Kids with Differences: Don’t Be Mean on Halloween!

Meet blogger, writer and editor Ellen Seidman (Redbook, Good Housekeeping, SELF, Teen People and Glamour, among others.)  Here she shares a post from her award-winning blog Love that Max.

So, The New York Times’ blog, The Motherlode, ran a post about the wacky response I got on my piece for Redbook magazine. It happened Friday, while I was at the Blogalicious conference in Miami to run a workshop on great blog writing/ticking people off (OK, it was just about blog writing).

The gist of the Motherlode post: People can say some pretty insulting things online. Dave, who rarely pays attention to stuff happening in the blogosphere (ONE of us has to not be addicted to it) e-mailed me in the morning: “Honey, you’re in the New York Times!” His boss had let him know. Excitement!

But as the weekend passed, I was a little bit astounded: Commenters were being insulting all over again. One mom accused me of writing the article to get compliments on my parenting; other posters seemed to be completely and utterly oblivious to the fact that my entire reason for doing Halloween in a different way was because of Max’s special powers.

I don’t expect every single person to agree with what I write, nor do I expect special treatment by commenters because of Max’s cerebral palsy. I do expect some understanding that I approach life in out-of-the-ordinary ways to accommodate his needs. I couldn’t help myself; I wrote a comment saying that it was irksome when commenters with “pumpkin puree for brains” didn’t get it. Oops.

I’m lucky, I know, that this blog is basically a nice place to live, as are most of the blogs about raising kids with special needs. Negative, insulting comments bug the crap out of me.

Meanwhile, I need to get my butt going on that car wash costume I’m making for Max. What are your kids going to be for Halloween? And trust me, if you say they’re not going to wear a costume when they go trick or treating, I WILL NOT CARE!!!

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by Ellen Seidman, Love that Max.


gerlinde p.
gerlinde p7 years ago

it seems the anonimity of the web makes some real monsters.

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

Some of the meanest SOB's are found online, which is frightening since one can just imagine how they must behave in the real, non-virtual world. :0

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago

People don't need to be online to suck.

Lynn Porter
7 years ago

I grew up one of those kids.

Today, I'm Cinderella.

God can heal. And he had a lot of healing to do on me!

Nikkole Sadler
Nikkole Sadler7 years ago

I used to fight people when i was in grade school and high school over kids with disability's other kids would make fun of them and i would teach them a lesson lol I HATE how kids can make fun of anyone they want and NOT be disciplined for there actions!

Tori W.
Past Member 7 years ago we have some really bad people...and now we raise mean children...anyone ever think that our priorities are messed up at all? shouldn't we be concerned with our children? that is the most important thing we will ever do...why can't we get it right?

katrina c.
katrina c7 years ago

I see other students be mean to other kids with disabilities and it's not being dealt with, so something needs to be done, not just on Halloween and I'm a high school student myself.

Ana Tendeiro
Ana Tendeiro7 years ago

No matter how a kid is, disabled, mentally challenged, anything... they all deserve to be treated equal. They all need love.
I'm so sorry about that.

Halloween is a time for kid to have fun and Max should have some fun too :)