the list, the worst was the Bugatti Veyron. Fortunately for the planet, it is not likely to dominate car sales any time soon, since it is also the world’s most expensive car model, with a price tag of $1.7 million. 

In a distantly related story, a blogger for reported that his 2011 Chevy Volt sustained some $600 in damage when a rat visited the electric car, which was attractively warm from recharging, and chewed through some wiring while staying toasty during a chilly Chicago night. (The damage, an “act of nature,” was not insured.)

Does this mean that electric cars are a bad idea, or that a plague of rodents will overwhelm Chevy Volt owners? Probably not. But it is a reminder that every new invention or technology has unintended consequences, particularly once it is rolled out to scale. Isn’t the real question how to restructure how we live such that human beings across the world do not need to own personal-use vehicles?  By reducing global issues to questions of technology, we are in danger of missing the need for truly revolutionary change….in mindsets.

Photo: 05-06-10 © Dimitris Stephanides via iStockphoto


paul m.
paul m5 years ago

Would not touch one ....

Sayli J.
Sayli J.6 years ago

Electric motor car is really very innovative one.. these motorbikes stands for fuel efficiency which comes with reduction of air and sound pollution. Electric motorcars are true example of Eco friendly vehicles.
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Grace B.
Grace B6 years ago

Except I'm not a fan of natural gas. Let's work on the hydrogen cell, and the electric - rechargeable by solar

Marina D.
Marina Druseikis6 years ago

when my parents asked what kind of care i wanted for graduation, i told them my main criteria was fuel efficiency. my mom gave me her old prius (and bought a new one for herself).

walking, biking, and public transportation are definitely the way to go, when possible, but i'm glad my parents took my environmental concerns into consideration, and it's uplifting to see other Americans feel the same way.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal7 years ago

I purchase Hondas for gas mileage.

Angela I.
Angela I7 years ago

Walking is great for your health and the environment!

Lorena G.
Lorena G.7 years ago

Im planning on buy one when i graduate from college

Harley D.
gini d7 years ago

Glad I saw this today, as yesterday I was seriously considering looking at buying a green vehicle since mine is not as green friendly as I would like! Then, of course, the price tags made me go Grrrr, and I thought " well I guess that is not going to happen on my budget just yet, so what can i do ?" I CAN WALK

Manuela C.
Manuela C7 years ago


Shailja M.
Shailja Mukhtyar7 years ago

would love to know where my subaru wagon ranks... yes, 4 wheel drive w/ antilock brakes... still using daily in this winter wonderland in ny