The Non-Existent Racist Persecution of Herman Cain


Written by Cheryl Contee, Jack & Jill Politics

All of a sudden, leading conservatives seem exquisitely aware of and sensitive to the pervasive racism in American society. Forget color-blindness. There is a vicious double-standard in the way the media is salaciously following up on Herman Cain’s sexually-related problems at his former workplace.

Because the media has never been interested in any white candidate’s embarrassing lack of boundaries in the workplace. I mean, Bill Clinton was almost impeached over his affair with Monica Lewinsky (his intern) and John Edwards’ political career seems not only over but he continues to face legal charges associated with his affair with the videographer following his campaign. But apparently, they don’t count.

Herman Cain, Donald Trump (King of the Birthers) and Ann Coulter (“Our blacks are better than their blacks?” Really Ann? I don’t think so – there’s more competition in the left in fact) among others would have you believe that shadowy forces are targeting Cain because he’s a black conservative. And that the liberal media is in cahoots. They just want to take a brother down — it’s unjust! It’s not right!!!

Look, on behalf of the 99% of black people who think that’s ridiculous, I think Herman Cain should feel honored. He’s being treated just like any white GOP presidential frontrunner would be treated. Which means folks are combing through his background looking for what’s interesting. If Cain thought he could paper over any unfortunate parts of his career or personal life, well — he was wrong. And if he thought people wouldn’t pay close attention to his explanations of the sexual harassment settlement and the twists and turns therein, he was wrong about that too. He should be thrilled! For the first time in history, people really, truly care whether a black Republican presidential candidate can explain himself coherently.

I’d like to give you some examples of what actual racism injected into Cain’s current troubles would look like.

  • If journalists were asking questions like “Mr. Cain, did you at any time show your penis to these women? And if so, was it very large or did they remark on its large size?” — see, that would be racist.
  • If pundits were saying things like “85% of black male executives are accused of sexual harassment in the workplace — and Herman Cain is exemplary of the scourge across America. Can black men be trusted as bosses?” That would very racist.
  • If hot blond female Fox News anchors were saying things like “Oh how I wish that Mandingo man would serve me a steaming slice of his hot pizza. Those ladies should consider themselves lucky a big buck like Herman Cain even noticed them!” — that would be extremely racist.

So I’m going to need for people like Donald Trump and Ann Coulter — two people well-known for their racially insensitive comments to pipe down about the non-existent racist attacks on Herman Cain. Trump can accuse Jon Stewart for being racist and Coulter can hit blindly at the left as they please. Let them blather on – their desperation to defend Herman Cain with the most ridiculous of arguments is almost sort of touching.

Black people might not be interested in voting for Herman over Barack Obama, but I definitely would not stand by and let the powers that be go after him racially. We, the black people of America, will let you know when we think it’s getting uncomfortably racial — y’all in the media don’t need to worry yourselves over that. This so-called “high tech lynching” talk just a bid to deflect and minimize the serious nature of the sexual harassment and it’s not very effective. Coulter says it’s the 2nd whole time ever that a “conservative black” has been targeted by the left. The other? Clarence Thomas, 20 years ago. Give me a break. It’s been that long apparently since the GOP had anyone worth a leftie lynching. (massive eyeroll)

BTW, how many of you think that one or both of the women involved in the sexual harassment settlements were white? Anyone? Just me??? THAT (if the women are revealed as such) is when it’s likely to get all racial and weird. You just wait.

This post was originally published by Jack & Jill Politics.


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Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold6 years ago

Cain is no better than any other person, no matter the color, creed or race. The use of the racism card is getting old. Some how there is a big need to get past it.

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

I had to share this. Thanks.

Cathy Noftz
Cathy Noftz7 years ago

~Alot of these kind of remarks seem to always pop up one way or the other, in a political agenda!~

Camila K.
Kamila A7 years ago

I can't believe anyone could defend this idiot. He is out of the race, he is the only one along with some FOX zombies who just haven't noticed it yet.
I am glad he is spending Koch money though, because its better wasted on this idiot than on a better candidate; and puts money into the economy. Keep going Cain, we love ya for being such high class entertainment.

Tavis Harrison
Tavis Harrison7 years ago

Whoops, I meant to say "head" not "ahead."

Tavis Harrison
Tavis Harrison7 years ago

@ Louise D.

Republicans quick to cry racism?!?! How many TIMES did you bang your ahead a wall when you were little? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Democrats have the race card in a holster and can draw it faster than the blink of an eye if there is any kind of dispute between a white person and a person of a different ethnicity.

White employer fires a non-white employee for being rude to customers - racism
White officer pulls over a non-white driver for speeding - racism
White guy shoots the non-white that broke into his home - racism
White people disagree with a non-white politician's beliefs and policies - racism

Democrats willingly blind themselves to the REASON of a dispute and just focus on the participants in the altercation. THIS is the reason as to why it seems that republicans are dismissive of cries of racism. (cough)Boy-who-cried-wolf(cough) Additionally, this particular issue with racism is more of an ironic twist that proves the existence of the left's double standards. If the republicans are racist for not liking a black politician, then the democrats are racist for not liking a black politician. It's called using your own talking points against you. When just about every one of the racist claims are completely false, people start remembering things like that.

Victoria Pitchford
Vicky P7 years ago

oh please, the race card is real old. People don't like Cain because he's a ass. He wants to kill Mexicans, blames the jobless, even though it's the banks in the US's fault the jobless rate is so high.

Bruce S.
Bruce S7 years ago

Who wants to keep hearing about Cain? Let him hang himself on his oversized hatband.

Louise D.
Louise D7 years ago

It is curious how easy some people use the race card when it suites their purpose as they react to the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations, as if they have just discovered the horrors of anti-black racism. After all, they’ve spent the past three years claiming that the real victims of racism in the United States are White. Still it is not surprising that the right has been so quick to cry racism. Given the Republican party is usually dismissive of prejudice against African-Americans, in true party fashion they straddle the racial-divide crossing over to whichever side fits their needs at the time. The GOP has mastered that art with no apologies or shame yet again.

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.